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Santa Hats: The Cherry on Top!

Keeping up with the holiday festivities calls for a Christmas outfit in a blaze! Shops will be bustling with people looking for their merry garbs and gears for the most awaited time of the year! While you might reach out for usual knit pull-overs, and chunky coats for the sweater-weather, why not go for something off-centre and extravagantly sexy?

The answer is simple and evident! If you are looking for unique inspiration to express your holiday high, there is no better representation for our yuletide enthusiasm than good ‘ol Saint Nick. This jolly fellow is truly admired and loved. You cannot go wrong with making him your peg when planning out your outfits! Don’t let that goofy, chubby image hold you back from going as Santa. With the right style and ingenuity, turning this whole silly, “kid-friendly” icon into an R-rated look is ultimately possible! Take advantage of the Christmas hype in making this 180 degree turn from nice to naughty! All it takes is the right place to shop in and a dash of wild imagination! It’s the holidays and everything should be set on overdrive. When you let Santa Claus inspire you for your next party outfit, you will be a shoo-in for this year’s best dressed!


When you’ve ticked off every item on your holiday outfit checklist from your scarlet mesh robe, your candy cane leggings, to your satin ribbon teddy, you think ready to heat up the holiday with your sexy ensembles. Before you put your Christmas shopping to a halt, hold your horses and ask this question:

Do you have a Santa Hat yet?”

And it’s not referring to the decorations hung up by the fireplace or the prop you use to gather tips from your caroling.If the answer is anything but a yes, hurry and get a hold of a santa hat which you can paint the town red in! It isn’t St. Nicholas if he does not have his signature santa hat after all. Whether you like it or not, a full bloom Christmas outfit comprises a playful and vibrant Santa Hats amongst other things. As cheesy as it may seem but whatever outfit your throw over your shoulders, as long as you do not forget to top it off with a santa hat, it will become jubilantly holiday-ready and pronto!

The orthodox santa hat is easy to spot. Most come in similar colors and designs so you cannot miss the onslaught of santa hats piled on department store shelves. The goal, even so, is to stand out in sexy stylish items. Reinvent the traditional headpiece by choosing head-turning santa hats.

Be ho-ho-ho-hot with Santa Hats!

Swap the usual droopy felt hats with sequined ones for that glam santa look! Long Santa Hats complement long, wavy locks that could give Mrs. Claus a run for her money. You can also give santa baby a savage makeover when you trade his trusty crimson cap for a black santa hat! That is a color combination that will undoubtedly strike everyone’s attention. A santa hat with your barely there lingerie will be an impeccable match for your intimate celebrations in the bedroom. What are you waiting for? Groom those tresses and plop on one, because all it takes is a santa hat. Wear nothing but a santa hat and make it a not-so-’Silent Night’!