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Sexy Queen Of Hearts Costume

Most of us went through our childhood watching the Alice and Wonderland cartoon movie. The movie was so magnificent and magical. We had our fair share of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” with the most imaginative characters Disney has seen. There must be Though more often than not, the Queen of Hearts scared the wits out of your young minds as soon as she shouted “Off with her head!”. The Queen of Hearts was one character of royal descent who is simply terrifying because of her villainous and explosive traits. She readily imposes the beheading sentence to anyone impulsively without rightful reason.

The symbolism of the Queen of Hearts as a tyrannical ruler as opposed to the meaning of the actual Queen of Hearts card in a deck. The card actually symbolizes beauty, affection and idealism. In summary, it means it is the sweetheart amongst the deck of cards. This is an irony considering that the Queen of Hearts is far from being a sweetheart. Though she is far from being evil, she still has a notably bad temper.

Thus, this character was probably bumped to the bottom below the princesses when you were young as young girls have associated this Disney villain as one wicked queen. This deranged ruler is part of the roster of the most notorious villains in Disney and is already iconic on her own. There has been many adaptations of the Queen of Hearts, all of which became legendary.

If a queen of hearts halloween costume was not part of your list before because of her notoriety then it’s now time to do a double take on that thought. Grabbing a sexy queen of hearts costume will be unexpected and out of the box. Amidst the ball gowns of sweet princesses, be the powerful and intimidating queen of hearts for your next costume party. Take inspiration from some of these popular versions of the most well-known evil monarch.

Animated Film

The first and most memorable is of course the Disney animated film, Alice in Wonderland. She is depicted as a pompous and a bit on the heftier side. Her Queen of hearts costume is a black and white gown with a high collar and a tiny gold crown that seems too small for her head. She has gold accessories and accents on her ball gown. She has permanently crossed eyebrows and round fists always up in the air in frustration and anger.


Meanwhile, her appearance in literature coincides with her grumpy stature. She has a very big read head and is humongous compared to Alice’s height. It is very hyperbolic but fitting to her temper nevertheless. Her constantly red head represent her madness. Her face is somewhat close to the face that we see in the actual deck of cards. Her costumes queen of hearts, however, is more elaborate and has a bit more color. It was inspired by Queen Victoria so it was nothing short of regal.

Live Action Film

The most recent depiction of the Queen of Hearts costumes was Helena Bonham Carter’s interpretation that gained a lot of critical acclamation. Her portrayal was superb and very convincing. Her appearance in the movie was very intricate and well thought out. Her prosthetically enhanced head was weirdly large, with high eyebrow and an uncanny lipstick that only goes at the center forming a small heart. Her ball gown is quite similar to the Disney animated film with only black, red, white and gold details. It is, however, more detailed with its lux fabric with an intricate pattern.

Conquer Wonderland with a Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume

Julbie has great sexy queen of hearts costumes whichever inspiration you plan to take. If you want something more personalized then go for a black and red dress of your liking, then add a poker card back seam print white pantyhose or thigh-highs with red bows to add more character. Start with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline ball gown in a brocade fabric that goes above the knee. A high collar is one trademark of the queen of hearts costume so you can also opt for that. The queen is also known for being obsessed with her roses so you can also apply that to your get-up. You can put your own personal take on it by adding a bit of your own knick knacks like a pair of sophisticated thigh-high stockings, a velvet choker and maybe even a quirky to scepter. You can even paint your face with those iconic eyebrows. Do not forget the crown and the red lips! Let your imagination run and browse this site, you will surely find the perfect ensemble that the queen will be proud of!

It doesn’t take much to make everyone bow down on your sexiness and beauty. Make everyone dazzle at your regality while intimidate those who are not worthy! Channel your inner naughtiness and take your costume to blow everyone away!