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Crotchless & Cupless Lingerie

Underwear has been worn for its functionality. They are our mainstays in the closet and no woman sane will be able to survive without her trusty bra and panties. Bras and panties are, however, always purchased for its functionality. More often than not, it is mainly used for protection, to provide extra heat and layers. As generations passed, fashion evolved and these functional pieces of undergarment followed suit into sexy cupless bra styles and crotchless underwear.

For the modern woman, her undergarments are not just simple pieces of fabric sewn together for practical purposes. It is now something that makes her feel pleasure and makes her confident all throughout the day until the night. That is why women tend to spend their time and moolah on finding the perfect pair of crotchless thongs that mix functionality, style and sexiness. It will never be about functionality alone anymore. With Julbie, your bras and panties will never be drab, but always fab! The best thing about purchasing lingerie is that you will never put it to waste. Women need it underneath clothes, and you can pull it out for more intimate nights with your man! Whether you choose to wear it during romantic evenings or just simply keep your little secret all to yourself, purchasing a luxurious pair of bra and panties are always a good idea!

Women are always in need of practical yet pretty undies. There’s no room for those unflattering grandma panties! From time to time, we also need to find the sexiest panties like those that are crotchless thong or lingerie naughty with intent. If you have to stock up on your underwear then better to do it with style! Not only for your man, but also for yourself! There’s no feeling sexier than sheer lavishness against your skin.

Lingerie wearers often take consideration on what kind of bras and panties they purchase. From the simplest lace chemises, to the most daring leather teddies, you have probably seen it all. But whether or not you are a regular lingerie wearer or just starting to test the waters, may we introduce two lingerie types that deserve your attention: crotchless pantie and cup less lingerie bras.

These are terms that you have probably raised an eyebrow towards the sound of it. These aren’t figments of someone’s imagination! Best believe that they are already being loved by countless women everywhere! It is a dirty little secret you can share between you and your body.

If you are one of those who are intrigued by these peculiarly sexy lingerie pieces then keep reading because what you are about to read is an in-depth knowledge bank to help you get in the know with the sexiest trend that as ever landed the lingerie industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crotchless Panties and Cupless Bras, also known as peek a boo lingerie.

What are Crotchless Panties?

Well, to answer this question we do not require much explanation. The answer is already in its name. Panties with the absence of vaginal protection. Instead of fabric covering your vagina, there will be a slit or most probably a hole. Sexy crotchless pantys come in different materials and designs but they have one thing in common: they leave your flower with a breeze. These innovative panties are all the rage when it comes to sexy lingerie. More women have been slipping these on, with the people around them oblivious to what keeps these women confident and empowered. Crotchless panties for women feature an open crotch which is a slit at the bottom of the panty. These sexy panties do not have lining, but rather a sexy opening that creates an arousing look for you and your partner.

There are many styles of crotchless panties that feature crotchless boyshort panties, lace panty open crotch designs, lace crotchless full back panties, and lingerie set featuring a bra set with crotchless panties. There are even crotchless bikini styles! Crotchless bikinis are hot styles for couples to play in the water. Imagine wearing a sexy micro bikini with open crotch, nothing gets hotter!

What are Crotchless Panties For?

Crotchless panties are often shrugged off and snubbed when making a list of must-have lingerie. Mainly because information on the what, how and whys of lingerie crotchless panties are often in the dark. Because they are deep in the list of unmentionables, women haven’t been sure how to make them work in and out of the bedroom.

Crotchless panties are made technically for easy access. It’s a seductive piece of lingerie that you use as an invitation to do the deed without actually blurting out that you want it. As soon as your man sees you in those undies, then there’s no denying that your man is going to want you NOW. Open crotch lingerie is primarily for the purpose of instigating intercourse, fantasy play, and sometimes functionality. Crotchless lingerie is slightly different from assless lingerie that focuses on the opening of the vagina vs the opening of the ass. Sometimes women will wear a crotchless bodysuit or lingerie at a rave concert to make it easier when needing to run to the ladies room.

Will wearing crotchless designs improve my sex life?

If you use its full potential, then yes! It will add that much needed spice to a bland bedroom recipe. When you wear the crotchless design, you can say goodbye to the hassle of putting it on, taking it off, putting it on again during your intimate sessions with your man! It comes in handy when you spend all those bucks on lingerie, only for him to throw it aside! This time, he doesn’t have to! That way, he can also appreciate your impeccable fashion taste and maybe heighten the pleasure.

Wearing crotchless panties is not only a fashion statement, it is an experience. Wearing it means nothing can get in the way of you and your womanhood. You can accessorize it with belts, garters and everything you desire without having to take it off. It will certainly be a titillating experience! Sexy open crotch lingerie exposes those intimate parts and makes it ‘taboo’ to have sex while wearing them. Many couples love crotchless panties because they create a greater erotic experience in the bedroom.

Could Single Women Wear Crotchless Panties?

Most definitely – YES! Easy access can also mean convenience when you need to go to the loo. Although a little carefulness is required. Women who put their bets on this function of the crotchless design claim that the key is finding the right piece for that specific purpose. If you want to feel like a proweress when you’re out with a hot date, wearing womens crotchless panties will improve your ability to flirt and feel confident with your body.

Will wearing crotchless panties make me more confident about myself?

When you find the perfect piece of crotchless panty for you, then it will work wonders. Whether you have a man to pleasure or not, it will work like magic! You just have to look for the secret formula and use it to your advantage. Lace + sexy crotchless thong? Teddy + heart shape crotchless lace thong? Preferences will differ from one woman to another. So get in tune with your vagina and find out what panty is best for your body!

Wearing your crotchless panty out and about will give ‘girl power’ vibes with every step you make. It will take some getting used to but it will eventually grow on you. So be patient because it will be like magic turning you into a playfully naughty seductress!

What are open cup bras (half cup bras)?

It isn’t too often to hear about women scouring the racks for an open cup bra. An open cup or half cup bra is much like the crotchless variant, only it bares the breasts instead of the vagina. It has the straps and the support of the regular bra without the padding and the cover of the nipples. It acts as a shelf that holds the breasts in place. You can opt of cup less lingerie in multiple forms. You can simply go for a bra or a teddy or a chemise. Almost every kind of lingerie has the cup less variant so you can go looking for something you can feel comfy in.

What is the purpose of going cupless?

Aside from giving the bosoms freedom, it is also very exciting to wear in the bedroom! Which man will not gawk and drool from the sight of his lover’s breasts? Open cups will give you the support and push you need without suppressing it. It will give your nipples freedom yet it will enhance the perkiness of your boobs! This style will make Especially if you are one of the lucky girls that are heavy breasted, this might be the style for you! Busty girls have this problem of sagging (weight and gravity! Go figure!) when they go bra less. Taking off those laces when you are in an intimate and romantic situation with your man might be inevitable but women always want their boobs to look great even naked. Therefore, it will be beneficial for your love-making since you do not have to take it off when he needs to ogle at it! Aside from its practicality in the bedroom, it will make the wearer ooze with sexiness and confidence resulting in a more mind-blowing experience!

How do you wear an open cup (half cup bra)?

Since most lingerie styles have an open cup in one way or another, you can measure the level of sexiness and skin you want to expose. Opt for a cut-out cup less bra with a matching crotchless panty to set the bar high! When you want a bit of sweetness, go for a baby blue lace teddy with an open cup! There are multiple other ways to go with the open cup trend. You can wear a body stocking and leave your breasts be, without any bra or coverage. Let your glowing skin shine through the mesh or the fishnet. Be the kinkiest you have ever been when you choose a customer favorite: the open cup, crotchless teddy! It is in a sultry black vinyl material with a criss cross neckline that makes the shoulders sexy, too! What makes this so popular with lingerie wearers is that it has a ‘corset-esque’ bodice that cinches the waists, highlighting your feminine curves. What could be better than that? There’s surely a style fit for your personality and requirements so do not leave the site just yet!

There are many styles of cupless bras including cupless push up bra which is similar to a shelf bra with extra padding underneath the cups. Wear a cupless bra that you can adjust with eye back closure, shoulder straps, adjustable straps, and underwire to give your girls the support they need. Feel sexy wearing an open cup bra that can be paired by itself under a structured blouse or under a flirty shirt that displays your nipples. Shop for open cup bras at Julbie featuring satisfied customer reviews that will help you with looking and feeling your sexiest.

Where should I Buy Crotchless or Cupless Lingerie?

There are numerous retail stores that offer sexy lingerie. They most likely have the open cup and crotch styles in stores as we speak. These are easily accessible already since they aren’t really new to the lingerie market. But what makes crotchless and cupless lingerie so elusive? We do not often see it as window displays of huge lingerie companies. We mostly see the traditional push ups, the lace g-strings flying off the racks but rarely crotchless and cupless lingerie. The answer might be: intimidation. Truth be told, purchasing sexy lingerie can still be considered taboo for some people, especially for those who are just starting to test it out. We all start somewhere. So imagine how intimidating it will be to ask help to purchase cupless or crotchless face to face with saleswomen. We encourage you to be confident because lingerie is a no-judgement zone but it we understand that it simply does not come easy for some women.

That is why has your back! Online shopping might be the best option for you to get your cupless or crotchless fix. You do not have to go inside stingy and humid dressing booths, nor ask the sales person to get your size. You also do not have to dodge looks from other mall-goers or be wary of someone you know bumping into you buying sexy lingerie. Everything is now easily accessible with a click of a button.

To ensure that everything will fit, see yourself through the product description and mince all the details provided. Do not neglect even one detail because we want you to have a good fitting lingerie to get that overall sexy and confident feel.

Bottomline: Empower Yourself!

Your confidence will come from you and yourself alone. These lingerie products will only be stimulants to help you understand that one simple fact: YOU ARE SEXY. When you go for crotchless and cupless, it will bring out that inner seductress that was itching to get out. These items of clothing will not be the one to pleasure your man, it will be you! The cupless and crotchless lingerie trend will only make it easier for every woman to serve sexiness and pleasure in the boudoir. It will hg your feminine curves, leave you looking exquisitely sexy and still leave something for your man to explore. It’s the total package!

Remember that women have different ways to empower themselves and it will have to intrinsically come from yourself, not from anyone else. Some are empowered with nudity, some are empowered by covering up. It is not up to other people to dictate which one it should be. With crotchless and cupless, you get the best of both worlds!