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Sexy Military Costumes

More than a century ago, before women were accepted to serve in the military, much debate and controversy were sparked. Since time immemorial, women were perceived to be too delicate to handle harsh jobs such as the military. They were limited to do clerical work, or employed as nurses. Eventually, women rose up in the ranks, proving that the female gender is one tough cookie.

The powerful women in the military serves as an inspiration to all. Women, who were considered the ‘weaker sex’ are now holding ranks that rival their men counterparts.

Queen, madame, miss, lady eventually expanded into General, Commander, Colonel and more! The female gender role is now limitless. “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not to be done.” Thus, you can emulate the strength of women and copy a military halloween costume for your next party.

ATTENTION!: Why You should Consider Wearing a Military Costume

Make a statement on your next Halloween costume party by breaking stereotypes and dressing up in a women’s military costume. Even though you’re not an active member, you can still join the cause. Make everyone salute your taste and style by dressing up as an inspirational member of our military!

When you dress up in a military halloween costume, you will be sending across all the right messages. It promotes women empowerment, gender equality. You can use it to strike up an intellectual conversation when asked “Why did you wear a military costume?” The answer should be, “Because I can! Women can be anything they want to be!”

In wearing the perfect military halloween costume for you, you can still flaunt your femininity by carefully selecting the right one. Remember you are a powerful and sexy woman and we want them to take notice!

Which Sexy Military Costume to Wear?

This is probably the question you are now asking. Here are options that you can take note before you make that purchase:

Getting ready for battle may be more crucial than the battle itself. It sometimes determines whether the attempt will be a success or not. The masculine side of this costume may difficult for even the girly-girl, but the devil is in the details. Colors such as black, khaki, brown and camouflage can still be feminine if the pieces and accessories are balanced well. Upholding the harmony of such a strong persona and feminine sexiness can be a challenge. The challenge is what makes the hunt for the perfect military costume fun!

Military costumes might not be the most-ladylike but with the right combination of factors, it can flatter all feminine silhouettes. No matter what age or body type you are, there’s a guaranteed military costume perfect for you. Good thing you came to the right place!

ARMY – Show off those abs and muscles from all those days in the gym by sporting a camouflage soldier costume. Project that feminine sex appeal with an elaborately cut army sexy costume showing off those curves and skin. High combat boots and a matching hat will go well with these pieces. Even though camouflage is originally print for making soldiers unnoticeable in battle, no doubt you will be the complete opposite! With your sexy army costume, any man will want to be conquered. Conquer any army halloween costumes with some sexy war paint and thigh high stockings! Here are a few tips for conquering your own army outfit:

  1. Pick a war, any war. You could choose a more nostalgic army girl costume and represent an army costume from the World War I or World War II. The costumes military generally liked to represent feature an olive green color with felt material. This costume includes ballooned pants, a WW2 helmet, and perhaps a fishnet material to round out the attire. The more modern army costume will feature camouflage in both beige and green with brighter colors and tighter fits.

  2. Pick the right color. Camouflage by horizon was known throughout WWI and WWII as the color and material of choice. Camouflage by Horizon meant that soldiers would blend with their scenery in different shades of olive or khaki. Each uniform was a different shade of camouflage for helping the individual and collective whole blend with their background.

  3. Add the right accessories. The army girl uniform prior to the 1950’s would include a belt with gold buckle or rank badge of the era. You could even add a cigar for some General flare!

SAILOR – The uber-alluring uniform of sailors have often been inspiration in the fashion world. Even outside costume parties, people don sailor-inspired clothing because it is flattering to any body type. You can be an elegant sailor with an all white ensemble and gold detailing. Sail the seven seas with a matching bra and high-waist shorts topped with a cropped jacket. How do we make your sailor costume a top gun phenomenon? Let’s try a few of these tips:

  1. Flight suit or white suit? You can take your navy costume into two different directions: Naval aviation pilot or sailor. Pull off a sexy Top Gun outfit with an olive green jumpsuit or mini dress. Don’t forget the aviators!

  2. It’s all about the hat. Dress up that navy military outfit with a sailor hat, white pants, and white top with the sailor bib.

  3. Don’t forget the gold. The sexy sailor costume is everything about gold. The gold detail on the navy costume is what sets this costume apart from the other military branches. The gold buttons, gold trim, and gold medals will make this uniform a splash!

MARINES – One word: Oorah! Known to be the first one in, this branch of the military is known to be tough! Practice your pushups and running time, because the Marines will push that bod to the limits. If you’re looking to create a sexy Marine costume for Halloween, look no further with a few of our tips:

  1. The devil dog is in the details: Of all the military uniforms, the Marine Corps is best known for the red trim, white belt, and blue pants. If you want to be recognized for your Marine costume, use all of these signature accents.

  2. Top it off. Any sexy military halloween costumes would not be complete without a white hat. No matter what you decide, don’t forget the hat!

  3. Learn the lingo. Just like the other branches of the military, the Marines have their own lingo as well. Brush-up on a few terms like: ‘Oorah!’, ‘Semper Fi’, and “The Blood Stripe” to name a few.

AIR FORCE– Give your military costume wings when you dress up as the branch that is built for flight. The United States Air Force may not have the long history as the other branches, but that doesn’t mean they lack in the badass department. This branch requires finding the right size for your jumpsuit to make sure that you can handle the G-force. Follow a few of these tips for the right sexy Air Force costume:

  1. Don’t forget your flight mask. These military heroes don’t fly coach, they fly into the upper atmosphere. Make sure you have your flight mask for those hard-to-breathe situations.

  2. It’s all about comfort, baby. The Air Force do have their dress uniform that features a navy blue suit with silver accents; however, these soldiers are best known for their uniforms. Find a tight fitting navy blue jumpsuit with cute navy blue tie and silver stripes to round out your sexy military costume.

  3. Increase your ranking with wings. To celebrate your hard work, reward yourself with a pair of wings that are reserved for the best in combat. You’ll probably have to fight-off a few squids that night, so giving yourself wings will be completely justified.

Honor our heroes this Halloween by dressing up as one of your favorite branches of the military. Whether you’re a sexy housewife looking to spice it up for your military husband, or a bonafide military beauty, wear your stars and stripes proud!