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Opaque Thigh High Stockings
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If you are a woman who likes to stay protected, warm and cozy without sacrificing your tasteful fashion sense, then leg wear might be your best fashion investment to date. Leg wear isn’t just your pantyhose and tights, there are plenty more styles that are worthy of your purchase! Having a pair of skin toned tights or leggings for your days you need a skirt is simply is not enough!

Your leg wear should not simply be a practical piece in the wardrobe, but it can also be a style statement that shows off your fun and sexy personality! Get rid of your granny pantyhose, and worn out gym leggings and stock up on some of Julbie’s sexy yet totally functional leg wear. You will never regret a penny spent if you choose to spend your bucks on some luxurious yet affordable leg wear.

If your think fall season is the only reason to hoard every kind of leg wear possible, then you are barking up the wrong tree. Although fall is the best season to bring out those cosy leggings, goodies for your gorgeous gams can be used at any season of the year! For the women out there who do not want to transition to cooler weather just yet, you can still wear your summer outfits with leg wear to stay oh-so-warm!

Here are three of the must-have leg wear in your closet. So if you still lack a one or a couple, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase because you have landed on the pot of gold! The Buy 3 and get 1 free deal in Julbie is still ongoing so grab it while you still can!

The Vital Nude Tights:

A pair of sheer tights can be a magical yet invisible way to get overall support on your legs but still be able to show your skin and stay sexy. Furthermore, it conceals what needs to be covered, and keeps everything compressed making sure your legs looks as lean and smooth as possible! It is the best optical illusion ever! So we suggest buy your nude stockings by the bulk! A pair of nude stockings will make everything look seamless with minimum effort. It will look great with anything because it is practically like your second skin.

Not your Usual Striped Tights:

Who says tights should be one color only? A fun way to spruce up an outfit is to add a pop of color to it! As seen in the blockbuster movie, Me Before You, crowd favorite Emilia Clark donned a pair of bumble bee black and yellow thigh highs! Her perfect love story was made more memorable with a pair of quirky leg wear. Create your own story by copping a pair of your own striped tights in a color of your choice: black and white, black and yellow, pink, purple, green, orange, you name it! Any of these unconventional pairs will be perfect for styling a fun and basic casual outfit. It can even be used as an accent to your Halloween costumes and maybe even a kinky night of role play!

Fishnet Tights for the Femme Fatale:

A pair of fishnet tights is definitely a strong message. It can intimidate those who like to play it safe and embraced by those who are ultimately fashion forward. This leg wear style can be seen making waves in fashion magazines and the runway. Fishnets initially gained a not-so-desirable reputation when characters like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman made it pretty clear what it was from. This is the time to let go of your stereotypical thoughts because fishnet tights are here to stay. This style can be a classy addition to your wardrobe when worn in the right way. Choose from small patterns, to the biggest ones and pair it with any of your current closet staples. Fishnets will be your shield for those micro skirts and shorts without going full coverage. Wear your fishnet tights with your little black dress to take the simple classic to a sexier spot. The latest trend of wearing your fishnets underneath your ripped jeans is a style you have to try out. Embrace the chic and sexy fishnet trend and you will find yourself using it to the point of wear and tear.

Buy 3 and Get 1 Free here in Julbie and get the best bang for your buck! As the saying goes: the more the merrier! You can never have TOO MANY leg wear! Add all your sexy desires to the cart as the offer apply directly at check out.