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The Ultimate Women’s Dress Guide

“Why do boys wear pants and girl wear dresses?” You have probably heard this question from little girls trying to put on her first dress. Maybe you even asked this yourself when you were little. The answer may be buried deep with our ancestors and we might never get the answer to that age-old question. As we grow up and transition into womanhood, our thoughts eventually divert to “dresses are heaven sent!” Truly, thank the heavens that women were blessed with the invention that is dresses.  In one way or another, a dress might have saved you from a clothing mishap. A dress might have been your answer to a last-minute party. Most importantly, more often than not, in the most memorable days of your life, you were in a dress.

Reasons Why You Should Wear Dresses

In the ever-evolving times, women are seen wearing fewer dresses. Much like lingerie, sexy dresses for women are reserved for that special occasion. Don’t get us wrong, pants and shorts are also liberating but dresses should be given as much hype as your tattered denim pants.

Dresses have long been a statement for femininity. It epitomizes the female body and all its glory. So why should we wear dresses more often? We’ve rounded up top reasons why you should add another flirty dress to that cart~

1. Dresses are perfect for ANY occasion – and we mean ANY. Whether you need to go casual to formal, there is definitely a dress waiting for you to put it on. Dresses are so versatile and can be worn any time of the day even. It doesn’t matter whether you are a girly-girl or not, dresses can still work for you. If you need to be extra sexy or you feel a little lazy to dress up, there is still a dress for that! When there’s a shindig coming up, the first thing that pops into mind is “what dress will I wear?” All fun and momentous events require you to dress up.

2. Dresses flaunt your best assets – A good thing about dresses is that it is designed for the female form. No matter what form that is, dresses are so diverse that it complements countless body types. If you are blessed with natural curves, there is are sexy dresses that are form fitting. If you are on the more athletic side, A-line dresses with cinched waists will give the illusion of an hourglass shape. So on and so forth, the point is, all women of all walks of life can wear a dress and definitely look sexy in it. If you are interested to know which dress types look good on your body, read until the end!

3. Dresses are uncomplicated – No matter how intricate a dress is, or how formal it is, a woman does not have to do much to look dolled up. You simply slip it on and voila! You can already look splendid. All you have to do is think about the shoes and accessories, your makeup and hair. You have more time thinking about other stuff after you have found the dress for the occasion.

4. Dresses are mood boosters – Whether or not you are dress enthusiast, women will all agree that dresses are fun. The instant when you see a perfectly fitted dress on you, your whole day is made and it makes everything so much lighter. Not to mention, when you get complimented when you wear a dress (which I guess should be most of the time!)

5. Dresses can be a form of self-expression – Dresses are also an art form. With the infinite number of personalities, there is surely a dress to express this. A teenager blossoming may find her way into womanhood with her first prom dress. A career-oriented and independent businesswoman may find her confidence in a well-structured corporate dress.

6. Dresses are memorable – Have you ever had a dress you can’t let go of because there’s a memory that is associated with it. If you are married, your wedding dress may probably be one of these. Even if there’s only a little chance where you will be wearing the same dress (Let’s face it, a woman can’t have too many dresses.) It’s just too hard to let go of! The little black dress you wore on your first date or the red peplum dress you wore on your graduation. A dress is not simply fabric sewn together, it is also a memory.

7. Dresses enhance your inner and outer beauty – How dresses flaunt your assets are already a given but it does so much more than that. It is known that when you feel good about what you are wearing, your positive outlook would also shine through. Also when you self-indulge once in a while, it will boost your self-esteem and confidence Looking good is equal to feeling good so this is the green light – treat yourself!

Dresses a Woman Should Have in Their Closet

Dressing up takes time. If you want to look good, you have to plan what you are going to wear in advance. Here’s a pro tip for the busy woman: dresses are a no-fail option when you do not have the energy to put together an outfit or suddenly see yourself rummaging for a blouse to match your skirt at the eleventh hour.

You do not have to wait for an occasion to buy that dress. We’ve rounded up a few of the sexy dresses for women you have to invest in and keep in your closet should the need arise:

1. LBD (Little Black Dress) – A little black dress is the ultimate classic. This can pretty much get you through any event. Black short dresses are timeless and can go a long way. Be sure to pick a high quality short black dress so you will always have the ultimate pick-me upper in your wardrobe. The perfect little black dress comes in many forms. You can opt for a simple free flowing black cocktail dress or a form fitting one, it will flatter anyone! Any direction you go for, you can always dress it up or down with different accessories. Wear your black sexy dresses with a string of pearls around your neck for a more sophisticated vibe or pair it with knee high boots for that rocker chick look. With a little black dress, you will never have to look underdressed or overdressed.

2. A Red Dress – You will always be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd if you wear a sexy red dress. A lady in red is always a sure-fire way to get men looking. Red is such an intense color that it symbolizes passion and love. With a sexy red dress, you do not need a lot of accessories or makeup. The dress speaks for itself. Red sexy dresses are statement pieces that come in a variety of sexy styles and cuts. Looking hot in a bodycon dress, the color red would be perfect for spicing up that Valentine’s Day sexy date night. Sexy red dresses are also perfect for cocktail parties that can be dressed up or down with a blazer or classy spaghetti straps. Red is the color of love and a bold statement for any look. Stand out from the crowd of black dresses and wear the color red.

3. A Sexy White Dress – No, we are not talking about a wedding dress. White should also be the color of your cocktail dress. Why? The purity of its color makes it so easy to adorn with accessories. A white dress, unlike its red counterpart will emphasize all the other elements of your outfit. If you have a gorgeous clutch you want to show off, then a white dress will perfectly complement it. If you want to flaunt your hot pink belt, then what better way to make it shine than a white cocktail dress. If you are in a casual setup, simply pair your white dress with some nude flats. In addition to being so versatile, white sexy dresses can be used to highlight your gorgeous complexion. It makes the skin brighter all the way from summer to winter. It’s like the staple basic white shirt you always have in your closet, only more feminine!

4. A Sequin Dress – A fool-proof dress for any night out. It is usually the perfect dress for clubs when a girl just wants to go out without a fuss. It is usually worn as a sexy club dress because it completely reflects all the beautiful lights inside a club thus taking the “fun” to a whole new level. This cocktail dress, however, is not limited to just a night out on the town. You just have to slip it on then zip it up and you are ready to paint the town red! You can casually wear it underneath a denim jacket or tuck it in a flowy skirt and instantly feel like a bombshell in broad daylight. Wear a sequin short party dress with your girlfriends at a bachelorette party or 21st birthday party. Sexy sequin dresses are made to party!

5. A Maxi Dress – This floor length stunner is will look gorgeous whether it’s dressed up with a pair of stilettos or dressed down with some strappy sandals. Women usually overlook the maxi dress for being more on the conservative side but a maxi dress can surely be sexy! Maxi dresses are long dresses that blend an informal vacation look with a sexy formal look. Make them drool but still leave a bit to the imagination by choosing a maxi dress with some high slits. Oh and did I mention, they are super comfy! Sexy maxi dresses can be dressed up for prom homecoming that give a comfortable yet classy look to your formal affair. Dress up your homecoming dresses with a flirty maxi dress that features high slits and a plunging neckline. Pair your maxi dress with jeweled earrings and a gold necklace and you will look stunning.

6. A Daring Mini -  There’s a big personality inside every woman. It’s just waiting for its chance to shine. What better way to express yourself freely than with a bold mini dress. It can be in the form of a sexy cocktail dress in a bright color such as turquoise, neon pink. Classic colors such as navy can also be daring by keeping it short and flirty. Cut-outs and asymmetrical hems also show off your curves. Go for a bold faux leather mini dress that features a shiny leather like material with either plunging open sides or a deep plunging neckline. Any color you have selected with a sexy mini dress will surely make heads turn!

How to Pick the Right Dress

There are a lot of factors that go into consideration when picking the right dress for a specific occasion. Women need a fuss-free time in making that decision, so we’ve narrowed it down to the three most important things you need to think about:

1. Event – There are certain dresses appropriate for certain events. For example, more formal events require long or short formal dresses in a solid color. If you are attending a wedding, avoid using a plain white dress if the bride is going for the same. If a white dress is your only option, incorporate other colors in your accessories. Usually a long ball gown is a requirement for prom. However, prom nowadays have been more forgiving, so you can totally don a short prom dress. It is best to do a little research before deciding on the dress. As traditional as it can be to wear a black party dress, sometimes that little black dress is just the look you need for the special occasion. Will it be a formal or casual dinner? Will it be in the evening or during the day? Answering these questions will narrow down your choices, making it easier to pick a dress.

2. Body Shape – As much as a pretty and sexy dress goes, we want the focus to be on you. A dress should bring out your beauty and not the other way around. Therefore, you should take note on how a dress would make you feel and look. Knowing your body type does exactly this. The rule of thumb is to pick a dress that will highlight your best features and possibly hide the parts that aren’t so enviable. Know you best asset and work towards highlighting that. Perky boobs will look great in a v shaped or plunging neckline and would show off your cleavage. Broad shoulders with prominent decolletage will look great in an off-shoulder dress or a tube dress. Long, toned legs will look better in a mini dress or a maxi dress with some thigh high slits. If you are

3. Color – Most women neglect to take color into consideration. The color of your dress will mean a lot when thinking about the venue or the accessories your plan to dress it up with. Aside from the universally flattering colors such as red, black and white, there’s a wide range of colors you can regard before making that purchase. Avoid wearing black to events that are in a dark venue, if you do so, add a pop of color to your outfit so that you won’t blend in the shadows. Neons and iridescent dresses are perfect for rave parties and music festivals but can be a bit overwhelming if you wear it to a wedding. More so, the theme of your outfit must match your accessories and your shoes. Lay out your whole outfit and make sure the colors go with each other and complement your complexion.

Dresses are the epitome of femininity. We can go on and on about how dresses are a gift to women and how to wear them but it is really up to the bearer of the dress. If you feel confident and happy in what your wearing, the dress will only become secondary because your beauty will shine through. What’s important in a dress is the woman wearing it. Remember, Cinderella asked for a dress and she got a prince! No doubt, there’s real power in a good dress.