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string monokini

Shop this G String Bikini Shop that carries a large selection of sexy string monokini swimwear. Monokinis are a one-piece swimsuit that have a microkini style. Traditionally providing little coverage and little exposure compared to a normal one-piece bikini, the monokini swimsuit has straps that extend in a halter style with cutout torso design that connects into a backless G String style.

Shop for the perfect Baywatch one-piece swimsuit when you find this Red Monokini G String swimsuit. Designed in a bright Baywatch red color, this red monokini swimsuit has a lowcut front, high cut up the sides and G string back. This G String Bikini Shop carries this sexy Baywatch style swimsuit in a lipstick color that will sure to make beach goers want CPR.

Shop sexy microkini monokini swimwear at this G String Bikini Shop that carries a large selection of slingshot swimwear. Shop women’s slingshot swimwear at this Thong Bikini Shop that come in great five star reviews from other customers. Coming in a wide variety of monokini colors, these slingshot swimsuits come in snakeskin, blue, crossbones and silver patterns. Just as the name suggests, these slingshot swimsuits have a stretchy cord that connects small oval shapes of fabric that cover the breasts and crotch areas. A popular monokini style, the slingshot swimsuit has been around for years as a classic favorite. While the slingshot bikini may not be appropriate for the beach, it is most suited for private pool parties and secluded spaces.


The monokini is an excellent choice for those who want to cover up a bit. Our sexy swimsuits come in two and one-piece designs to suit your style. Vibrant colors and patterns will be a hit at the beach or just lounging poolside. The strappy look helps you feel the ocean air on your skin and looks fantastic at any occasion.


Our line of bathing suits fits in with any fashion preference from sophisticated to edgy styles. Pick your favorite color or pattern and find yourself a one-of-a-kind ensemble that will stand out by the water. The monokini is always trendy and timeless for a great investment to your wardrobe.


Shop a variety of sexy one-piece monokini swimsuit swimwear at this G String Bikini Shop made exclusively for hot and sexy women!

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