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This bunny is too HOT for even the centerfold

Bunny costumes are sweet and cute, but Playboy bunny costumes are iconic and sexy. Fit for upscale parties or a Halloween party, the Playboy icon is a natural choice. To create your own Playboy bunny costume DIY, grab a satin corset complemented with long satin gloves and bunny ears. Don't forget a pair of stilettos to complete the full sex appeal package! Cocktail bunny accessories are also an elegant twist that feature satin wrist cuffs and a bow tie choker. The original Playboy bunny from the 60's was exactly this, classy wrist cuffs, satin corset romper, satin collar choker, and bunny ears headband. More recent styles include the classic corset and with or without the cocktail bunny accessories. The choice is yours!

If you want to go for a less risque look, a classic bunny costume is always a good idea. All you need to create your own DIY bunny costume is bunny ears and tail with the classic white or black bunny ears!