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Leg Garter


Love is Electric and Elastic

Extra details count -- this is why accessories are known to make or break an outfit. They bring color, dimension and flavor to any look. Hence, leg accessories are so popular because it adds depth to the ensemble, especially when you are sporting the highest hemlines.

Leg garters are an accessory that always draws attention to your favorite assets. Elastic bands that wrap around the leg make a massive difference to the overall visual appeal. You can go from zero to a hundred, from plain Jane to Queen Bee, all with a single sensational leg garter. The slightest details go a long way, so if you do not want your legs to go unnoticed, cop a couple of leg garters which you can easily slip on when you need sprucing up.


How to Wear Leg Garters

Leg garters are mainly an elastic band wrapped in various fabric kinds that go around your thigh or leg. Some leg garters come with attached leg wraps, which you could tie around in a crisscross manner around the length of your legs.

The charm of garters come from their customizable fit. Plus, they are comfortable and uncomplicated to put on. You will get away with looking like you spent a lot of time on your look, but it is reasonably easy to achieve!

Psychedelic lingerie garters come in one customizable sizing that fits most. Because they are made from stretchy material, all you really have to do is pick a color! You are bound to choose more than one from the broad spectrum.

  • Solid monochromes
  • Shiny metallics
  • Bright Neons
  • Lace-trimmed
  • Printed
  • Sequined


When and Where to Wear Leg Garters

They may look exclusive, but these leg accessories can go with a lot of looks. Its use is as flexible as the product itself.

Lingerie garters were popularly used in weddings as a novelty item, but you can incorporate them into other occasions and events. Precisely, it will match perfectly with your dance outfits. Wear it for:


  • Festivals
  • Raves
  • Concerts
  • Costume parties
  • Night Clubs


Strippers and pole dancers often use these products when they want to add a bit of oomph to their get up. Follow the footsteps of pro exotic dancers (if you aren’t already one!) and slip on a garter for a private strip pole dance for your man.

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Let it peek under a short skirt, have it match your lingerie set, or pull it up to your butt cheeks to enhance your sex appeal. No matter how, when, and where you choose to wear leg garters, it instantly brings the sexiness factor to the next level.