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Coats and Jackets


If you are looking for sexy coats and jackets, we got you ‘covered’.

Coats and Jackets are like a warm, fuzzy hug. When you are in need of protection from the cold or anything else, a coat or jacket truly “has your back” in every sense of the phrase. We always want to keep our ensembles as sexy as possible but there are times where the cold gets a little too bothersome. After investing time in putting together a head-turning outfit, you wouldn’t want to cover it up. But you also do not want to freeze to death from a sudden cold breeze or incessantly shiver while in an air conditioned room.

So how do you conquer the cold without sacrificing your sexy outfit? A simple and quick solution to that is to shop for a head-turning coat or jacket! Cover ups do not have to be drab and boring, they should also be at par with the appeal of your outfit and your personality. So toss your old and worn-out cashmere sweaters and trade them for flirty and fun fur hoodies!

Your jacket wardrobe might need some revamping and we are here to provide you with the most striking pieces you have ever laid your eyes on. Here are three must-have numbers that will turn your whole style gaming around.

Three Unique Jacket Varieties You Need in Your Closet


Chances are, your wardrobe is filled to the brim with denim, leather jackets and wool or cotton sweaters. With sweater weather practically demanding everyone to bundle up, it is a challenge to stand out in the crowd. However, with these three pieces, you will never be just another face in the crowd. When you choose these jackets for your next outfit, an abstract spotlight will be following you around wherever you go.

1. Fur Hoodies – Fur hoodies is your regular zip up on steroids. When you have a fur hoodie on your shoulders, you will never be deemed as “ordinary”. This extra layer will always make you extra sexy and alluring. Channel the Devil Wears Prada by donning a shaggy hoodie fur with your basic dresses. Turn up your skimpy rave ensembles by opting for an equally colorful hoodie.

2. Light Up Jacket – Fashion innovation at its finest. Jackets have seen the future with LED light hoodie. You will never go unnoticed in a crowd with this wearable technology. If your upcoming rave or music festival will take place at night, make sure to cop one of Julbie’s light up hoodies. It will make sure that you will radiate even when the lights are low.

3. Hippie Style Dusters – An exciting and modern twist to the classic kimono, a duster is a lightweight alternative to the heftier jackets. You can pack this when you are attending a festival in a desert, tropical islands or any other warm, or humid spots. This will keep your skin protected while still being very breathable. Plop on a hooded duster when the sun gets too hot or simply when you need to spruce up your outfit.

Proper Coat and Jacket Care and Storage

If the sweater season is wrapping up, your coats and jackets for women do not need to say goodbye just yet. You can still put your fur coats and light up hoodies to good use after a season of wearing it out. The key is to properly store it until you can finally bring it out again.

Because coats and jackets are heavier and bulkier than your regular clothes, they require these specific care instructions:

1. Make sure they are washed and cleaned thoroughly before storing. Check pockets for any potentially damaging objects such as gum, an inky pen, or any sharp items that may cause scratches.

2. Fur and light up jackets are recommended to be hanged than to be folded. This is to preserve the form and structure of your products. Lighter jackets like your duster, on the other hand, can be folded neatly in a drawer.

3. Ensure that your storage space is free from moisture and dirt. This will help keep your hoodies and jackets in pristine condition even when tucked away.

Hoodies and jackets are a versatile piece that is both comfortable and practical. It has become a ride or die item for women who are easily bothered by the cold (we’re no Elsa, after all!). Despite coats and jackets being a practical item, Julbie strives to provide sexy clothing that will combine functionality and comfort. Pick from our range of jackets for women. From a rainbow LED coat to silver-sequined dusters, layering up has never been this sexy!