Festival Beauty


Be a unicorn in a field of horses.

You probably have a line up of festivals, raves and music fests you’ve been itching to attend every year. Our love for festivals goes beyond just the music. The eccentric outfits and the loud makeup will always ignite high octane passion and imagination – and it may be one of (if not the) the best parts of the festival season!

Figuring out every little detail from head to toe is a lot of fun but also a lot of work and not to mention a lot of moolah. The much anticipated yet also very dreaded festival preparations can be overwhelming. How can one stand out in a spectrum of colors and lights? You will need a brilliant, one-of-a-kind inspiration to kick your imagination into high gear. There’s one creature that can be the brainchild of every festival ensemble: an enchanting unicorn.

Festivals are big windows of opportunity to set free your inner unicorn. You are always advised to be yourself, but if you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn! Unicorns are a figment of a human's vivid imagination which have become the very definition of everything magical and mystical. Where better to be magical and mystical than a festival?

Express your creativity not only with fashion but also with makeup. You might spend most of your time putting together the most fun-inducing outfits that you push aside your cosmetics up to the last minute. Your makeup should also be a matter of high importance as it will tie your whole look together. A colorful and vibrant style should not stop with your threads but should also be congruent with your hair, face and body makeup.

The Festival Beauty Must-Have: Unicorn Snot

Yes, you read it right! Who knew the word “snot” would have a spot in your festival preparation routine. Unicorn snot glitter gel has become the festival beauty miracle that every partygoer cannot get enough of.

Never mind that it may sound funny and nasty, but this glitter gel may be the only thing missing to complete your sexy festival getup. Once you set your sights on one of these gems, you will want to rub the magic all over your body! One distinct feature that is consistent with festivals is the shimmer and color. With unicorn glitter, you will get both in one package. Without a doubt, when there is a festival, there is glitter. It has become a staple, inescapable part of festivals and everyone is crazy about this glitzy trend.

Do not skimp on the sparkle and be a human unicorn body while dancing to the rhythm of your favorite festival music. Grab a tub of unicorn snot lip gloss or body glitter gel and slather magic all over your skin. All of the lights will be bouncing off your sexy body and you will be an instant head-turner. Another cool fact about this product is that it is completely cruelty-free! Sparkly and environmentally friendly? No wonder this vegan glitter has become a big deal! This unicorn body paste is selling like hotcakes so even if you do not have your whole ensemble complete and ready, we recommend grabbing your own vegan body glitter right off the bat!

How to Use Unicorn Snot

With your skin as your canvas, use unicorn snot as your medium of choice. Thank the unicorns who have sneezed into the jar because adding that much-needed gleam into your life has never been this easy!

1. Choose your color – If you have a color palette panned out, you can choose from a wide array of hues and tones that will blend in with your preferred style. You can also purchase your unicorn snot prior to your outfit. Make it as a launching pad in choosing your tops and bottoms.


2. Cleanse your body – Keeping healthy hygiene is important whether or not you intend to douse yourself in glitter or not. Make sure your skin is fresh and clean before applying the glitter. A supple and moisturized base will make it easier for the glitter to stick.

2. Go crazy with it – Unicorn snot is a fairly versatile product. Since it's glitter for the body and hair, you can practically smother yourself almost wherever you desire! You do not need any other product to make it stick, it works its magic on its own. Pat it onto dry skin and enjoy!

3. Let it set – Rub your unicorn glitter before you put on the rest of your clothes. For the magic to work round the clock, it is essential to let it dry on your skin before letting fabric touch it. Once it dries, it will practically feel weightless so you do not have to worry about it being uncomfortable or unpleasant.

4. Remove cautiously – Use makeup wipes or makeup remover on a cotton pad for easy removal. Take your time cleaning up to make sure you get every bit of glitter left. Less glitter left, less glitter down the drain!

Where to Wear Glitter?


Gauge what level of glow you want to bring to the surface. You can either go for that subtle shine or be a human disco ball! Express your love for glitter with these snazzy ideas.

1. Glitter lips – Ditch the lip gloss and go for full on glitter! Unicorn snot lip gloss is specifically formulated for your lip-smacking needs.

2. Glitter hair – No headdress? No problem! Apply glitter gel at the ends of your hair or line your hair parting for that instant moon dust hair.

3. Glitter highlight – Exchange your timid highlight powder with some striking glitter and dust the high points of your face: cheekbones, temples, the center of your eyelid or your brow bone.

4. Glitter body – There are countless ways you can apply glitter on your body. Your shoulder blades will be a flattering spot for shimmer, or simply swipe a thin layer all over the body so you can become a glowing goddess!

You are something magical therefore you deserve something magical. Make your magical dreams come true with happiness in a jar (or two) and be the glittering talk of the town.