Make your body the sexiest outfit you own.

Getting in the best shape should be at the top of every woman’s list of goals. Everyone should have time to squeeze in a workout no matter how hectic the schedule is. To achieve your fitness goals, the first step is to get off your butt! You do not get the ass you want by just sitting on it! Although easier said than done, there are times you have to practically drag yourself to the gym. Using the same exercise equipment, doing the same crunches and squats day by day can get a bit ho-hum. Luckily, we’ve found an exciting alternative to get fit! Pole dancing is a fun way to burn those calories. This sensual type of exercise will surely motivate you to get you on your feet!

Once upon a time...

... pole dancing had notoriety status. An image of a barely-dressed stripper working the pole was always frowned upon. The conservative perception towards the money-making dance routine is now a thing of the past. This high-intensity exercise has earned the respect of modern society. Women of all shapes, sizes, and status are signing up for pole dancing classes. Since its mainstream breakthrough, it has smashed the stereotype it initially came with. It has leaped over cultural and religious expectations – even some Muslim women have started using pole dancing as a medium to gain confidence! You do not have to be an aspiring stripper to try anti-gravity stunts around a metal pole. Housewives, college students, career women, single ladies are getting in the best shape of their lives and having a blast while they’re at it.

Why Pole Fitness is an Awesome Exercise

Do not underestimate the words pole and dance because when you put those two together, it makes for one intense workout. You may think that it looks easy projecting every sexy bone in your body and contouring it around a vertical bar, think again. More than being a fun, flirty and a feminine type of work out, it is highly effective in targeting your fitness goals. Here are a handful of reasons why we love pole dancing as a form of exercise:

It is challenging. Pole dancing opens up a new window of opportunity to learn new ways to keep in shape. Because it requires new skills, it will challenge you to expand your horizon. It tests your dedication and strengthens your physical capability.

It is a full-body workout. Dance might be a term thrown lightly but pole dancing is far from being light. Expect to burn and feel sore all from your arms, abs, and legs. You’ll be lifting your whole body weight by gripping on a vertical bar. It also targets your flexibility and your posture promoting healthy bones and joints.

It is a weight loss measure. Slimming down to your desired weight will be a breeze when you use a pole. The intensity of each class can help shed pounds in no time! You might not even notice how much you’re losing because you’ll be too busy up mastering the pole.

Improves cardiovascular health. On top of this, it is a great cardiovascular workout which keeps your blood flowing and heart pumping. Constant movement can lower risk of heart-related diseases and pole dancing is an effective cardiovascular exercise.

It keeps you in touch with your sexuality. Like ballet, your curves – legs, hips, and all – are the prime instruments in the dance. You’ll get to know every curve, every angle of your body like the back of your hand. Through this, you will grow a new-found love and appreciation for your body and the auspicious power it holds.

It is a lot of fun! Switch it up with by having a workout session without it feeling anything like work! Cutting a rug is always a joy and a pleasure to do. You’ll be able to sweat those calories away while having the time of your life!

It relaxes the mind, too. Your psychological and emotional health will also benefit from pole dancing classes. It can be your outlet to release steam from all your pent-up adrenaline. A good workout will release happy hormones and in turn, it will make your mind stress free, clearer, and calmer.

It reaps noticeable results. Toned arms, legs, and abs! Sign us up! With consistent pole workouts, you’ll look trimmer and leaner. Your muscles will gain strength and tone up while you are learning the ropes.

It can be wildly sexy and risqué. Go out of your comfort zone and apply everything you’ve learned by taking it to the bedroom. One cannot deny how sensual pole dancing is. Sultry movements, fit body plus sexy dancewear? All make it a successful formula for seduction! (You might have to have a pole installed but it will work if you are looking to practice at home!)

It allows artistic expression. Coming up with creative dance routines ignite your fantasies and imagination. Concocting fresh choreography will keep your creative juices constantly flowing.

It boosts self-confidence. It will make you feel strong. Conquering the pole will make you feel powerful like you can conquer the world. There’s no easy way in reaching the top, so when you finally feel one with the pole, it’s as if you are invincible.

Ready, Get Set, Pole!

Get started on your pole journey by looking for an accessible pole dancing class nearby. Choose a class in close proximity so you won’t have any excuse not to attend because it is just right around the corner! Inquire, google and research about it before settling.

After you’ve booked your classes, do not forget to equip yourself with Julbie’s dancewear and heels. You’ve gotta look the part! It is important to have a perfectly comfortable and convenient set of clothes so that you’ll move more smoothly and more gracefully. It will also make you feel sexier which can help in reinforcing those burlesque movements. Complete the look with Sexy Heels and gradually switch up the heel height as you advance in your classes.

Not only will pole dancing promote overall health and wellness, but it will also empower you. When you decide to live a healthy lifestyle through pole exercise, your clothes will fit better, the mind will be more relaxed, and your confidence will reach its optimum level! All that while getting in the best shape and having a lot of fun, what more can you ask for?

Do not be afraid of falling and start flying!

August 21, 2019 — Nicole