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Playing dress up has become more fun when we became adults. Costumes are scarcer and themed parties are rarer when you trade your pigtails for your business suit. ‘Adulting’ can become a bore. You do not need Halloween to play dress up! If you want to know the what, why and how of costumes to put color into your black and white picture, continue reading! We understand that a lot of questions are lingering in your mind, don’t fret because Julbie has some answers for you! No need to be kept in the dark for too long because with sexy costumes in your collection, everything will be more titillatingly dazzling!

“Why do we dress up?”

Dressing up as the same thing (yourself) everyday can suck the life out of you. We have all heard about the cliché to “be yourself”. Scratch that! Be someone or something else for a while. Being yourself is overrated and can be a humdrum when everything becomes routine and monotonous. Imagination isn’t. When you let your creativity and imagination flow once in a while, life can be more colorful and lighthearted. Inject a little glitter and confetti into your lives by donning a costume every now and then. Sexy roleplay outfits developed reason of what turns a man and woman on in the bedroom. Sexual fantasies are nothing new, they ignite a flame in each of us that turns our normal demeanor into a hot one!

“Wouldn’t that be too childish?”

Well, the answer could be either. When you find the right pieces to complete your costume, there’s no such thing as childish especially if you put sexiness into the picture. There are numerous ways you can reinvent costumes that would not actually be “costume-y” per se. In the adult lingerie world, we have dubbed this as: costume lingerie. Nowadays, women are dressing up in fantasy costumes that resemble a character usually from their childhood such as a Disney princess or cute kitty. What might seem childish to one is complete sexy to another. If you’re throwing a lingerie party for a soon-to-be bride, find out what quirks and interests she has. If she’s really into medicine, then get her sexy outfits for the bedroom that resemble a naughty nurse.

“What is costume lingerie?”

Lingerie costumes are the most ingenious addition to lingerie fashion. It sets the bar high for creative clothing. It has broken the stigma of costumes being purely for Halloween parties and trick or treating. It will be an eye-catcher when worn in parties and it will be the bomb in the bedroom. This type of lingerie is also known as a roleplay costume that’s meant for spicing up sexy bedroom fantasies.

If you’re buying sexy lingerie costumes for a friend or bride-to-be, consider a sexy costume party that has a particular theme that your friend likes. Turn this intimate affair into a fun and light-hearted experience that will help her find the perfect consume set for her significant other.

“How can I use lingerie costume in the bedroom?”

Two words: role play. The erotic and sensual kind of role-play. If you want to portray another character for a day, then by all means you should act the part! Role-play costumes can stimulate foreplay before intercourse. Get ready for an exhilarating experience in your boudoir because things are going to get steamy and dirty when you make a storyline based on your sexy costume lingerie. Sexy costumes for the bedroom include virtually anything your dirty mind can conjure up. You can step outside the typical nurse and sexy schoolgirl outfit and jump into more exotic looks such as a unicorn or naughty nun. Hail Mary!

“Why do I need role-play?”

If you do not really have a party to attend to, or Halloween is still beyond the horizon, a costume really is considered as untimely and silly. But if you embody your lingerie costume into something manifestable, it will make the experience all the more authentic. You do not technically need it, but hey, what would you lose if you let loose every once in a while. It will get your creative juices flowing again, or maybe even put it in overdrive.

Another reason why you might need a role play costume is to communicate change to your partner. It might be difficult to say that you want a change of scenery, but this will be a subtle way (or not too subtle) to say that you want to take it to the next level. Do not let the relationship be boring! Take charge and spice things up!

“How do I know if my partner will be up for role play in the bedroom?”

Trust us, he will be. Although, it will be a case to case basis, and it goes differently with others. Nevertheless, he is guaranteed to enjoy it! You could also drop hints like commenting on a sexy costume online with him or maybe even mentioning how fun it would be if you two got into role playing. We bet 9 out of 10 that his reaction will be a positive one. If you think you already have the green light, then it is time for you list down ideas for your role play costume!

“How do I come up with role play costume ideas?”

It is not always easy to conceptualize a sexy role play theme. If you are blessed with a light bulb moment, then get right into it without second thought. But If you are a neophyte in role play or someone who simply cannot rack their brains, you need someone to grease the engine. You have come to the right place because Julbie is your helping hand! Not only would we provide ideas, we provide a great selection that makes the process smoother and worry free!

“How do I look for my sexy lingerie costume?”

The first rule of thumb of sexy costume lingerie is: character is key. The sexier the character, the better. When you are familiar with a character already, then it will be as simple as ABC. Having knowledge about a character is required when you plan to use it for role play. Role play will essentially require a script, and talking dirty is not enough when you have a theme going on.

Even so when you plan to wear it without any intention of seduction. Especially with costumes that are cultural and historical, it is best to be able to research about the character you are portraying before you slip it on. It will not take much of your time to brush up on your facts and it will definitely come in handy when you find yourself in a conversation about your costumes. If you plan to role play a naughty nun and sinner scenario, find a sexy bedroom outfit that is black with the nun habit, and don’t forget the ruler. Make your partner get down on his knees and confess his sins.

Pleasuring your partner also means you have to consider what he wants too. Get clues on whether he is an animal lover, if he loves superheroes or is attracted to women in uniform. Finding out these details will make it easier to look for your lingerie sexy costume.

 When you are unsure about what character will fit you, then flip a coin. There isn’t really any harm in trying something new. Surprise not only your partner, but also yourself!

“Lingerie costume ideas?”

Julbie has you covered (not literally though!) Here is a list of lingerie costumes. Answer each question and you answered all or mostly ‘yes’ to a category then this you might want to check out costumes under this.


Are you a workaholic?

Did you love being in school?

Were you a teacher’s pet?

… You can wear a sexy school girl costume!


Is white and red your color?

Are you naturally caring?

Do you like serving your man in the bedroom?

… You can wear a naughty nurse costume!


Do you take pleasure in being in charge?

Are you a go-getter?

Are you one tough cookie?

… You can wear a sexy military, cop or marine costume!


Are you a neat freak?

Do you like cleaning up?

Does your partner have a dirty mind that you would not mind cleaning up?

… You can wear a sexy French Maid Costume!


Is rainbow print a must-have in your wardrobe?

Do you enjoy fantasy and magic?

Are you fun-loving and carefree?

… You can wear a rainbow unicorn costume!


Do you like cute animals?

Have you ever fantasized about being a Playboy bunny?

Is cat-woman your favorite superhero?

… You can wear a sexy cat costume or a sexy bunny costume!

These are just some of the numerous sexy lingerie costumes that Julbie offers. Wander through this female-centered website and you will surely land on a sexy costume lingerie with your name on it!

“Help, I still do not know what lingerie costume to wear!”

You do not have to break a sweat. Scroll through Julbie’s categories then narrow it down based on:

a. Style – You can either choose from teddies, g-strings, bodysuits and dresses. Pick something you will feel comfortable with but would not mind stripping it off!

b. Color – You will actually eliminate some of your potential costumes when you think about the color. If you want something flattering against your skin tone, you can pick from black, white, red, navy, and multi-colored!

c. Size – Julbie recognizes that sexy doesn’t come in a one size fits all. That is why you can see your options based on the sizes offered.

d. Material – Leather, mesh, polyester, satin, fishnet. Women have their own taste when it comes to what fabric comes in contact to their skin. If you are quite apprehensive on how a role play costumes wears on your body surface, then look into the product description and do the process of elimination. We do not want you itching to get out of your lingerie costume, you man should be the one getting you stripped off so you should look into this factor carefully.

There are just so many questions to ask when considering what to buy and how to do it. Every woman wants every role-play experience to be as pleasurable as possible. We all know that it could be so challenging especially when all the choices are just so fabulous! So we hope you took down notes! Oh and... do not forget to accessorize! Stocks fly off the shelves fast so be sure to take hold of yours now!

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