Thigh High Socks

When it comes to adding that subtle sexy factor to your daily attire or seeking for some serious seduction element for your Saturday night rendezvous, hosiery is your best bet. It sometimes takes a bit of added detail to make an outfit soar. And that detail, no matter how little, has the power to make your desirability into overdrive. Women always scour the wardrobe for that detail, that last minute touch up, and hosiery is always a no fail option to turn the tables.

Pantyhose, fishnets, garters are some hosiery types which have unfailingly served women to provide that extra relish to any outfit. It comes to no surprise that women’s thigh high socks deserve equal glory.

You can keep it underneath your threads or use it to make a slither of skin peek in between your clothes and socks for that proportion play. Thigh highs boast versatility since you can pair it with practically anything you like!

Dressing up socks can be a slippery slope, especially since this variant goes above the knee which is does not give a lot of chance for skin-show. Despite this challenge, a woman can explore her sexy creativity in other ways. This makes the thigh high socks experience much more exhilarating. No matter how you want to style it, street chic, athlesiure, classic-cute, and you can also definitely go to a risque direction with a pair of thigh highs.

Get (Thigh) High Level Sex Appeal

1. Work Wear Wardrobe – Black thigh high socks can be the ultimate pick me upper when you’re on the job. This unexpected twist to your dress code apparel will keep your skin to a bare minimum, but the right pair of thigh highs can make you feel like a femme fatale even as you are working from nine to five. Black thigh high socks featuring delicate ruffles and knit detail held together by crochet bands will look perfect with structured midi skirts. Pair it with your girl boss pumps, and parade the halls showing just a peek of leg as you walk.

2. Keeping it Cool and Casual – Casual clothes should never be lackluster. An effortless way to pair of striped thigh high socks can add a pop of color to your everyday clothes. White thigh high socks with bright colored stripes just at the hem are both fun and flirty! Keep your skirts skimpy and your shorts short and let your thigh highs do their magic. Play a competitive video games with your significant other in a pair of thigh high stockings that will achieve both sex appeal and comfort. Nothing is sexier than a girl in socks with a game console in her hands.         

3. Come Hither Costume – If you plan to dress up for the season of spooks or for a private role rendezvous with you and your beau, a pair of thigh highs may be what you need to complete your costume play! A pair of the bestselling football style thigh highs will be great for your sexy school girl costume. It can work two ways as a perfect match for your sneakers for that comfortable athletic look. Many men find thigh high socks to be extremely sexy, especially if that’s the only thing she’s wearing. A simple pair of thigh high socks will definitely set the mood…. And fast.

4. Suspenseful can be Sexy – If you want a little dash of thrilling seduction, slip on a pair of high socks with your sexy lingerie to keep his imagination running. Thigh high socks should be put on slowly and surely to avoid wear and tear. It goes the same for seduction, building the anticipation in stripping off that extra layer will be absolutely titillating! Go for full bombshell mode with a waist cinching corset paired with sheer and glittery thigh highs. You will certainly look like you came out of a pin up magazine.

Thigh Highs Trends: The Female Figure’s Best Friend

For the days when you want to keep your waist unrestricted, thigh highs will allow you to shrug off the pantyhose or tights for a while. It will still give you the illusion of wearing tights without going full on coverage. Boots, ballet flats, stilettos and other foot wear looks instantly high-fashion when matched with a luxurious pair of thigh high socks. This trend is not just for the runway model girls, but also for our full figured girls. Thigh high socks plus size can flatter any body type, elongate the legs which makes your curves more emphasized, and not to mention, it is form fitting and will skim any unwanted bumps. When you choose thigh highs, the only thing you need to worry about is gravity. When your stay ups won’t stay up, then a sexy solution will be garter belt which, in fact, will add more oomph to your leg wear! Shop Julbie’s selection and always be dressed to the nines with gorgeous thigh high socks!

Many women worry that thigh high socks are not going to fit around your thighs. Women with thicker thighs tend to have a harder time with making these sexy household essentials stay-up and stay in-place. It’s important to consider the make and style of thigh high socks before making a purchase. Take into consideration that the thigh highs should have a thick band around the thigh that contains elastic. If the socks do not have a band, then they will most certainly roll down as your walk around. Some socks contain a scrunch that are meant to create a casual ‘slouchy’ look. These are super sexy and super comfortable. These thigh highs are perfect for women with thick thighs because they fall in-between your knees and thighs so you don’t have to worry about them falling down. Additionally, thigh high socks with a thick elastic band will stay put around the thighs, so if you want a true thigh high that extends around the thickest part of your thigh, then choose this style.