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Body Stockings – Buy 3, Get 10% Off

Lingerie is synonymous to ‘sexy’. When a woman needs that boost of confidence, lingerie is the optimal solution. There’s a humongous list of lingerie types that were developed over the years. If you are a lingerie virgin, you might not think of this lingerie piece to be at the top of your list. At first glance, it may seem as if these full-coverage lingerie are for the veteran lingerie wearers. Believe us, it isn’t. When you have just started wearing lingerie, bodystockings may be the best idea! Bodystockings may set in motion your love for lingerie.

A Bodystocking is a one piece lingerie that covers the torso up until the legs. It is a sure fire way to make you look sexy and glamorous from head to toe! Some are in the form of bodysuits that only cover until the crotch. Bodysuits may very well be the most practical thing in your wardrobe. It can be worn in all seasons. It’s a piece of lingerie that can be worn even outside the bedroom. Now is the time to let go of all your inhibitions and doubts when it comes to lingerie, because…


Every woman’s favorite word. Yes, you read it right. Bodystocking sale is ongoing here in Julbie and we are here to walk you through choosing the perfect bodystocking you can include in this deal. This is not a drill, stay on this page and treat yourself to awesome body stocking deals, only here in!

If you are a newbie with bodystockings, this is the right opportunity to try on for size what every one is talking about. Body stockings are everywhere but it may not come as an ‘in your face’ trend, the bodystocking has been making its name in the fashion sphere. Celebrities like the Kardashians, Beyonce, Selena Gomez and countless models have been sporting this lingerie trend. It is a subtle fashion statement that can be tucked in neatly under a pair of ripped jeans, or underneath a little black dress. It can be functional, too. Wear it under your clothes and it will keep your figure tight and keep you warm at the same time. The most notable thing about bodysuits, however, is the sexiness it provides. It is the perfect lingerie piece to offer your man an invitation to get it down in your bedroom. With your bodysuit and concealing the imperfections, letting only a sliver of skin peek through but still highlighting your feminine figure, it will make him lust and long for your romance.

Building your Body Stocking Collection:

Your go-to lingerie may come in the form of something black, with padded bras, or something silk or lace. If you do not have one in that design, we suggest you add it ASAP! But if you already have this basic bodysuit variety, then it is time to explore your options and have a little bit of fun in this section!

Julbie has a wide array of sexy bodystocking lingerie. A lot of which you can imagine on yourself but it will be a bit of a challenge to put your finger on what is actually best for you, Beauty is relative and may differ from one woman to another.

You can’t really go wrong with the size of a body stocking. Most come in one size and will definitely look fabulous on any body shape. Our larger beauties do not need to fret as there are bodystocking plus sized that are as sensual.

Since sizing won’t be a problem, your main focus should be the material. The material you choose may influence your overall look. Take into consideration your body size and apply this in choosing the material.

Fishnet bodystockings are all the rage. If you choose fishnet body stockings, you will be on top of the fashion pyramid. Although this trend may come as a risk because it may be cause bumps and lumps if not chosen and worn properly. So for the beginners, we suggest opting for a safer option like lace, and mesh or maybe even a mix of sheer and opaque to create dimension.

There are other factors to consider such as its features that make a bodysuit unique. Most bodysuits do not require bras and panties, it will be up to you, whichever tickles your fancy. Add an open crotch bodysuit to your list because it is the best option to lessen the hassle of taking it off when you have ‘to go’ and when you have ‘to do’ (if you get the drift)

Three BodyStocking Must-Haves:

1. Multi-purpose Black Sheer Bodystockings – You can choose from lace, mesh, fishnet, opaque. This a basic necessity in your wardrobe. We all know that all-too-familiar scenario where we think we have run out of options on what to wear even though our closet is jam packed with clothes. The clock is ticking It will be a no fail number that you can grab whenever you do not know what outfit to choose yet still needs to look and feel sexy. Wear your sheer bodysuit with a lacy bra underneath and tuck it in a pair of your day bottoms. This is such a chic way to incorporate the transparent clothing trend with your sexy lingerie. It will be so easy to strip off from a busy day to an intimate night!

2. Body Stocking with Attached Garters – For when a bodystocking feels much too restricting and you want to show of your beautiful skin, go for attached garters to serves as a bridge between the limbs and the torso. This way, it will still be a one piece lingerie but it will give an illusion of more than one lingerie piece. Bra, panty, stockings and garter = 1 body stocking is possible! It will look like you spent eons to put together such a seductive lingerie set but in fact you only purchased one! What a way to save dollars and effort!

3. An Out-of-the-Ordinary Body Stocking – Upon scrolling through Julbie’s collection of bodystocking, there might be one that made your eyes grow wide. Stop! This item deserves a place in your closet. If it caught your attention through your scree, then what more will it do when you get to wear it personally. Imagine your wide-eyed beau staring at your gorgeousness such as how you stared at that shockingly sexy bodystocking. Shrug off that restraint. If you feel that it is a bit too much, then it probably is! But then when it comes to lingerie, a woman must feel liberated and confident. Going beyond those borders will help you pull your confidence level up a notch! So if you are thinking about that jaw dropping lipstick red lace bodysuit or that gold glitter fishnet stocking, hold your horses and add that to your cart! You most likely have the basics so it is definitely a good idea to have one that is totally out of your comfort zone.

If bodystocking are still greek to you, purchasing more than one is recommended. This way, you can try out different styles gradually. Ease your way into each design until you find something that you truly feel confident and sexy in. If you end up liking everything, then all the more reason to keep on using it! Great things never come from comfort zones. You won’t be splurging but you will be saving tons with the great deal that Julbie offers. Try it for yourself now and eventually you will be patting yourself on the back and think to yourself:

“I have made yet another wise shopping decision!”