Magic Silk

Lingerie was once just a luxury but it has now also become a necessity. Lingerie has been instrumental in sending body positivity and self-love movements to all women all over the globe. Not only has it caused men to go crazy in the bedroom, but it has also made women more in tune with their bodies and their sexuality. When you’ve had the taste of your first sexy lingerie, there’s no turning back. You will suddenly find yourself reaching for sexy lingerie to match your sexy outfits and with accessories to boot. You’ve found pleasure with playing around with your intimate apparel to come up with one-of-a-kind ensembles. Each collaboration makes for a completely unique experience.

To quench your thirst for drool-worthy lingerie, Julbie has curated pieces from renowned brand, Magic silk. Magic Silk has devoted their time and resources so that all women will get a lingerie experience like no other. Magic Silk lingerie is anything but ordinary. So if you desire for intimate apparel that will not only make you look sizzling hot but will also lift your senses through the roof then the magic silk lingerie is the way to go.

Lingerie, whether or not intended to be seen by a partner, should be an uplifting piece of intimate apparel. In this sense, lingerie should be high quality, comfortable, attractive, appealing and trendy. The magic silk collection ticks off all the boxes of an empowering lingerie brand.

We have made sure that luxury pieces such as the magic silk liquid onyx are within reach with the best prices in the lingerie market. They have a lot of cost-efficient lingerie with delectable designs that your body, well as your wallet, will thank you for.

Luxury that is easy on the pocket? What’s not to love? Know more about this risque women’s lingerie brand so you can start your exquisite lingerie collection if you don’t already have one!


Exposed by Magic Silk

Evident from the title, you’ll definitely be exposing yourself to high octane level of passion and romance. The center point of every lingerie piece in this collection is the strategically placed cutouts that make your body the eight wonder of the world. Crotchless, open cup, assless, cupless, you name it! No need to keep your best assets hidden because magic silk makes the right risque lingerie for all your sexcapades. It will make your lovemaking unforgettable and surefire success. You do not have to strip off every piece of lingerie you have on just so he can get a glimpse of your killer curves. With exposed lingerie, you can choose to enjoy your lingerie to the fullest until the curtains are drawn. Lace, silk and other premium materials make it a pleasure to the sight but also to the touch. They feature lightweight material and dainty details such as bows with the fiercest forms and structures; creating an equilibrium of sophistication and sexiness. All these are woven intricately and meticulously so that the wearers will have zero chances of discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions.

If you have fantasies you are lusting to be played out, take exposed lingerie with you for your next role play. You can live out your wild imagination through exposed by magic silk costumes. Aside from having cupless lingerie, crotchless lingerie, and all that jazz, they laid out fun and quirky varieties for role play. The 3-piece open cup naughty nurse costume complete with a nurse’s hat is a crowd favorite. Be clean and dirty simultaneously with Magic Silk’s Sheer French Maid lingerie that will surely elicit a smile from your master.

No matter the occasion, you can always grab scandalous lingerie set from the Exposed collection and be irresistibly liberated.

Liquid Onyx

Feel like conquering the world? Or at least the bedroom for starters? We’ve got the lingerie just for you. Release your inner erotic empress with leather-like lingerie. Magic Silk Liquid Onyx is a material that is specially manufactured by magic silk to provide a more comfortable look than PVC. Liquid Onyx is an elite fabric that is shiny and sleek polyester spandex that is easy to slip on and move in. So it practically looks like PVC, only better! The liquid onyx omits sexy wet look vibes but is also friendly for the bod. You can squirm and wriggle without feeling restricted in any way.

Whip out your matching whips after you choose one of liquid onyx dress or teddy because you’ll certainly look be playing dominatrix part up to a T. Start conceptualizing your role play script because, with magic silk’s liquid onyx lingerie, you’ll be turning your fantasies into reality. Be the complete package of an enthralling seductress with the zippered liquid onyx chemise and g-string set.

Magic Silk is pure magic. They are not called magic for no reason. From the moment you purchase it to the time you slip it on, everything will feel magical. You’ll be delivering exquisite looks with this elite brand who is dedicated to spreading sexiness and confidence in each of their lingerie pieces and sets. Julbie also provides magic silk plus size so that every woman can enjoy their to-die-for designs. They are committed to making top-notch lingerie with only the premium materials and remarkable designs. Let your hidden enchantress loose and work your magic in either exposed lingerie or liquid onyx lingerie. Shop for your erotic lingerie fix and indulge in every piece of sexy lingerie Magic Silk has to offer. Temperatures will rise when you choose Julbie amd Magic Silk for all your sexy lingerie needs.