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Sun's out, buns out! Shop the latest swimwear trending for 2018 at Julbie.com! When you shop Julbie.com's New Arrivals category, you are blasted with the hottest summer and spring  bikini styles! Shop for strings bikini styles that feature flirty prints and unique designs and shop bikinis micro that offer the most minimal in tan lines. 

Are you nervous about wearing a micro bikini? Don't be! G String Bikinis are a form of self expression and self confidence, they impart than image of yourself that you are bold and you don't care about people think of you. Show off that body in our bikinis micro and feel how confident and sexy you become. When you shop for Bikinis Micro at Julbie.com, you will find the hottest and latest styles of G String Bikinis for 2018. Made with quality and your wild desires in-mind, Julbie offers the best G Strings Bikinis to keep you feeling sexy and trendy. 

If you're looking to get your feet wet, but not ready to jump head first by wearing a G String Bikinis, then try one of our fashion thong bikinis that feature the traditional material and style of a bikini, but with a flirty thong back. These bikinis are completely acceptable at any public beach and all of the beach bums will be thanking you for it. Shop Julbie's New Arrivals category that features the trendiest and latest fashion trends in micro and thong bikinis. With a passion for micro bikinis, Julbie has got you covered (or uncovered) when it comes to getting you ready for beach or pool weather. 

Many customers ask if it is acceptable to wear a G String Bikini at a public beach, and the answer is - sometimes! Depending on the type of G String Bikinis and Bikinis Micro you can wear that bikini to a public beach such as South Beach or Mission Beach. However, wear the more scandalous and sexy G Strings Bikinis for private poolside wear or at a nude beach if you know that kids will not be in the area. Other than that, show off those buns and when you're ready for the hottest trendy Bikinis Micro bikinis for 2018 come to Julbie.com!

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