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Christmas Pajamas

Before the holidays even draw near, most will already be wishing for a white Christmas. But before you go out and wait for the first snowflake to fall, make sure you get yourself bundled up for the holidays. The cold Christmas breeze usually means you have to wear layer over layer over layer of clothing. It is essential to keep yourself warm and protected after all, but overly piling up your clothes may be unflattering as it could alter your natural body shape.

How do you keep warm and sexy at the same time?

Warm and fuzzy is a feeling that can be translated into clothes. The first thing that will pop into your head when you want to be as cozy and heated as possible is to slip on your trusty pajamas. Pajamas are part of almost everybody’s nightly routine in any day of the year. Slipping on your jammies signifies that the day is already done. That feeling of relief, ease, and luxury that pajamas give you after a long day is unlike any other. Sometimes, you wish you could keep your pajamas on forever! When you want to feel sexy, however, the first thing that comes to mind is your sexy lingerie and not your cotton long sleeved PJs. There’s a certain empowering feeling that only wearing attractive nighties! You never know who you will meet in your dreams. Still, there are times where the winter knows no bounds and leaves you shivering constantly. Your silk babydoll will do you no good when you are battling the cold Christmas morning air. Now, you are torn on choosing between warmth and sexiness.

Can you get the best of both worlds?

Well, you most definitely can! Believe it or not, upgraded nighties are becoming a thing. The clothes you usually leave for the sole purpose of hitting the sack can now be considered sartorial streetwear. With the surge of women’s sexy pajamas, it makes it easier for you to enjoy your holiday fetes in your nighties and still look like a bombshell! You can now take your sexy onesie pajamas from your Christmas morning family breakfast to having drinks for a night out with your friends, or maybe even for an after-hours tete a tete. If your pajamas have never seen the light of day, then this is the sign to take them out to frolic and play even in the daylight!

Sleepwear to Streetwear: Turn your Christmas Pajamas into a Sexy Fashion Statement

There’s a thin line between looking like you came from a slumber party and pulling off that effortlessly chic model-off-duty look. However you choose to wear your Christmas pajamas, when you pick out a nonetheless sexy piece, you can never go wrong.

Wearing full head-to-toe pajamas are not only for sleep anymore. This trend is becoming full pledged mainstream and there is no better time to take advantage of it other than the holidays, when all you want to do is… well, nothing! You will be the sexiest couch potato during the holidays when you purchase attractive sexy one-piece pajamas. Sexy onesie pajamas that feature a plunging neckline and knit material is a festive style statement you can play up in a myriad of ways. Because it is a single piece of clothing, it gives you the freedom to style it in more ways than one. Simply wear it on its own while or put on a pair of stylish pants when you need to make a dash to the winter wonderland outside.

Knock yourself out with cuddle-worthy rompers and get them in every color! Colors that stay true to the Christmas spirit like Santa red will be fashionablY festive. Want to add that cherry on top? Be a red velvet cupcake with sexy butt flap pajamas in burgundy. That peek-a-boo detail will sweep anyone off their feet when they try to knock on that door!

A day in pajamas is always a good day. This Christmas, do yourself a favor by copping attractive pajamas for the annual festivities. Give it as a gift for yourself or share the love and sexiness with others. No matter what, everyone deserves plush Christmas pajamas! Pampering yourself with a hot cup of cocoa while lounging around in your comfy pajamas while watching the snow fall on the window sill might be the most anticipated moment of Christmas. Now you can do it while being at your sexiest and most confident self with Julbie’s sexy winter pajamas.