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Raves: Music, Fun and Rave Wear

A Rave is the paradigm of a party scene when music and dance combine. The chance to listen to live music and performances by DJs often bait a huge crowd. All night long until the sun rises, ravers just dance and jump to the music. Strobe lights on neon colors pulsate to the music, specifically EDM or Electronic Dance Music that makes the party goers hyped and full of energy. A rave coined its term from its supposedly rowdy nature. Nothing about a rave is simple nor conventional. It is, however, a whole lot of fun! These music festivals used to be hidden from the public, held in secluded venues and the party will just be spread by word of mouth to control crowds and to prevent any untoward incidents. Rave parties aren’t meant to hold back, after all. Eventually, the EDM and Rave community started expanding. Invitations to the event are now publicized for those who want to take part. Rave parties also have evolved into a festival-type parties that involve food vendors, art exhibits and other fun activities aside from just bumping and grinding to the beat.

Rave parties have been revolutionary not only for EDM music and DJs but also for fashion. It was only fitting that the high energy invested in these parties were made parallel to what the ravers were wearing and that is nothing less than crazy. The good kind of crazy, at least. When you are in a rave, it’s high-time for you to let loose and just be wild. We can definitely say the same for rave outfits.

What to Wear to a Rave?

Leave the formal wear, the cocktail dresses and the jeans you would normally wear to a country singer’s concert because rave parties are supposed to be over the top. We are talking about bright colors, crazy styles; styles that you wouldn’t have thought twice to wear in plain daylight. You rave outfit should be a crossover of sexy and outlandish.

If you are a newbie to these dance festivals and you are worried to feel left out in the rave scene because you do not know what to wear, then you’ve come to the right place! We got your rave needs covered!

Here are three important things to remember when preparing your raving clothing:

1. Go for self-expression – Do not simply wear that rave wear just because it looks good on the model or it will look good in pictures. You wear that rave outfit because you feel happy in it and it will make you have a whole lot more fun when you wear it. Rave outfits can be a creative outlet and a chance to let your bright personality shine through with no-holds barred. Let your outfit be your statement.

2. Be comfortable – Another rule of thumb is practicality. Imagine the venue and how many people are going to be dancing and bumping against you all throughout the festival It is inevitable. The events place may be dark and cramped so you also have to think about being comfortable. Your well though out and elaborate outfit will only go so far when you aren’t comfortable. The point in dressing up in these wild outfits is so that you can be happier and have more fun. You won’t really be able to do that it your feet hurt or if your shorts are too tight, right? So remember, be comfy and liberate yourself in that sexy outfit!

3. Let your imagination run free – Aside from self-expression and comfortability, your imagination is a requirement when it comes to prepping for that festival. Although there isn’t really any written rule in festival clothing, you can wear anything you desire but being unique is the mere essence of a rave. Immerse yourself in your own thoughts and think out of the box. It’s just like Halloween but you don’t dress up as another character, you dress up as your own imaginative self.

Festival Clothing Ideas:

1. Booty shorts – One of the staples in rave clothing are those itty bitty shorts that barely cover anything. An interesting thing about the proliferation of these shorts is that it isn’t only sexy but it is also comfortable, something even more of the latter than the former. Don a booty short in all sorts of patterns and materials that will surely be eye-catching.

2. Rainbow colors – When you are in an EDM festival, nothing spells fun and bright other than the rainbow. Wear nature’s masterpiece around your body by opting for some bright colored dresses. Opt for some tie dye and equally colorful bell bottoms, add a bit of fringe and you can look straight out of a flower power poster. Totally groovy!

3. Holographic – One way to blend in with all the lights and still stand out is a holographic or iridescent outfit. You can go for a one piece body suit or separate booty shorts and crop top, you will be attracting lights and attention either way. With the holographic theme, you can also incorporate specific styles. Mermaids, aliens and unicorn accessories and clothing are great ideas to make your attire so much more eye-catching. It doesn’t end there, you can purchase holographic lipgloss, holographic eyeshadow and even holographic pasties – who says you can’t go all out!

4. Light up clothing – If being the life of the party is your thing, then what better way to amp up the party scene with some light up clothing. Take the brightness up a notch. Bring lights to the dance floor by wearing it yourself. Everyone will surely huddle around your brightness. You can still manage to keep the ‘sexy’ up with a light up cropped jacket with matching skirts. Your feet can also be adorned with lights when you opt for lace up leg wraps – no one will ever be able to dim your light!

Sparkly, goth, metallic, glow in the dark, furry, groovy, funky, LED lights, psychedelic, the list goes on! Looking for the perfect rave outfit and finally rocking it in the venue really adds to the hype and all the positive energy. Rave parties are all about the experience and getting to spend time with like-minded people with no pretensions, no reservations, and no judgement. After picking that rave outfit, get ready to experience madness. With all the lights, the crazy outfits, the pulsating music and countless of people with a common goal to have the time of their lives, it will be all worth it!