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Made to cover-up at the beach, Julbie’s large variety of swimwear is made to show some skin! Shop this G String Bikini Shop for many sexy micro bikini styles that are widely known for their micro G string bikini looks. Introducing the latest fashion in micro bikinis, the adventurous woman can enjoy styles that range from your standard string bikini all the down to your smallest micro euro bikini. Not sure what the different style names mean? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Micro Bikinis article that explains the different micro bikini styles, cuts, and functionality. It also contains some helpful do’s and don’ts when you’re thinking about wearing one.

Many of the swimsuits in this G String Bikini Shop are Made In USA and are handcrafted for quality. Bikinis range in the standard sizes of Small to Large with the exception of a few pieces that come in XL. Remember, the purpose of the micro bikini and thong bikini is to show skin, so if it seems a little small…. It’s supposed to be that way.

Walk the beach in confidence when you wear a sexy microkini flaunting the G String style and low cut top. People may be staring at you in shock by your brave taste in style, but they’re just jealous they didn’t think to Shop Micro Bikinis Online. This G String Bikini Shop contains many eye-popping beach wear styles that are acceptable for the beach and minimizing those tan lines. Shop this Thong Bikini Shop for micro bikinis to wear to the beach or in public. We have a variety of styles and cuts to meet your comfort and style!

Be brave and show some skin! Our motto at Julbie is “Making the world a sexy place”. Despite what body type or age range you fall in, we don’t care. It’s all about empowering you to be confident with the body you have and feel sexy for who you are. 

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