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Imagine this scenario: you’ve spent all year trying to get that perfect bikini body: lunges, squats, sit ups and the whole shebang! You are preparing yourself to splash and swim and to unleash all the repressed emotions and sexual tensions. You’ve dug the mine and put everything in order so that all eyes will be on you for that trip you’ve planned ages ago. Your bags are packed, itinerary is set and you’re already itching to trade land for some fun in the water. The only thing lingering on your mind is:

“Which sexy swimsuit should I wear?”

The bikini from your last swimming escapade simply won’t do. Sexy bikinis and thong swimwear are just like your favorite french fries – you simply can’t just have one. A piece of swimwear can be sentimental for a woman, it can symbolize all the good times you had. You have treated your sexy swimsuits as a representation of each momentous event, yet here is another one and you still lack the sexy swimsuit to mark it.

Picking the right swimsuit is probably the highlight of every girl’s summer. The thought of sunshine touching your skin is exciting and refreshing after days of being stuck in a concrete jungle. So, you can’t just pick any random swimsuit! It is crucial because you know that life is not perfect, but your swimwear can be.

Though the joy of finding that perfect sexy swimsuit come with the fact that it can be a pretty daunting task to find the right balance of sexy and classy. It can take quite a while especially because you are not looking to settle for just a bikini to cover up your body, you are looking for an experience.

You’ve probably skimmed through numerous magazines, pinned countless photos on Pinterest, but are still in the dark in choosing the perfect suit. The following is a comprehensive guide for both the novice and the experienced shopper to finally bag that ideal sexy swimsuit.

The ABC’s of Sexy Swimwear

One piece Swimsuits and Monokinis– A one piece swimsuit is a waterproof teddy. With a one piece swimsuit, you feed two mouths with one morsel. You cover up the chest and the crotch in one convenient piece. A common misconception, however, is that one piece swimsuits are at the bottom of the “sexy” list since in actuality, it shows the least skin. This doesn’t have to be the case.  These sexy one pieces, or also known as a monokini, can be as daring as a two-piece. If you want to show more skin but you are totally digging the practicality of a monokini, then we suggest you go for elaborate cuts on your sexy swimwear. A one-piece thong swimsuit = business in front but party at the back! Another variation can be a sexy low back, high-cuts and lace-up cleavage straps. Love Baywatch? A simple cut bright red monokini can give out sexy lifeguard vibes.  A monokini is still definitely sexy with leaving just enough to the imagination. So throw away the old bathing suit that looks like a potato sack and sport one piece thong swimwear featuring trendy styles with that extra ounce of sex appeal!

Sexy Bikini – A bikini is always a good idea. With a flock of women sporting a bikini set during the summer on the beach, the struggle is sometimes finding the sexiest swimsuit yet still being unique. The bikini is mostly popular because it is as comfortable as simply wearing your undies in plain daylight! The classic triangle top bikini comes in all colors and patterns so you can freely choose what best compliments your skin tone and your personality. Pastels, metallics, neons, floral, you name it! Every sane women will be tempted to purchase more than one! If you want to push the sexy factor check out a thong bikini option.

Micro Swimwear – A micro bikini is an extra spicy bikini. You will be covered with tiny teardrop-shaped cups and most probably with an equally tiny bikini thongs or g-string. If you’ve mustered the courage and decide to go this length, you can trade your bikini for a women’s micro swimwear bikini, then there is no other direction to go other than sizzling! This is for the girls who are uber comfortable with their bodies and do not mind baring it all at the beach. If you wear this micro swimwear, you will surely be turning heads. This new trend is definitely something you should consider if you want that perfectly balanced tan.

Mix n’ Match – There is an abundance of hot swimwear items and it could be overwhelming. We are sometimes challenged with putting on the sexiest swimwear out there that sometimes it never satisfies us. Well, we got you covered! You can totally be flexible with your choices by choosing to mix and match your swimwear. For example, you got that eye on that gorgeous laser cut halter bikini top but the bottoms are high waisted and therefore aren’t cheeky enough for your liking. You did not do daily squats for nothing after all. Don’t fret anymore since you can head over to bikini bottoms and choose your micro g-string or thong from there. You can even pick a completely different color for that extra dimension.

Swim Cover-Ups- Everything’s fine and dandy until you get a sunburn. It’s fun to be exposed in the summer heat but girls also need some protection. So for lounging around after you soak up some sun, pick a swimsuit cover up that will not sacrifice the sexiness level your bikini already brought you.

The Ins and Outs of Swimwear Shopping

Once you already have that ideal bikini style in mind and you are ready to put it all in the cart, hold your horses, girl. You still have to keep a few things in mind before finally making that purchase.

Your Body is a Wonderland

There are certain bikinis that go well with certain body types. You do not shape shift for a bikini, the bikini should fit you. Get your measurements ready and determine the most flattering swimwear for your body.

Busty babes – For the women who are more on the bustier side, underwires are your best friend. Avoid opting for string bikinis as this does not offer much leverage for your ‘blessings’. If you still want minimal coverage with support, look for sexy swimwear that has cutout detail on the cups with underwire for that extra push-up.

Smaller breasts – For an illusion of a fuller chest, go for push-ups. If the extra padding isn’t really your thing, the secret is to choose and embellished or ruffled top. Nevertheless, you can also simply wear a sexy thong bikini that would shift focus on other more voluptuous parts of your body like your booty. Sexy thong bikinis accentuate your booty by exposing the curves and telling the world that you definitely have junk in the trunk.

Yummy tummy – If you are fuller on the stomach region, you can still rock a sexy bikini. Any ruching or flowy materials around that area will make your food belly almost nonexistent or maybe again, shift the focus by wearing a revealing neckline to deflect their vision upward - to the assets that matter. Wear a sexy thong monokini that covers your tummy, but exposes cleavage and booty, you will look delicious!

Athletic Figure – Accentuate those curves, even though you think they’re barely enough. You can still be ‘vavavoom’ with sexy cut outs and brighter colors. Straight cuts like tube tops are a no-no! Athletic figures should definitely give micro g string or thong bikini swimwear a try! With those muscles and firm glutes, who wouldn’t want to see them?

Of course, these are just suggestions if you want to look like a million bucks but there are no rules in wearing a sexy bikini, feel free to live out of your comfort zone! Try on something you normally would not. You might not know if that hot pink thong you put a mental “x” mark over is the one you’ll end up loving, right? There’s no harm in trying. You may even realize that women’s tiny bikinis and micro swimwear gives you an added boost of confidence. Women who wear micro bikinis are telling the world that they love their bod and they’re powerful to show it off!

Make sure to pick the right size. Make use of your older swimsuits and assess if they are the perfect fit, if not then turn the tables and figure out what might have gone wrong. If a bikini bottom rides up your booty, more likely you have a size on too big. If a sexy bikini top suddenly gives you back fat that were non-existent in regular undies, you probably have on a size too small.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a sexy bikini – and that’s practically the same thing!

If you are having second thoughts in buying a sexy swimwear online, you do not have to be! Websites that cater to a woman’s body would likely know what they are doing. Trust your retailer! If you already know what you're looking for, all you need to do is catch some good deals and add to that cart. If you are still behind the curtain, don’t worry. Just wander around all the categories and you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel! The best thing about online shopping? You can try out the swimsuits in the comfort of your own home!

A trick some customers rely on is picking two sizes just for when their body shifts. This way, you do not have to worry about picking the wrong size. And if you have landed on that perfect bikini style that you have been dreaming about, do not let it out of your sight! There are a lot of great deals so you won’t ever regret going overboard. As the saying goes: If you can’t stop thinking about it – buy it! (in two sizes and maybe even two colors?) Life is too short, go and buy that sexy bikini!