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Red Diamond Net Fishnet Pantyhose
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Red Lurex Shimmer Tights
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White Diamond Net Thigh Highs
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Black & Silver Lurex Shimmer Tights
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Black & Gold Lurex Shimmer Tights
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Christmas Leggings

We wish you a LEGGY Christmas!

With the flurry of stylish legwear in the market, leggings are practically the new pants. A lovely and sturdy pair of leggings will get you through your yoga session, but can also serve your sexy-chic looks for the evening. Either you pair it with your sexy cropped hoodies, a classic t-shirt or your daring bralettes, in any case, leggings will go with virtually anything you desire!

Leggings are one of the most comfortable things in the world! Who wouldn’t want to hoard comfy legwear? You can go with leggings all day, every day and the holidays should not be an exception. It will keep your silhouette in check even after you have downed that bottle of champagne or devoured a whole lot of Turkey (which tends to happen during the holidays). Keeping your sexiness after a Christmas dinner or a party is not a problem when you have scrumptiously flaunted legs with the help of Christmas-inspired leggings.

These babies are shapeshifters so you do not have to worry about unwanted bulges peeking out. It’s the holidays and for more reasons than one, people clamor to be more attractive during this time of the year than any other year. Go figure! You want every Christmas photo to project seamless, well-coordinated, not to mention incredibly sexy outfits that you would want to show your grandchildren someday.

Women go to lengths to put together the perfect holiday ensemble, and sometimes to achieve it, comfort is completely overruled. It does not have to be! Being utterly drab and uncomfortable is the real “Nightmare before Christmas”. Every body type is a body type for leggings. You can prioritize comfort and still be oozing with sex appeal. Keep that in mind the next time you are making your festive fashion blueprint.

On the Last Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me… Sexy Christmas Hosiery!

You would not want any other item on your Christmas list once you have browsed Julbie’s exquisite selection of Women’s Christmas Leggings. You can find everything from kitschy to kinky to top off your Christmas wardrobe with sexy leggings. The following is a list of just some of the must-have leggings for the season of love. You are no doubt going to love these bad boys!

1. Kelly Green Opaque Tights – Opaque tights in a striking color such as Kelly green will draw the attention to your legs. If you plan to rave-up the silent nights, then don a different kind of emerald: Neon Green Leggings. No matter if you are wearing last season’s platform boots, green tights will certainly make a lasting impression.

2. Red Fishnet Tights – Red tights that show a slither of skin such as this will be a scarlet sensation! Choose to wear it underneath a skirt for a holiday calendar pin-up girl vibe. For that tinge of holiday-inspired detail for more casual events, trade your black fishnets for lipstick red ones beneath your ripped jeans. It does not stop there! Before you turn off the lights, turn up the heat during the holiday after party in the bedroom by wearing your red fishnet tights and… nothing else.

3. White Leggings – One way to look immaculately dressed up without actually putting much elbow grease into your outfit. Your knitted sweaters or printed dresses is will surely be made cozy and chic with lacy or sheer white leggings. You can always add a pop of color with your crimson embellishments which are also exciting yet snug enough to take behind closed doors.

4. Red and White Striped Leggings – Wearing your red leggings or white leggings separately is one thing, combining them into one fun piece is another. No one will ever call into question your love for Christmas when you take your red and white candy cane leggings for a night in the town. This elf-like detail will make any wardrobe sweet and jubilant!

The list could definitely go on. Consider yourself tickled with tinsel with furry leg warmers; spread the Christmas love with heart printed socks, and dazzle any crowd with sexy crystal encrusted fishnets. If you are up to your neck with all the holiday preparations, there’s no need to settle with mediocre Christmas outfits anymore. There’s nothing a good pair of leggings cannot fix!