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Candy Cane Stockings
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Christmas Lingerie and Costumes

It is not called the “most wonderful time of the year” for nothing. The holidays hold everything special and grand. As soon as the winter breeze draws in, people spend hours and hours plus a lot of moolah for everything “Christmas-y”. This is one way to spread the holiday cheer.

From decorations to gifts to outfits, the holidays set everyone at an all-time high. There will definitely be a zillion events, social gatherings and intimate dates you will be invited to. With that being the case, this calls for a wardrobe overhaul!

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to bring our those annual traditions: the tinsel, the tree, the treats and.. teddies? Why not! So you can fully enjoy the Christmas jamborees, sexy apparel is vital. Look your best to feel your best. It is said to be the best time of the year after all. This season is an open door to rekindle relationships but also reignite your inner seductress. Express your excitement and thrill for the holidays with nothing less than the best sexy Christmas outfits.

Instead of bundling up this holiday season, why not set fire to every event you attend with some sexy Christmas outfits. Explore everything Christmas themed. All the dazzling costumes, outfits and lingerie. You do not have to look anywhere else to shop for your holiday sexy Christmas lingerie, costumes, and outfits. You can get your holiday fix in Julbie. It is your one-stop shop for everything sexy!

Toss those thick knitted sweaters and exchange them for something that will turn the heat up without piling up those layers. You will no doubt look on point for the holidays at every party circuit and still look as gorgeous before you hit the sack when you pick from the finest collection of holiday lingerie, outfits, and costumes.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry in Sexy Christmas Lingerie, Outfits, and Costumes

Whether you are out for a candlelit dinner or getting ready for clubbing with your girlfriends, chilling by the pool or lounging around the fireplace, all your sartorial choices for the holidays should fit the bill when it comes to festive looks. If you find yourself in a quandary this season, here are some examples of holiday fashion which you should have within reach so that you will never be out of the Christmas loop.

There is something about the season that sparks extra merriment and intimacy among peers and family. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and preparations leave everyone up to their necks with gift purchases, putting hot food on the table and decorating every corner with a Christmas touch. It may come to no surprise that your holiday outfit is just as crucial in spreading the cheer, for yourself and the people around you! In addition to that, holidays are always brimming with social gatherings. That is why you never know when you need a holiday motif ensemble that will instantly make you ready to do the jingle bell rock!


Lingerie for Christmas? Put that in your Santa List!

If you have never thought of buying bras and panties for the holidays, then this is an announcement! Cop yourself a jovial set of lingerie that can hype you up for the holidays whatever you are wearing and whether or not it is intended to be seen. You are the best gift, so why not wrap yourself like one? In holiday lingerie, of course! Bras and panties with bow details will make you the most sought after present. For your nighttime shindigs, you can opt for items that can double as a seduction tool as well as something you can trot the club in. Picking a multifunctional piece will give you the best bang for your buck!

Your one piece lingerie like teddies, bodysuits, and rompers are will complete your holiday look for parties inside and outside the bedroom. A contrast mesh sash teddy which has red and black lace details will make it both elegant and festive. A low neckline will make you inevitably sexy even when tucked in your work pants. Rompers in scarlet, on the other hand, is handy and comfy enough even when you go Christmas tree shopping but sassy enough to take to the boudoir. Mesh bodysuits are also very comfy and flattering that you would want to wear them even after the festivities. Keep the Christmas theme by purchasing bodysuits in red, green or white.

With the flurry of parties during this season, it might also mean a massive amount of time planning together with the perfect sexy, dazzling and merry outfits! No worries on that count because when you choose a multifunctional lingerie that can double as your party attire, your last minute outfits will look nothing but!

Dear Santa, All Women Want For Christmas are… Sexy Santa Outfits!

Take the celebrations up a notch when you go for unconventional pieces which by all odds scream “Ho Ho Ho!” There is no such thing as over the top when it is the holidays. Everything is put into high gear since merriment and cheer are expected to be in overdrive, the best way to go is for sexy Santa costumes for women.

What better inspiration for your holiday clothes than the icon of Christmas himself? The grandiose and jolly Santa! If you want a straightforward, downright Christmas all over your body then go for Santa lingerie. Better yet, dress up as his sultry and alluring significant other, Mrs. Claus! Sexy Mrs. Claus is the ultimate Christmas sex symbol. Going as Mrs. Claus in your parties is a sure fire way to turn heads!

Who says costumes are only for Halloween? There is a reason why these two occasions are so close to each other. The dress-up season does not have to end in October! Costumes play a big part in making moments more memorable. Put that candy cane hoodie dress in the bag without hesitation. It is a twisted and sweet costume, just like an actual candy cane. Be the belle of the Christmas ball with a floor-sweeping mermaid style velvet red, in no other than a beautiful lipstick red color. This elegant number has black halter straps and white fur trimming.

There is no limit to the imagination. The holidays are a reason to let your imagination run wild and free. You can dress up as a reindeer, a candy cane, one of Santa's elves and even a sexy snowman! You will never run out of ideas when you dive into the holiday inspiration. Do not be a scrooge (unless you want to dress up as one) and express your sexiness and creativity with sexy Christmas outfits and give glad tidings a whole new meaning.


“Sleigh” your Outfits with Christmas Accessories

There are holiday staples that will never be missing during celebrations. The gingerbread, fruitcakes, candy canes, children caroling and… we’d like to add: pasties!

Yes! Your new staple holiday embellishment should also include sexy knick-knacks. Christmas themed accessories can be the key to turning any ordinary outfit into an ensemble worthy of a Christmas calendar. There's a thin line between regular outfits and holiday outfits and even the small embellishments can break the barrier between what is festive and what is ordinary.

Wear your mesh outfits with some glittery and sparkly nipple pasties to instantly bring it that extraordinary feel which is just fitting for such a special occasion. Sequins, fur, and even satin bow pasties are at your fingertips here in Julbie.

Christmas stockings aren’t just the ones you hang by the fireplace to be filled by treats. Be a tall drink of water this Christmas with some sexy holiday hosiery. It’s all in the small details. For this season, pick the thigh high stockings with the satin bow accent or the metallic leg wraps. Be extra fun and quirky like Santa's elves with candy-striped socks or hot crimson red fishnets. You can also cop that sophisticated pair of velvet black thigh highs and maybe those fur but toppers which are chic enough to throw on even after Christmas!

Who could forget to top everything off with a Christmas season must have? Santa’s hat of course! You can find sexy and fun variations of this popular headwear. For those winter nights, you want to turn steamy, a Santa hat might do the trick! Of course, if that is the only thing you have on. Who knew snuggling between the sheets could be festive too!

Everything Merry, Everything Christmas, Everything Sexy!

The best thing about a Christmas tree is not what is underneath, but rather who are gathered around it. Much like lingerie, what matters above all is the person wearing it. When you decide to celebrate this Christmas by also celebrating your body and confidence, the happiness the holidays bring will surely skyrocket. It is not just about going with the tide and keeping up with the season’s demands, but also immersing yourself with everything positive and jolly! Most of all, enjoy the shopping experience here in Julbie. It will feel like Santa has just dropped you a present when a Julbie package arrives. In that case, you can call Julbie – Santa! You are always welcome! Always have a merry, and sexy Christmas!