Purple Micro String Bikini Top
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Wet Red Wrap Around Top
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White Wrap Around Top
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Wet Pink Wrap Around Top
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DIY Mermaid Costume

Splish splash: How to style your own mermaid look

Unlike some costumes, mermaid costumes require specific pieces to give it an authentic and distinguishable look. Known for their long mermaid tails, sea shell mermaid bra, long wavy tresses, and glitter, mermaids are a creature unlike anything else! A form-fitting mermaid skirt extends a woman's silhouette, and a great form-fitting crop top or bra is the perfect complement to the outfit. Mermaids never need an excuse to wear makeup, but since humans don't have glittery scales then creating your own with a mermaid makeup kit will help you rock that classic mermaid appeal. No other store offers such vast costume accessories than Julbie, so make a splash and create your own DIY mermaid costume for adults with our collection!