Christmas Nipple Pasties

Women love a good pair of bras, but there are certain days and outfits which you want to go and free your nipples. You are encouraged to use your body to express freedom, confidence, and empowerment. There are times where you feel extra risque and body positive that restricting your boobs are not an option.

Pasties are decorated adhesives that cover the nipples, letting the rest of the breast be unbound and free. Stick some nipple pasties when you want to go and dance the night away with zero restraint. You would not have to worry about bra straps or nip slips! It’s like being topless, but not really. It is practically the fashion industry’s most clever and drool-worthy invention. Wearing a nipple pastie is a bold and daring item which can double as lingerie substitute but also an erotic fashion statement. Use it as the tip of the iceberg for your whole sexy outfit, or it can be the focal point that puts stripper dancers to shame.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid Christmas Pasties

Bells are not the only things that will be jingling this Christmas because Christmas Nipple Pasties are taking the holidays by storm. Jump on the risque bandwagon and unleash your inner sex siren with nipple pasties that feature glitter, sequins, bows, and feathers!

During the season of giving, there will be a lot of fun-filled partying, festive gatherings, and red-hot rendezvous. Your Christmas Nipple Covers will stun the crowd but also let you live the holidays to the fullest. Aside from being a stunner, these comfortable and practical beauties will make your holiday merriments more worry-free!

Decorations are not only for Christmas trees anymore. Your hoo-has also deserve some of that holiday love and cheer! Drag your boobs out of hiding and flaunt them with Christmas Nipple Covers. Shimmy your way into your next Christmas shindig wearing your pasties with your sheer, low plunging, off the shoulder tops. Your breasts will thank you later! Your outfit will never be a Grinch when you have shining, shimmering pasties covering your areola.

Give Love (and pasties) on Christmas Day!

The Yuletide season is just around the corner and shopping for gifts is surely underway. Christmas is home to endless surprises. Some are tickled pink when they receive a newly released perfume or the top of the line cellphone. While these items amongst other gifts are appreciated, they are somewhat normal and predictable.

Christmas bow pasties are selling like hotcakes. Christmas parties are the new earrings which will make everyone's jaw drop. Give this unexpected yet extraordinary gift to your girlfriends and spread the sexiness this holiday season. You can even bring out matching pasties for a post-Christmas girl’s night out!

For your significant other, the best gift he will be unwrapping will be none other than you. Strategically reveal your mind-blowing pasties during your festive burlesque routine. Better be ready for a make-out session under the mistletoe because you with your Christmas pasties will be irresistible beyond question. Make everyone’s heart jolt (including yours) with these exciting nipple covers that will earn you a permanent spot on Santa’s Naughty list!