Sexy Leather and Vinyl Dresses


Fashion is more than the two-dimensional design on paper or a photo on a catalog. It is also about the texture, the material, the feel of the fabric on your bare skin. As much as it goes unnoticed, the material actually plays a crucial role in building that sexy aura.

There are countless fabrics that can be associated with your personal sense of style. Cotton for the laid-back and casual days, tweed has become inevitable for when you are feeling formal and conservative, and lace has practically become synonymous to girly and delicate.

If sexy and spunky can be translated into a fabric, it will no doubt be leather. Icons such as James Dean and Michael Jackson and other celebs have made leather fashion highly sought after. Even Wolverine was made insanely hot with his bad boy leather jacket! Who can forget the power tandem from the musical Grease? John Travolta and Olivia Newton John’s characters were unforgettable with their big hair and suave leather jackets.

Leather has definitely become the cool chick uniform. Whether it is in the form of boots, jackets, skirts, no one can deny the popularity of the leather trend. Having leather as an accent or accessory is one thing but having it as your main piece is a whole new ball game. When it comes to dresses, leather should also be one of your fabric of choice Although it is a very intimidating material to have as a dress at first glance, it reaps the sexiest results when styled right.

Leather, vinyl, pleather, and latex are having their moment and you deserve to indulge in some glossy goodness.

Definition of Terms: Leather Edition


Before you jump in and purchase your leather goods, there are some terminologies you may want to familiarize yourself with. Checking the product description is also an important part of your leather dress shopping spree since it also says something about the actual material it is made out of.

Leather has become a meta-term that might mean beyond what it says on the label. Originally, leather is a durable material that comes from skins of certain animals. Its quality is highly sought after because of its sturdiness, and of course, because it is a downright fancy and sophisticated look. Since the process of getting leather requires the handling of animals, ‘leather-like’ alternatives are readily available when you want a more ‘vegan’ option. It is essential to check whether your future purchase is genuine leather or made from some of these faux leather options.

Pleather is a term for faux leather material and looks more like the real thing. The difference is that the material comes from a synthetic plastic mixture, thus making it more inexpensive as compared to authentic leather. Also because of the artificial methods, pleather dresses are more likely more absorbent, supple and flexible as compared to genuine leather dresses.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is also a popular leather substitute. It is also plastic-based and is well-known for its lustrous sheen. If you opt for this material, a vinyl dress will be sweat and water resistant and will be easy to clean and wipe off.

Latex is also another form of synthetic leather known to have ‘wet look’ properties. Unlike pleather and vinyl, latex dresses are formed from rubber. It is a light and supple material which is why it is often used for body-hugging dresses. Its stretchy quality will allow the dress to shape-shift according to your figure, making it uber comfy for you.


How to Choose A Leather or Vinyl Dress


Once you’ve brushed up on the ABC’s of leather fashion. You can go on the hunt for the perfect leather dress that will earn you sexy and cool street cred. What are some of the things you need to tick off your list to be able to determine whether a latex dress is worth your time and money? Here is a brief guide to help you land on the leather dress that will steal your heart and everyone’s attention.

1. Material – First thing you need to decide on is which specific fabric you want touching your body. It is best to opt for thicker and firmer leather during cooler weather like fall and winter. Go for the buttery soft textures of latex dresses during the hot and humid weathers. Hybrid dresses that mix leather details with other floaty fabrics such as lace is also a good option when you want to mix highs and lows. Splurge on high-quality dresses that will make you look priceless which can also serve you for a great deal of time.


2. Color – A black vinyl dress is a universal staple when it comes to leather fashion. A black leather dress will always be your best bet when it comes to versatility but do not forget that leather also comes in different shades. Set your sights on a red vinyl dress that will make you look like a sexy hot tamale. A red latex dress is such a racy number that is worthy for all your sultry rendezvous. Silver and white is also a refreshing and rare variation of leather dresses that can take you from a casual day out until you paint the town red at night!

3. Style – Determine the styles that will flatter your body type well. Pleather dresses can be a tricky number. It is necessary to get every obstacle out of the way so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the leather dress. Knowing your figure will help you target certain areas that need attention and determine which cut and length will. There are numerous styles you can try. A black leather dress with side cutouts will give an illusion of a curvier body. You can also go for a black latex dress with a deep neckline if you want to show off a bit of skin while giving a chance to let your skin breathe. Long sleeved vinyl dresses will amply protect you from the cold without sacrificing your sex appeal.


Styling 101: Leather and Vinyl Dresses


Supposing that you already have your hands the pleather dress that you are absolutely enamored with. The fun does not have to stop there! Styling is beyond just picking a dress. You can play around with different themes and tinker with fun and stylish accessories. Adding a little polish to your leather dresses can do it more justice. Sometimes the accessories and your own personal touch will set you apart from the sea of black dresses. Here are some leather dress style ideas you can draw inspiration from.

1. Office Appropriate – Conquer the concrete jungle by wearing your black vinyl dress for a day at work. Layer a soft blazer on top of a body-hugging wet look dress to soften the intensity. Black heeled shoes will make it less street and more corporate.

2. Feminine – Leather and floral? Why not! Lace is a dainty contrast to the spunky leather. Balance femininity with hardcore when you accessorize your latex dress with girly pieces such as pearls and diamonds. Add a pop of color by opting for light toned bags and footwear.

3. Laid Back – You can take your vinyl dress for an everyday stroll. Tone down degree of the dress by pairing it with relaxed pieces. Instantly be the cool girl on the block with a messy bun, a denim jacket tied around the waist and white sneakers.

4. Rocker-chic – Put emphasis on the deluxe leather dress by accentuating it with fashion-forward pieces. Bold and metallic hardware with spikes and studs will be screaming domination. Wear your high-hemmed dress with equally eye-catching ankle boots and you’ll surely capture everyone’s attention!

5. Classic – An LBD is a closet staple that does not need any introduction. A little black leather dress is a sassy adaptation of the iconic dress. If you do not want any other fashion item or accessory stealing the thunder of your vinyl dress, then wear it on its own. A black latex dress is already a head-turner on its own so when you want fewer frills and put the limelight on the dress, let your body rock it plain and simple.


Leather Love and Care: Cleaning and Storage Tips


With great leather comes great responsibility. High quality can also mean high maintenance. Unlike other fabrics that you can simply send to the cleaners, leather is a much more complicated case. When you want your leather dresses to last you a long time, a bit of effort in taking care of it is necessary.


1. Read the labels. There might be specific care instructions that come with purchasing the dress. So aside from the product description, take time to check whether the label states certain precautions.

2. Wipe dirt off immediately. It is a breeze to spot clean a wet look dress so do not delay cleaning it when minor spillage happens. Simply dab a tissue or cloth on the stained point to keep your dress spotless.

3. Be gentle. If you are cleaning faux leather dresses, they are most likely plastic or rubber based so hot water will not do them any good. Always set your washer to the gentle setting and always use cold water during the cycle. This is also applicable when hand washing.

4. Store properly. It is best to hang your dress instead of folding it. Your dresses should have a bit of space to breathe. Avoid storing them in humid spaces as humidity can wreak havoc to your beautiful dress.


The Spotlight on High-Shine Fashion


The runway, the streets, and every corner of the world is brimming with leather and pleather fashion and there is a reason why everyone is in on the wet look craze. A leather dress is an exquisite addition to any wardrobe. It is a very multifaceted piece that can make you look like a dead ringer of cat woman or the modern day reincarnation of 80’s Madonna. Fashion is an art, make leather as your canvas! Browse Julbie’s sexy selection of leather and vinyl dresses that will help you paint the picture!