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Things that Glow

Turn up the lights in here baby, extra bright, I want y'all to see this!

As Rihanna blasts our stereos with this upbeat tune, “Cop lights, flash lights, spotlights, Strobe lights, street lights”, it cannot be denied that people in this generation has a penchant for all things shining and glowing. A usual scene in a concert or a party is holding up a bunch of things to illuminate the crowd. Everything from light sticks, glow sticks, light bracelets and even cellphone flashlights are used in your usual low lighted events. Letting a little light shine through a dimly lit room can instantly elate the gloomiest auras.

You have probably tried a couple of these party accessories – but have you ever thought of using your body as the source of light itself? No, we are not talking about body glitter, we are talking about full on LED lights! Sure, your body is already brilliant on its own but why not add a bit of luminosity to your threads? This extraordinary idea is bound to make you a shine bright like a diamond (and yet another Rihanna reference!).

Glowing outfits can be worn for Halloween, rave parties, glow in the dark parties, or simply when you want to shine a little brighter for your nightlife endeavors. The future of things that glow and clothes that light up is bright, so to speak. Do not miss this up and coming trend by Purchase separates which you can mix and match for a myriad of occasions or dress up from head to toe with these flashy and neon glow outfits. Start with these recommended items so you can go glam and glow fully!

Tops that Glow

Take the party by storm with a light up jacket. Wear this topper with any crop top or Bralette to instantly spruce it up. A light up hoodie will look like your normal hoodie when the lights are on, but as soon as the shadows draw in, switch it on and be a glowing goddess in no time! Invite everything positive and cheerful with a gorgeous rainbow sunshine duster which looks equally great lighted up or not! Choose from different colors which will go well with your outfits and stay incredibly chic! A totally wearable LED hoodie will make you easily recognizable in a swarm of shades of black.

Light Up Bottoms

Look like a celebrity out of a music video when you dance the night away in sexy and whimsical LED miniskirts. Your every movement will be ravishingly enticing. Be your own spotlight when your skirt lights up and stirs up the people around you and of course, yourself! You will be more confident and more likely enjoy the night when you have the stars on your hips!

Lit Leg Wear

Literally bring sunshine with your feet! One cannot forget the part which you will be using to get the party started – your legs! Show off your gorgeous gams by adding sparkle and shine to it with LED leg wear. Leg wraps are perfect to add discotheque detail to your summer outfits. Because it does not cover up much skin, it will be comfortable and breathable enough for the summertime heat. Switch it up with LED fur leg warmers for a funky and exciting twist.

Sparkle and Glow in the Dark

On a side note, if you are not a fan of turning on the light switch on your clothes, there are still thrilling options to incorporate spectrum into your attire. Pasties that are sequined or glow in the dark can add a subtle gleam to any outfit. Any see through top will be extra special with that a pop of color on your nipples. Another option is your good old reliable neon clothing. A one piece romper in bright neon colors will take you back in the 80s.

Though this style is totally retro, there is no time like the present to step out of your comfort zone. Monochromatic clothes have donned your bodies for way too long, break the mold and pop inject light to your tops, bottoms, leg wear and accessories!

The most important piece of advice in wearing light up clothing? Always remember to wear your lit ensemble with your bright smile and vibrant personality because nothing beats the light that shines from within!