Shirley of Hollywood

High-End, High-Fashion, and High-Octane Sexiness

If you are a lingerie enthusiast then Shirley of Hollywood is a brand worth adding to your list. They are a world renowned brand which provides loungewear and sexy lingerie. All those who stumble upon the Shirley of Hollywood catalog are wide-eyed in awe of the intricately designed sexy lingerie. With years of experience under their belt, every lingerie piece that they manufacture is a result of the passion of their company. Their decades in the business earned them the throne of world-class lingerie provider.

Since they established their company, they have been ceaselessly striving to provide all their customers with not only beautiful but also high-quality intimate apparel. Their process of manufacturing lingerie is the outcome of meticulous attention to detail and high standards. Their high-standards will reflect on every piece of teddy, bodystocking, panties, bras and every possible lingerie piece you can think of.

They built a lingerie paradise for all those who are constantly on the hunt for eccentric and breathtaking lingerie pieces. Shirley of Hollywood is practically synonymous to luxury. Every piece in the Shirley of Hollywood catalog is a sight to behold with their intricate lace, durable mesh and whatnot, it will almost be impossible to choose just one from their collection.

Try out the Shirley of Hollywood shelf bra in different colors and embroidery. Purple, white, baby pink and black are literally flying off the shelves! (pun intended) Shelf bras are not your ordinary push-up bras. They give you support from below the breasts but they keep your boobs exposed for that sultry look. The delicate embroidery of Shirley of Hollywood’s version of shelf bras gives that subtle contrast of femininity against its strikingly risque form. Their panties are no exception to this formula. Blending intricacy and seductiveness, their embroidered panties have that mouth-watering twist with crotchless and ass-less features.

Shirley of Hollywood Costumes is anything but timid. Whether you want to set the mood in the bedroom or simply want that burst of confidence for yourself, a Shirley of Hollywood lingerie set is the way to go. When you see yourself in the mirror wearing one of their open cup and bras and crotchless bodystockings, you will want to bow down to those who run Shirley of Hollywood for providing you with this heaven-sent lingerie.

They also offer a full range of styles and colors that transcend your imagination. From eye-catching erotic neon laser cut back dress to subtly sultry one shoulder lace chemise, you can truly go crazy with the lingerie options on the table. With the low-cost rates, you can hoard all your favorite pieces so you are surely stocked up well for all your upcoming rendezvous. Included in the Shirley of Hollywood catalog are embroidered masks that will look great with your lingerie. This is the perfect accessory to inject a little bit of mystery and build tension in the bedroom. The sky is the limit when it comes to their collections.

Expansive Size Range

Shirley of Hollywood is committed to providing sexy lingerie to all women of all shapes and sizes. This is why their collection also includes a wide range of measurements to make sexiness within arms reach no matter what it says on the label. The Shirley of Hollywood size chart is all-inclusive to all curvy women. Sexy does not come in a one size fits all so Julbie in partnership with Shirley of Hollywood bring Extra curvy magic and mystique through the gorgeous Shirley of Hollywood Plus Size lingerie.

Affordable Prices

Aside from being all-embracing for your body type, they also make their products accessible with their reasonably affordable prices. You can be sexy without breaking the bank when you opt for Shirley of Hollywood pieces. Excellent craftsmanship plus premium materials with a light price tag is equal to happiness in the form of sexy lingerie.

We can list down everything we love about Shirley of Hollywood but the bottom line is your body is worth adorning with only the best and most beautiful lingerie – and you have landed in the Shirley of Hollywood goldmine in Julbie. Hover through Julbie’s specially curated pieces of Shirley of Hollywood’s collection to get a lingerie shopping experience like no other.