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Strappy Seamless Lace Bodysuit
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The Singular Powerhouse Lingerie

So in case you haven’t heard, the bodysuit is the new cult favorite. If you do not have it in your wardrobe yet, then which cave have you been living in? Bodysuits are the hottest trend in the lingerie world and streetwear style for quite a while now. For over than three years already, it has been making its own name as a multipurpose fashion piece and its buzz will not be dying down anytime soon!

Your first memory of the bodysuit might have been that ballet recital or the school play where you were required to wear a bodysuit which was then popularly called a leotard. Oh no, a regular shirt will not do under that tutu! You most likely did not appreciate it back then, but you wouldn’t mind donning a leotard lingerie at this point in time. In fact, it is one of the (if not the) hottest lingerie trend to hit the streets in this millennium.

A bodysuit is a testament that comfort, practicality, sexiness and style can live altogether in complete harmony, not one without the other. It is a one and done type of lingerie that bears your bra, your panty and your shape wear in one beautiful lingerie. Talk about a buy one get one deal! It is an effortless number to pull off. You can style it from summer to winter, or casual to formal, you name it! It is one of the most flexible and versatile pieces to play with, giving your sartorial vision a chance to loom largely.

Most of all, it does your silhouette justice, making them highly coveted by those who want to bring sexy to the table. A bodysuit has shape wear qualities that make your figure smoother and more svelte. It keeps everything tucked in without really completely hiding your body. It is flattering and fashionable. What more can you ask from one piece of lingerie? With a bodysuit, it is like hitting the home run.

This lingerie one piece deserves all the noise and the hype because of numerous reasons. It is primarily soaring high for its myriad of functions. Sexy lingerie that you can wear outside? It is definitely a catch! You can literally use it from the bedroom to the street, to the gym, to the beach and festivals; anywhere!

Sexy bodysuit lingerie is not going anywhere, and now is the perfect time to cop one of the best innovations the lingerie world has ever seen. Even with the huge bandwagon following it around, it is just too stunning to pass over. So if you have been missing out on this trend, get out of the rock you’ve been living under and we will walk you through how you can rock a sexy bodysuit.


The Different Kinds of Bodysuits You Need in Your Wardrobe

If you are still on the fence about which bodysuit that you want to invest in, here are some lingerie onesies that are worth the space in your closet. You can purchase them one at a time or once by the bulk. Whichever you choose, you are doing yourself a favor by indulging in any of Julbie’s specially curated sexy bodysuits.

Long-sleeved – Sweaters are always chic and comfy, especially in colder weather, but it could get a little bulky at times, therefore, masking your beautiful figure. Good thing there are long sleeved bodysuits that give you comfort but still make you look sexy. A cozy black sweater romper is a must-have for the cuddle weather. Opt for long sleeve lace lingerie that is light enough for you to wear even during hotter seasons, and of course, will make you one-hundred percent boudoir-ready.

See-through – See through lingerie is a mysterious yet romantic option. It paves the way to sexiness without giving out too much. Mesh white body lingerie is a revamped version of your favorite tank top. Lace bodysuit lingerie is a timeless piece that will serve you well at any time of the year. A curve hugging sexy lace bodysuit lingerie will make you look sophisticated and sexy whether you choose it to be worn in privacy or in public. You can also choose to wear it out with a bra, pasties or just wear it as it is: transparent and nipple baring!

Plunging Neckline – Full body lingerie, despite providing more coverage as compared to our favorite micro lingerie, does not have to be dull. You can still rock a bodysuit but still show some skin. Aside from letting skin peek through your one-piece lace lingerie, make it bolder and sexier by keeping your neckline deep. Opaque lingerie rompers will ooze sex appeal with a Deep-V neckline.

Wet Look – Leather black lingerie bodysuit does not need any introduction. You will make a daring statement when you choose to don a wet look bodysuit. Women’s teddy bodysuits are not just for keeping you snug and cozy, it can also take you for a wild ride in the bedroom.


Novelty – After stocking up on staple and basic bodysuits, go for an unconventional piece. Unique lingerie bodysuits will get you out of a lingerie rot whenever you need that extra pop of imagination. The drool-worthy tie dye velvet hooded romper is a time machine that will take you back to the era of everything groovy and psychedelic. Another unique piece is strappy bodysuits that will give you BDSM vibes. Sequins are a whimsical and glamorous detail that you can take clubbing. It can also be paired with skirts for a romantic dinner date.

Cupless and Crotchless – Want an instant pick-me-upper? Want to get him drooling with lust and desire? Want to feel your sexiest in lace lingerie romper? Get it in a crotchless and cupless variant. You’re welcome!


From Boardroom to Bedroom: How to Style Bodysuits

T-shirts might as well move aside because cheap lingerie bodysuits are taking over. When you learn to embrace the leotard lingerie trend, it is hard to turn back! You will find yourself constantly reaching for it when you are in a rush but still want to look sexy and pulled together. All the more reason to keep bodysuits within arms reach for that effortlessly sexy style no matter the time of day! Explore the different styles you can put together with a single bodysuit.

Boardroom Bombshell – Be the bright ray of sunshine in a crowd of black suits. Break the monotony of your business attire by wearing lingerie to your office. And no, it won’t cost you your job! Be low key sexy and sultry by wearing your lace leotard lingerie under your blazer and pencil skirt. The lace will provide a soft contrast against the structure of your suit.

Breezy Babe – Casual and carefree is the name of the game. Channel your inner Kendall Jenner and go for a model-off-duty look. Pair your bodysuit with your daisy dukes, denim cut-offs, floaty skirts and you are all set to strut your stuff on the streets! A see through bodysuit worn with a lace bralette, worn together with high waisted skinny jeans is a style that is all the rage.

Boudoir Beauty – Use the same lace bodysuit for a seduction session after the sun sets. Simply strip off every layer and wear the bodysuit simply and solely or throw on a luscious kimono or robe on top. Bring seduction behind closed doors without breaking a sweat!

These are just a fraction of the multitude of styles you can formulate from a single piece of lingerie. Get your creative juices flowing and make the most out of your bodysuit. Wear it with your aerobics class, wear it to your next rave, wear it to a job interview or wear it with your wedding guest ensemble. With the proper pairing and styling, we guarantee that it will never look out of place.

The Bodysuit Checklist: Factors to Consider for Your Bodysuit Shopping Sprees

1. Size matters – Bodysuits are initially intended to be figure hugging. Aside from style, your body measurements play a big role when purchasing your lingerie. Torso length is crucial since it is the most covered part of the bodysuit but you still have to take into account that it also covers your hips and your butt. Get a bodysuit that fits all these dimensions flawlessly. Numbers that reflect online should be parallel to what your tape measure tells you, focusing highly on your upper body.

2. Body Shape – Know your body shape as well. Apple, athletic, pear, and others have specific approaches to bring out the best for the body. Having this knowledge will enable you to know which bodysuit will complement your figure. Eliminate all the bodysuit styles that you know won’t look the best on your body and stick with those that will highlight your best assets. It will make shopping easy as pie. Browse Julbie’s blogs on how to determine the perfect lingerie for your body type. When in doubt, choose an item you can easily return and exchange until you find the bodysuit that will fit you like a glove.

3. Fabric Type – Make sure to pick a fabric that you are comfortable with, not only for your upper body but for your crotch as well. Most likely it will be the same fabric that will ride up your intimate parts so if you are sensitive to a certain material, it would be best to go another direction. It is always important to consider your comfort towards the material since it is the one that is in direct contact with your skin. Itching and scratching your way through the day is totally unattractive.

4. Coverage Level – You can determine the level of skin you want showing depending on the cut and style of your bodysuit. Opaque options are always available when you simply want a clean, unwrinkled top. A mesh or lace bodysuit is a no fail option if you want to show just the right amount of skin. Choose a strappy number if you want a more sultry vibration.


Living the One-Piece Life

It comes with no surprise that the bodysuit is taking the world by storm. Tucking in a shirt that would not seem to stay put can be frustrating and that is one of the biggest reasons why bodysuits are highly coveted. There are times when you constantly find yourself scratching your head trying to mix and match your lingerie, a bodysuit will never give you that frustrating dilemma. If you are all for no nonsense clothing, then you will certainly love the bodysuit trend.

Leotards have gone from just being a ballerina uniform to being the new crop top! It is an eye catching piece that bares the skin without needing to go topless. The bodysuit is the type of lingerie that is too gorgeous to keep hidden. However you choose to wear it, wear it with your confidence ablaze. Shop Julbie’s collection of bodysuits and you’ll never have to worry about untucked tops again!