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Plus Size Hosiery

Leggings are the new pants.


This might be the new motto for every modern woman. You will always be chic and at ease when you have these stretchy pants on. For women who love to relax and chill, leggings might be the first thing they reach out for. From sheer fishnets to opaque stockings, women’s hosiery has become an indispensable item in a girl’s closet.

We bet you have at least one piece of hosiery in your closet. We completely love leggings and a lot of women practically worship the trend. Wearing yoga pants even if you haven’t attended a yoga class in your life? A lot of women can relate to! The feeling of having soft, light fabric on your legs while still being able to flaunt your curves are just some of the reasons why we are gaga over leggings!

A common misconception about leggings is that they are tailored for the skinny-legged ladies. The statuesque flight-stewardesses, of the world. However, Because hosiery is known to be body-hugging, a lot of our plus-sized beauties put off purchasing it. If you’ve been through the dilemma of leggings or hosiery being too “tight” for your thick thighs, then you have landed on a gold mine! Julbie is the place to shop for your plus size hosiery.


Going Deep in the Leggings Craze: 5 Reasons Curvy Women Love it


What the label says should not stop you from purchasing some comfy and sexy tights. Here’s the scoop on why leggings are here to stay. Keep reading and maybe you’ll pick up some juicy intel and be convinced to finally add hosiery plus size to your wardrobe – or to expand your collection if you are already a plus size hosiery connoisseur!

1. It allows you to move freely - Unlike slacks and jeans, tights are more flexible. You can go to the gym in it, ride a bike, run errands, go partying and the whole shebang! You never have to worry about chafing or friction because they are bendable and adaptable to the skin.

2. It is comfortable – In relation to #1, because they are elastic and stretchy, they feel almost like nothing on your body. Second skin, as enthusiasts would call it. Hosiery, such as plus size stockings, is an ease to slip on. Its lightweight nature makes it convenient to wear anywhere, any climate, and any location!

3. It does not take up much space – Because they are very thin and lightweight, it is very easy to store in your closet. Rolling them up in a small ball or folding them in compact forms will not cause damage or alter its structure. Since it takes up the least space in your wardrobe, you won’t feel bad hoarding some plus size fishnets!

4. They are affordable – Hosiery is generally more affordable than other bottoms. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase some sexy tights! Who says you can’t look cute and sexy on a budget? More so, they give you the best value for your money because basic pieces can be used for a lot of different outfits.

5. It is flattering– Even if they are tight-fitting, plus-sized women will actually benefit from them. Buttons and rigid waistbands can cause unflattering muffin tops. With a plus size pantyhose, you can say goodbye to that all-too-tight pants! Stretchy fabric is recommendable for thicker thighs because it gives your legs more space to breathe and when you pick the right color and style, it can actually be slimming! Emphasize your yummy curves with plus size pantyhose.


The Different Styles that will Heighten Your Love for Hosiery.


Plus Size Hosiery does not only come in one shape and form. Picking out one particular style that will accompany you for the rest of the season is like picking only one type of candy from a two-floor candy store! Singling out only one item from a truckload of choices presents a challenge. Especially for the fashion lover, it might take you a hot minute before you finally settle on one. To help you get out of that hosiery dilemma, we have gathered some of the must-have plus size hosiery that you will never go wrong with. Pick from the shortlist below, or maybe get them all!

1. Beige Sheer Pantyhose – A plus size pantyhose in your skin color is one of the staple pieces that you will see yourself taking out of the hosiery drawer often. A sheer skin-toned pantyhose can be abused from summer to winter. Use it as an “airbrush” to your legs whenever you wear short clothing or use it as an extra layer under your pants during cooler weather.

2. Black fishnets – A classic beauty, plus size fishnets is a quick fix whenever your outfit is lacking that “something”. When you cannot quite put a finger on what your outfit needs, slip on your plus size fishnet and witness your ensemble instantly perk up. Underneath a little black dress, peeking through ripped jeans, or to highlight your mini leather skirt, you have all the reason to add an ebony-colored plus size black fishnet to your collection!

3. Thigh Highs – An all-around hosiery that could take you from a casual day out to a steamy session in the bedroom. A lot of women prefer this to the traditional pantyhose because instead of going all the way up to the waist, the band stops mid-thigh. Thigh highs for plus size usually have lining at the top like a lace band or opaque fabric that still makes it appealing even if it will peak out when you were sitting. A less restricting alternative to the pantyhose, it comes in different styles like fishnet thigh high plus size, wet look vinyl thigh highs, and striped thigh high socks.

4. Opaque Tights – This can easily substitute your regular pants when you plan to run around more actively. Even in its lightweight nature, tights in black will always protect you in some way or another. Another good thing about pitch black tights is that it does not completely cover you up. Even though it does not show off the skin, it still stays true to your leg’s silhouette. You can very much show off your curves and sexiness even during days when you need to cover up.


5 Leggings Style Recipes for Plus Size Girls


After you grab hold of your desired plus size leggings, the fun is just starting. The best part of having plus size leggings is the variety of stylish ensembles you can come up with. Sexy ensembles aren’t just for the skinny. When you have the perfect pair of plus size leggings, you will always be sexy! Have a blast mixing and matching your clothes with Julbie’s to-die-for leggings with these simple recipes you can follow.


1. Tunic + tights – A tunic is a long, floaty blouse that falls right on top or under the buttocks. This is an uber-comfortable mix with your leggings. You do not have to worry about your underwear showing through your hosiery because of the tunic’s length. Moreover, a tunic will be a slimming alternative to baby tees. Wear it with flip flops during the summer, or wear it with boots and scarves in autumn. This mix is a must-try!

2. Shirt + blazer + leggings – When you want to look more put together without having to look stiff and uptight with corporate clothes, leggings with a blazer is a good option. you can pile your plain shirt with a crisp blazer in the color of your choice and opt for opaque leggings to balance out the casual with the formal. The layer will also be flattering for our plus sized beauties yet still very chic! You can add a pop of color to any item in your outfit to make it more eye-catching. A baby pink blazer will look chic and sweet with black leggings and a white shirt.

3. Little black dress + Fishnets – If you plan to paint the town red, a little black dress is your best bet. However, some LBDs might look formal or dull in a club or in a bar when worn on its own. Fishnet tights will break the ice off your otherwise dark dress. A sexy black dress is a classic but black fishnet tights will add that sexy twist to it.

4. Kimono + Tights – Our plus size girls are blessed with curves. It is both a blessing and a curse. Workaround your booty and make everyone green with envy with your voluptuous curves. Wear a lengthy kimono on top of your tank top and leggings. The kimono will create a fair symmetry without making your butt stick out from your tight leggings. Lace kimonos will add extra coverage to your butt and thighs without adding unnecessary bulk. No need to mention that kimonos are elegantly sexy!

5. Minis + pantyhose – A lot of curvy beauties steer clear of wearing mini shorts or skirts because of their insecurities of cellulite, stretch marks or thickness. In this case, plus size pantyhose in sheer beige or sheer black is heaven sent! Wear your minis with any top and don sheer stockings to tone down your thick thighs. It will make you more comfortable in strutting your stuff in your sensual micro skirts or daisy dukes.


Leggings are beautiful, Curves are beautiful. Things of equal beauty must be brought together. You deserve a pair of sexy leggings no matter what it says on the scale. Confidence with a pair of the perfect plus size leggings will make you happier than any weight loss regimen will! When life gives you curves, you flaunt them with some yummy hosiery! Buy now from, and your curves will thank you later!