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Neva Nude is your one-stop shop for everything magical! NevaNude makes their products with magic, love and a little bit of pixie dust. You will always be fabulous no matter which item you purchase from NevaNude. They provide everyone with only the best and the most colorful nipple pasties, body jewels and nipple pasties and g-string sets!

It will always be an experience scrolling through the Neva Nude products because everything is shining, shimmering and splendidly sexy! Neva Nude caters to your desire of standing out from the crowd. From pasties to body jewels, every single sparkle is worth your penny.

Neva Nude Pasties

We all love a good push-up bra but there are some days when wearing a bra is not in the horizon. Some outfits are just better off without the straps, the hooks, the wires and the whole caboodle. Showing off your skin in that gorgeous backless dress, a plunging neckline top or a see-through top is not the same experience when you have your bra getting in the way. Because of this, our lingerie gods have found a sexy solution to all our nipple problems – pasties.

Pasties are the bra alternative you need to keep within reach at all times. Pasties are the life-changing stick-on bras that will keep your nipples at bay. We have stumbled upon monochromatic pasties in the usual black and nude but have you ever considered going for pasties in the whole spectrum of the rainbow? You are probably thinking why in the world do you need colorful pasties? Well, nipple pasties are not just simply for hiding beneath your clothes, you can also show them off to the world!

Let your twins free and flaunt them with bright, color-popping pasties. You have a lot of varieties to choose from. Go for their vinyl pasties for your naughty girl escapades. While their cute unicorn and pandacorn pasties for when you are feeling fun and quirky. Stick on their tie dye velvet pasties or super sparkle pasties for your next rave or musical festivals.


Neva Nude Face and Body Jewelry

When you want to add a little extra to your ensemble, most of the time, you opt for makeup and accessories to spruce up your outfit. Jazz up any outfit with NevaNude’s face and body jewelry. Pasties are not the only one you can stick on your body for that instant sparkle. They also provide crystals you can position on your chest or your face.

Connect with your inner gypsy and opt for body jewelry instead of your usual accessories. Crystals and gems on your body will make you glow and shine, no matter what time of the day or no matter where you go. Who needs body glitter or highlighter when you can have actual three-dimensional sparkle.

Look like you just emerged from the skies with Neva Nude’s Aphrodite Green Festival Jewels for the face which will accentuate your beautiful facial features. It will look great with your psychedelic rave outfits and will look dazzling when the pulsating light hits your jewels.

The goddess of beauty will surely be green with envy when you opt for NevaNude’s rhinestone-encrusted pasties. Instead of your usual flat pasty, add some dimension by putting on Crystal Ice Queen Boob Jewels. People will definitely struggle to keep their eyes off your beauties because this pair is completely hypnotic!

Neva Nude Pasties and Panty Set

If you are on the hunt for the perfectly sexy and striking ensemble for your rave, then NevaNude has you covered! You do not need to mix and match when you purchase one of their nipple pasties and panty set. Choose among their wide array of colors and styles to suit your mood and your personality.

The Medusa Sequin x factor neva nude is the ultimate sexy set. With its sequined star pasties that have a matchy sequined g-string panty, you have the starry night at the palm of your hand, or in this case, your body! A bonus point for these 3-piece sets is that most come in a flip-style sequin material which will turn your look around in a flash! Just swipe your hand over it and voila! It’s like a whole new outfit!

NevaNude has got you covered, both literally and figuratively, with all your nipple cover and body sticker needs. All their NevaNude stickers are made with top-notch materials so that you do not have to worry about nip slips. They use medical grade adhesive so it will last you throughout the night. It is also very safe for your skin.

This female-owned brand is promoting fun and body love from sunny California is passionate about promoting female empowerment, body love and just plain fun! Shop Julbie for their one-of-a kind line of magic and all that comes with it!