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Panties 5 for $25

More than anything else in our closet, our undies are the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off. Having the right underwear to cling to our skin dictates the level of our comfort for the whole day. Feeling fresh and clean will always root from how cozy our underwear is. For women in particular, bras are at the top priority. We have been taught to scrutinize and be meticulous with our braziers ever since we hit adolescence. Subconsciously, buying panties which are just as crucial as bras are pushed to the second string. Most likely we settle for the skivvies that come with the bra set without really taking a second glance at it.

Women essentially wear panties 24/7. We wear them more than our bras, if you think about it. Unless you are someone who like to go commando (which isn’t the most convenient for some instances, i.e. jeans), careful thought and consideration must be put into purchasing those panties.

Neglecting to pick the right underwear for our clothes sometimes does not result in the most attractive situations. We all know that all too familiar scenario when the outline of our panty is very much visible through our skin tight dress. Having our racy thong sneak a little peek from our hipster jeans after unmindfully bending over for something makes a mortifying memory. Unless you are an underwear model purposefully showing the garters of your underpants, we want to hide out little secret, especially at work or in formal occasions. Picking pretty and sexy panties, however, should not stay hidden for long. The true art of picking the right panties are advantageous when you need to strip down and let your inner seductress loose. No one will ever guess that a party is going on underneath all those layers!

Wearing panties is anything but basic. You might be one of those who are oblivious to the complexity of the knickers, thinking that panties are just simply panties, nothing much to it. It is so much more than just a vagina cover. It is so much more than just a bra match. With the help of Julbie, you can read and learn about the need-to-know on how to choose, buy and preserve your precious intimates.

The ABC’s of Sexy Women Panties: Every Kind of Panty You Should Own

Unbeknownst to some females, there are more than just your regular daily wear panties and the sexy thongs for special occasions. Of course, to get the full experience, one must know which panty is appropriate for a certain outfit or even a specific occasion. Playing ‘eenie meenie miney mo’ simply won’t do! We have rounded up the different kinds of women sexy panties that you need to be in the loop with.


Every woman is a member of the ‘anti panty line movement’. G-strings are a sure fire way to keep the attention to your booty rather than the outline of unmentionables. How do you determine which is a g-string panty? They are also called V-strings because there is only a small triangular fabric covering your front and only thin straps holding it around your waist and   the same floss-like straps in between those cheeks. It will be guaranteed that no part of your underwear will not show through because of its simplistic, minimalistic design. On the other hand, the functionality is just one side of this marvelous piece of lingerie. G-strings are ultra sexy. It is head of the line of the sexiest bottoms. When g-strings were introduced to the world of lingerie, nobody really saw it other than a sexually explicit panty. But we cannot deny the fact since g-string panties is really a tease! It is the perfect lingerie to show off your backside without going all out in the nude.


You probably did not expect this on the list since g-strings were already mentioned. Most people confuse g-strings to be synonymous to thongs. How do you differentiate both? Instead of strings, fabric goes around your waist to in between your butt cheeks making a ‘Y” shape at the back instead of the “T” shape you see in g-strings. Sexy thongs have thicker bands and provide more coverage with more fabric in front. This is another countermeasure for those annoying panty lines but is said to be a wee bit more comfortable. If you don’t really find yourself reaching out for a g-string yet, you can opt for a lacy thong if you want to ease into the transition.

Open-Crotch Panty

Open crotch panties can come in the form of a g-string, a thong or regular bikini. They all have one thing in common: an opening for your vagina to peek through. If you think that g-strings epitomizes seduction, look for a g-string for an open crotch and your man will be flying in cloud nine! They put the word ‘hot’ on a pedestal since they provide nothing but sex appeal when one wears it. It serves as an invitation for your man but it also has some practical uses that you would not expect. If you are the type of woman that loses momentum when you need to take off your lingerie when doing the deed, then you do not have to worry about that. Crotchless panties for women make access easy for when you are love making. No need for anymore of those hustle and bustle in taking everything off! You can now totally show off your well though out lingerie in the bedroom.

Assless Panties

You might not have considered buying a pair when the words “ass and less” reached your ears. Do not shrug off the idea just yet! For the flirty and daring, this item is worth a try. Especially if you want to show off those cheeks! We know what’s on your mind. “If I want to show off my butt, why not just pick a thong or a g-string?” Those two skimpy panties have long been providing sexiness at the same time underwear subtlety to women, but not every female are comfortable with fabric or string riding up their asses. So if you aren’t fond of a sexy wedgie, then ass less panties might be the solution for you. These panties are more convenient than you probably assumed. Designers have come up with an innovative way on how to get rid of those unwanted seams but still providing comfort and undoubtedly: sexiness. These functional panties still provide the excitement in your romancing when you strip off, only to reveal that your buttocks are unveiled.

Picking your Sexy Panties

We are almost certain that you already have more than one pair of cotton or polyester bikinis, a fair share of boy shorts or hipsters or maybe even a worn out pair of granny panties tucked away in a drawer. The best time to go out of your comfort zone and buy sultry thong panties with lace is here online at Julbie provides a wide array of sexy panties that are not only functional but also undeniably alluring and seductive. Style and practicality are two keywords that you will find here in the selection of women sexy panties. If you already have your fix of comfy everyday bikinis and hipsters, widen your collection and select sexy panties from the list we provided above. These are trusted lingerie panties that will take you places, from your workplace to the bedroom. It will boost your self esteem and also improve your taste in style! Who says underwear should be boring! You can still be hot and kinky without taking away comfort.

If you are having a difficult time picking from the panty designs, Julbie has got you covered! You do not need to make that harrowing decision between thong or g-string, or between assless or crotchless. You can purchase all kinds without breaking the bank! If you are unsure which pair of sexy panties you will be comfortable with, then this deal will be the most cost effective. For 5 for $25 panties, this is an offer you won’t be able to refuse! It is now effortless to complete your sexy panties collection. Pick one design or material from the extensive selection for each category and seal the deal by adding all five choices to the cart! Make sure to stay on this page as not all panties are applicable to the deal. The offer applies instantly upon checking out.

Grab this sexy deal and don’t miss on the opportunity in experiencing ultimate sexiness with Julbie’s sexy deal 5 for $25 panties! You are not only doing yourself a favor by saving money but also by indulging in the experience that only sexy lingerie can provide. Life if too short to wear boring underwear! Pretty lingerie panties makes everything look and feel better!