Gifts Under $25


Giving and receiving gifts is a love language all of us speak. The immense pleasure of being on either side of a surprise package is immeasurable. When you want to shout to the world that your endless devotion to a lover, a friend and to yourself, a lingerie gift may be the best thing they will ever lay their eyes on. By doing this, you see their faces light up from unwrapping outrageously sexy lingerie. Indeed, a priceless moment!

Why Give Lingerie as a Gift?

There are beautiful meanings linked to a lingerie gift. They say there’s an unwritten rule that lingerie, negligee or underwear, in general, is inappropriate or taboo to give as a gift. On the other hand, we veto! Lingerie could be splendid gifts when you put enough thought into who you are giving it to. Everyone loves to be pampered and have a taste of lavishness every now and then. Fortunately, luxury and sensuality can be put in a box and wrapped with a bow! Getting lingerie will always prompt extreme reactions. We bet it is a present not everyone expects to receive!

Get High-Quality, Low-Priced Gifts

The best does not always mean the most expensive. Affordable lingerie is the most practical present. For example, you can curate multiple items in one bundle so they can get a whole set of lingerie instead of just one high-priced product. Even though we love a good splurge every now and then, high-end prices are not the top qualification of a great gift. There are oodles and oodles of cheap lingerie online, so you do not need to break the bank!

Gifts for Her. Get your girl besties some luxurious but cheap women’s lingerie for a bachelorette party for her birthday. Together, celebrate womanhood and boost each other’s confidence and spirits through the best cheap lingerie the cyberspace has seen!

Gifts for Him. If you are planning to surprise your man for Valentine’s day, an anniversary, or any other occasion, give him a different kind of gift – a naughty one! Shop for sex accessories, BDSM gear and adult games that you can both use for steamy nights. Do not forget cheap sexy lingerie to set the scene! We even have a bow-inspired teddy so you could look exactly like a gif!

Gifts for YOU! Lingerie gifts do not have to be romantically intended. Get cheap lingerie for yourself as a treat! Give yourself a pat on the back and an instant pick-me-upper through some retail therapy!

Strike while the iron is hot! Do not give it another thought because Julbie’s affordable lingerie, costume, gear and accessories are worth the checkout!