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Hoodies: Rave and Street Style in One

Rave has become synonymous to fashion. It is not only about the music anymore, it is about artistic and creative expression. People who attend raves attest to this: raves are more fun with outfits that are totally out of this world! But for the laid back girl, a casual item is of the essence. Fashion is all about expressing your heart and soul, after all. And if your heart and soul dictates an everyday item from your wardrobe to attend a rave, then go for it without hesitations!

One popular everyday item from your wardrobe is the hoodie. Almost everyone has this staple piece of clothing. It is an extra layer of protection and warmth, it is also that extra layer of style. It has become a staple item for gym rats, skate park aficionados. It has also become the emblematic piece of the “model off duty” look. It may sound out of bounds when it comes to festival fashion, some may even smirk at the though of wearing hoodies to a party, especially when you expect it to be a hot and crowded party! Well, for all those hoodie lovers out there, you can still definitely wear the ‘ol reliable at a rave!

It is the first thing that pops into mind when you go to the gym, but never the first thing that you reach for when you prepare your threads for a rave. Well, the gym and rave have a couple of things in common: you will definitely be breaking a sweat, and there will be music that you dance (work out) to!

When it comes to rave hoodies, it will be on a quite different note. There will still be your favorite hood, but aside from your sweatshirt or zip ups, you can opt for hoodies “on steroids” per se. Two styles are rave worthy but laid back enough for those happy go lucky girls.

There are a lot of designs to choose from when it comes to hoodies. From the simplest and lightweight hoodies, to the most intricate and eye catching, Julbie is a one stop shop. Bodysuits with hoodies are a great way to combine chill with sexy. While mesh hoodie dusters that go up to you ankles provide you a relaxed fit but do not cover up neither your outfit nor your body.

Rave hoodies are all about texture and design. Picking the right hoodie for a rave is not rocket science but here are a couple of recommendations from Julbie’s delicious and risque collection of hoodies.

Fur Hoodies: Wear fur not only because it is cold, but also because it is chic!

From the catwalk to the big screen, fur coats have been taking the fashion world. Think Cruella De Vill! Waltz off with a faux hoodie fur on top of your body suit to add depth and dimension. Expectedly, you will be wearing your sexiest clothing to dance the night away, and hoodies fur are really practical additions to any festival wear because it will keep you nice and protected even when you wear the most risque clothes. It will be easy to throw on when you need that extra layer of comfort. Throw it over your shoulders while you chill at the sidelines to catch your breath from all those dancing! Besides, a fur hoodie can serve you well even after fulfilling its festival duties.

Light Up Hoodie: Wear your clothes so brightly that people gotta wear shades!

Turn heads with an LED hoodie that will threaten the festival lights itself. Plain bodysuits or simple rave wear along with a stunning light up hoodie will no doubt cut the ice. Choose when you want to light it up and stun the crowd with your gorgeous ensemble. Embrace your inner wild child and go for rainbow sunshine duster combining fur and light up styles.

You can wear your hoodie as an add on, which accentuates your desired rave tops and bottoms or wear it as the high point of your outfit. Sometimes, it only takes a hoodie to break the mold of the usual outfits you put together. When you did not think streetwear can be merged with sexy clothing, you see Julbie’s section of hoodies and prove it otherwise. This fresh spin from your work out hoodies will surely be a hit on your next rave! Cop this style from Julbie and be ahead of the curve!