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Nipple Pasty & Boob Stickers


The new trend is wearing your heart on your sleeves – or your nipples.

Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and almost all the biggest stars of this generation have worn nipple pasties on multiple occasions. Once upon a time, people would figuratively gouge their eyes at the sight of these burlesque appendages. Now, people gawk differently. Breast pasties elicit a different kind of response in this generation, it ranges from being awestruck to being completely thrilled. All we can say is that we are – in love!

If you are one of those cynical to these boob pasties, Julbie is here to turn your doubts into credence. Information on everything you need to shop pasties is here before your eyes. Julbie has answered for you the common questions that may have boggled your minds about this minuscule lingerie.

What are Sexy Pasties – exactly?

No, it’s not the piece of savory filled bread, although it comes close to being yummy!

Nipples pasties are sticker versions of your standard bra. Pasties nipple come in pairs and it is only big enough to cover the nipple and the areola of the breasts making it very compact. Because of the absence of straps, clasps, and hooks, one side of the nipple pasties is an adhesive that is instrumental in making it stick to the skin. The other side comes in a variety of material depending on the manufacturer and designer. It ranges from simple cloths to dense silicones to intricate sequins and the list goes on.

Boob pasties have stood the test of time despite its revival over and again. Pasties have been around for a while but have always been kept in the shadows, underneath women’s clothing. Pasties for boobs were worn so that nipples will not peek through even without wearing a bra. Pasties for women are now given a whole new light as it is being worn in broad daylight, not as a bra replacement but as a substitute for your tops. It has gone from just being underwear to something more revolutionary to the lingerie and fashion industry.


What are the Different Uses of a Nipple Pasty?


There is more to nipple pasties than meets the eye. You can utilize it for different purposes. Explore its different uses and enjoy it in more ways than one.

1. Practical – The most practical use of breast pasties are for underwear purposes. When you want to be free from the shackles of a boob restricting push-up bra, breast pasties are your best bet. It will keep your movement light and free as well as provide ample coverage. Boob pasties are used for skin-revealing outfits. There are times where a bra might wreck a look because it will keep peeking through your plunging neckline or your backless dress. It will make your ensemble look seamless and smooth but at the same time keeps your nips tucked in, free from the public’s eye. A nip slip is not necessarily the most desirable thing and it can inhibit your confidence. We do not want any wardrobe malfunctions to stifle our powerful moments and nipple covers keep you shielded even when that happens. Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, but we think nipples pasties come pretty close.

2. Empowerment – Breast pasties, however, are not only functional but they also serve a greater cause when it comes to fashion. The emergence of female-centered movement has caused the lingerie market to follow suit in the crusade towards female empowerment. Boob pasties have been the flag that was raised as a statement that women’s bodies is an art in itself. Women don sexy pasties without any top so that they can express their love for their body. Women wearing boob stickers and nipple petals is a common scene at raves and music festivals. This proves that you can freely enjoy your body while dancing to great music and simply having a blast!

3. Decorative – They say accessories can make or break an outfit. We totally agree! Nipple tassels, boob jewels, and boob stickers are the new earrings of the rave and festival crowd. Breast pasties might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when picking out an accent to your outfit but you should totally consider it! There are many ways you can make pasties work for your style choices. It can instantly add a striking pop of embellishment no matter how drab your outfit may be.

4. Seduction – Without any doubt, pasties and seduction work in perfect harmony in helping set the mood in the bedroom. You do not have to be a stripper to pull this off. It adds that dash of surprise and excitement to a steamy bedroom session. Even though it couldn’t get anymore skimpy than a nipple pasty, it still gives a smidge of mystery since you aren’t really giving him the full view from the beginning. You can make him work in eventually stripping them off.


How are Pasties Worn?

When you enter the world of nipple covers, you will realize that it is an extremely simple task. So simple that it takes less time than when you put on a bra. When you get your pasties breast order, it will come in a carefully sealed package. Before you strip off all the packaging, make sure to follow these steps to ensure that your nipple pasties will adhere skin the whole day.


1. After bathing, towel dry making sure your skin is free of moist, oil or any trickle of water.

2. Do not apply moisturizer or lotions.

3. Grab the nipple cover of choice and try out the position without sticking it yet by finding the midmost section of the pasty and aligning it with your nipple.

4. Peel off the protective covering from the adhesive side half way.

5. While facing a mirror for precision, place the pasties nipple based from your trial placement then peel off the rest of the shields when content with the placement.

6. Gently press the pasties on your breasts to ensure that every corner of the adhesive is pinned to your skin.

7. Move around, twist and give them a twirl to ensure that it will not fall off.


Where and How can I Wear My Pasties?

After you have your breast pasties smack dab at the center, you can now work around styling your whole look. While some might use the nipple pasty under opaque tops, you can also explore a whole lot of outfit combinations. Here are some style formulas you can do for that one-of-a-kind nipple pasty experience.

1. Music festivals and Raves – These musical events are beacons of nipple stickers. Everywhere you turn, there’s a woman or two donning sexy breast pasties. You can wear a red boob heart under a scarlet red sparkly vest and daisy dukes. Raves are often held in deserts or other humid, stuffed and crowded places and you get quite sticky in these scenes. Pasties will lessen the layers and the bulk. Nipple covers will make you feel more liberated and fresh as opposed to regular underwear.

2. Beach Trips – Nude beaches can be intimidating for first-timers. If you are still not comfortable to strip down to the flesh, nipple stickers can be your safety net. Keep it on until you are ready to bare it all or you have the choice to enjoy it for every vacation. They can serve as a bikini top substitute without going full-on commando. Make sure to pair your bikini bottoms with waterproof pasties. This way, you won’t really have to worry about unwanted nip slips when you are wearing a bikini bottom since your bikini “top” is practically as good as part of your boobs!

3. Casual Wear –Aside from being your nipple cover for plunging and backless outfits, you can also wear pasties with the intention of showing them off. Freeing the nipple has also become a new thing towards feminism but you also have an option that is slightly less “in your face”. A fair share of celebrities has been seen strutting their tata’s out in the streets and on the runway with nipple pasties underneath their sheer tops or with their lace bralettes. Pick a design that will give subtle color under a black mesh blouse with black star pasties or add a bit of shine and pizzazz like gold star pasties when you wear it underneath your sheer shirt. Not only is it fashion forward, but it will also keep you breezy on a hot day or make you feel carefree when you want to stay chill and casual.

Sequined breasts, satin breasts, tassel boobs, water-resistant boobs? Pasties provide the works! After learning about the different sorts of looks you can pull off with your pasties, it would nearly be impossible to pick just one!

What are Different Types of Pasties?

Boob pasties are significantly wired differently than your standard bras. Nipple coverings’ shelf life differ depending on the manufacturer and the purpose it was made for. There are pasties that are disposable meant to be used once. Disposable pasties have adhesive that cannot retain their stickiness after one use. Some pasties are good for multiple uses like silicone and decorative nipple petals. Make sure to go over the product description for details such as:


1. ‘disposable’ which are meant to be used on one occasion.

2. ‘waterproof’ can withstand any moisture, sweat or water droplets.

3. ‘medical grade adhesives’ will work great with sensitive skin since these adhesives are designed to be safe for medical health use.

4. ‘self-adhesives’ do not need any external glue and will stick on its own.

5. ‘reusable’ be utilized until the tackiness subsides.

Reusable nipple stickers can come in their own adhesive and some can be reused by affixing sticker double sided tapes at the back of the pasties.


How can I Make My Breast Pasties Last?

You can definitely exhaust the usage of your reusable nipple covers by regular maintenance and cleaning. Although throwing it in the washer will just wreak havoc on the fragile pair. Cleaning it by hand is necessary. Dip the pasties in warm water and rinse the dirt and residue on your bra using a gentle soap. Let it air dry and wait for it to regain its stickiness on its own. In other news, if some of the stickiness clung to your skin after stripping it off, you can also take a warm bath and shower.


Be Your Breast Best Self with Nipple Pasties!

Pasties are always sexy, protective, empowering and whimsical. It’s the whole shebang! It is confidence and body love in two tiny pieces of sticky fabric. Going braless has become more fun and exciting with pasties breast. If you are wondering where to buy fun, sexy and simply the best nipple pasties, shop sexy boob pasties here at and take advantage of all the great deals!