Sexy Ways to Live Your Fantasies in the Bedroom

Stuck in a boring bedroom routine? The stress and the rut take a toll on your relationship, fan the flames before it completely fizzles out. For a lot of couples, ‘rekindling the fire’ could mean going on another honeymoon, hopping on the next flight to the most exotic adults-only resort, or going on a far-flung couple’s retreat.

You do not have to look far and wide to have hot and heavy nights. There’s a one-way ticket to pleasure-town and it’s from the four corners of your home. Being cooped up together is the perfect excuse to get busy and get lucky!

Bedroom Fantasies, Netflix cuddle

Netflix and chill underneath the covers. 

Movie nights are the best, but there are just some things you cannot do in a movie theater! Nothing beats curling up to a lovey-dovey movie while cuddling with your partner. Pick a romantic flick that will get your senses heating up with passion. Think: Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s pottery scene from Ghost or almost every scene from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise. Recreate your own version of your favorite cinematic moment with a movie-worthy outfit. Swap your usual PJs and sweatpants for a slinky nightgown that is frisky and yet comfy enough to fall asleep in! Trust us, your movie date will be everything but a snooze-fest.

Talk about it. 

Communication is a huge chunk of a relationship. You can discuss your dreams, aspirations, and goals but do not forget to talk about your sexual fantasies! Don’t keep your beau wondering what’s running through your head. Get the point across so you can act on it! Some are oblivious to their beau's fetish. You might just discover a penchant for feet, hence you can start ordering new sexy heels! Send him naughty messages that insinuate and get you both on board in fulfilling your desires. This will surely break the monotony of being on your phones all day. Be honest about your needs and get in your lover's head so you can make both of your dirty thoughts happen.

Put your game face on! 

Another way to build up the excitement is to give your usual routine a fun spin-off. Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Seven Minutes in Heaven are nostalgic kinky games to relive your teenage spirit and lust! This time, you can keep playing until you hit the home run! Role-playing is one way to put those Sexy Costumes to good use. Play your desired characters until someone blows the final whistle. From treasure hunts to card games, your bedroom floor can be a menagerie!

Cater 2 U. 

Cue in Destiny’s Child smash hit: “I got your slippers, your dinner, our dessert and so much more. Anything you want, I want to cater to you.” When you are feeling extra, put a sexy twist to your usual dinner and serve it with an apron... and nothing else. No man would ever resist a home-cooked meal and a full-course meal underneath that see-through lace! Prepare a full course dinner in bed, from the main course up until the dessert. Amp up your usual menu with some aphrodisiacs and some liquid courage that would keep him breathless and wanting more. Don’t have time to burn in the kitchen? You can still look like a sweet and spicy snack with the most erotic lingerie you can find!

Dance the night away. 

A little bump and grind will always set the tone. Get a bit of that Dirty Dancing vibe in your system, minus the cinematics, of course! A striptease routine or a lap dance will get both of you in the mood. Let him feel your curves and allow him to keep his eyes on every inch of your body with body-hugging dancewear. Get in tune in your own makeshift club inside your room. Blast the stereos, turn down the lights and do some bedroom rodeo!

Massage to a happy ending. 

Let off some steam with a rubdown!Treat each other like royalty. It’s another opportunity to touch each other more, beyond just having sex. You get to control the pacing and intensity. Start with slow and gentle strokes until you get the blood pumping. Light up some candles, rub those essential oils, play relaxing music and ta, da! You have your own romantic spa that can stimulate deeper trust and intimacy.

Capture it all! 

You can be stars of your own homemade porn album. Let him snap away while you model your favorite lingerie. It’s the perfect excuse to parade around with the sexiest ensembles. Complete the setting with some props that you can both play with after the shoot’s over. Give him a show he won’t forget!

Kitchen sex, intimacy, spontaneous

Do it everywhere, but the bed. 

This one’s a wildcard. Why waste all that space? Bored with the bed? There might be spots in your place that is left unexplored. Spontaneity can keep the wheel turning when the bed has gotten banal. With a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of libido, you can make turn your humble abode a sex den! The element of surprise will kill the creature of habit and bring alive the savage in you. Wear something that’ll be convenient for a quickie on any type of surface! Crotchless panties and cupless lingerie are the best weapons so that you are always raring to go without having to take anything off!

Who knew utopia was right under your feet? There are a lot more ways to spice things up and strengthen the bond. Your fantasies can come full-circle right in the confines of your crib. *Just make sure it’s off-limits for the young ones.* We guarantee that you’ll be up all night!

April 08, 2020 — Nicole