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Dancewear Tops


When dance and fashion collide, the sky is the limit.

Dancing and fashion have always been an expression of one’s own personality. It is all about showing off your body and its movement. Clothes and dance work together in perfect harmony to make your confidence skyrocket. When you are wearing the right clothes when you dance, the whole thing seems more fun. Don’t let your ill-fitted clothing steal your thunder! It is a must to take into great consideration your clothing so that you will feel sexy and free no matter if you only have a single audience or a room full of lookers. Professional or not, dancewear plays a big part in your overall performance when you go dancing. If you will put your full effort and energy to your movements, might as well kick your outfit into full gear!

Start from the Top: Dancewear Tops Essentials

The most eye-catching piece of a whole ensemble might be your top. Most of the time, the first thing that draws attention is your upper body. The most noticeable part is the torso apart from your face so it is vital to make traffic stop using your body. Know how to accentuate the best parts and conceal those which you aren’t confident about. Tops seem fairly easy to style but the key is choosing the one that provides both fashion and function.

It is one thing to look good in a top, but it is another to feel good in it. In styling your dancing outfit, start with picking a top and work your way around. When you pick a no-fail top, it will be a breeze to put together the whole ensemble. Here are some sexy top ideas that will go with anything in your closet and transform ordinary outfits into something extraordinary.

Mesh Tank Top – Mesh might as well be tagged as the heaven-sent fabric for women who love everything sexy and comfy. It will be effortless to style a women’s mesh top because of its minimalistic design. On top of that, it is extremely comfortable to wear!! A sheer mesh top can be styled in numerous ways. You can wear it with pasties underneath for that extra layer of mystery or wear it plainly for a more risque look. Julbie’s mesh tops come in plenty of colors and styles. Pick a hue that will be a versatile piece that you can also wear casually.

Bikini Triangle Tops – Bikini triangle tops are not just for the beach. Whether you’ll be wearing it in public to a club or for your man’s eyes only on your bedroom, small bikini triangle tops will be a guaranteed show stopper. It is a classic that will be easy to pull off because of its no-nonsense cut. Wear it with a bikini bottom, a mini skirt, g-strings, booty shorts, it will go with practically anything!

Wrap Around Tops – Looking for a top with a little more coverage but still keeping it a hundred percent sexy? Wrap around tops is anything but your ordinary top. It is the perfect balance of sultry and sophistication. The bust area is your regular v-neckline but instead of a clasp at the back as the end, it extends to your waist and wrapped around the torso. It creates the illusion of a smaller waist and a curvier body. Put on quite a show when you strip each tie slowly. It will definitely put him on the edge of his seat itching to see what’s underneath.

Body Jewelry - When you are feeling a little extra, add a little (or a whole lot) of sparkle on your skin. Stick on body jewels can be used as accents or can be worn as the star of the show. Dazzle even the darkest-lit room while you grind, twerk and shake without any restrictions.

Express yourself freely with dance and dancewear tops.

Go above and beyond as you take over the dance floor (or the bedroom floor) when you take your dancewear top shopping of utmost importance. The tops you wear is significant to your movement, as well as your confidence. It might be a challenge to maintain sexiness while upholding the maximum level of comfort and function. No need to fret because with Julbie’s extensive dancewear collection, consider it challenge accepted!

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