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“Keep Your Heels, Head and Standards High” has been the motto of the empowered woman ever since it was uttered by icon and women’s champion Coco Chanel. It has been dubbed as the ultimate sexy shoe. Ever since it has been introduced, women have always had a love-hate relationship with it. Countless debates whether heels are to be embraced or to be tossed are still ongoing! We are still answering the age-old question whether the pain is worth the extra inches. It has always been the object of sartorial controversy but also has been the highlight of a woman’s life of fashion.

A Woman’s Right of Passage

We cannot deny the immortality of sexy high heels. A lot of little girls have raided their mother’s closets at one point and her stilettos are always the first thing they slip on to do a test run along the closet runway. Those too-big heels would soon be this little girl’s closet staple as she grows. It has always been considered as the shoe which solidifies the word femininity. A pair of heels will accompany a woman through her life, from graduation ceremonies to job interviews, to special events like debuts, weddings, and romantic dates! It will surely be a moment to remember when a woman slips on her favorite pair.


The Power, the Height and the Sex Appeal

These are just some of the things that a good pair of pumps provide to a woman. The exclusivity of it is such an appeal to the opposite sex. It commands attention. That added height makes all the difference. When you are not the most blessed when it comes to tallness, you can always buy sexy heels to compensate and you would have cheated puberty. No one would ever notice your real height with a stance like that, thanks to your pumps!

Hustle in the Highest Heels

Every female has probably had their fair share of dainty kitten heels, your basic work heels, a pair of nude pumps or maybe even a luxurious pair of red-bottoms! But have you ever coveted one of those platform stripper heels? Have you ever ogled at a pair of exotic dancer heels a pole dancer was wearing but never really imagined getting one for yourself? Well, it is never too late to put yourself in her shoes... literally and figuratively!

If you are one of those who are still wondering why it is such a celebrated shoe, then it is time to climb out of the cave you are in and see why.


Love ‘em, leave ‘em, you still need them!

But besides style, it reaps more benefits than you would expect! It offers so many beautiful benefits on the table, if only you give it a chance to walk with you step-by-step. Whether or not you will be using it for stripping, a modern woman could always pull off 6-inch heels. So why not try one out for size? Professional or not, your performance in the bedroom will be a whole lot more convincing when worn in the right way.

Although for women who put comfort first, this might not be the first thing you reach out for. This is the time to let go of the stigma that comes with stripper heels and embrace every advantage it gives to women who dare to wear it! Be enlightened with some of these other factors that make us love it even more.

1. Transforms your look – Just put on 6-inch high heels and it will turn drab to fab in just a snap! Along with being the most feminine shoe, it is also the most stylish. It is not at all complicated to style a pair of sky-high shoes as one would initially think. With the flutter of designs in the market, you can go crazy and let your imagination run free. You can wear it professionally, girly, classy, casually, seductively, you name it! No matter how you style it, it is definitely going to leave a lasting impression.

2. Improves your walk – One thing you can claim from a pair is that it instantly changes the way you walk. While the first steps might come off a bit wobbly, that is completely normal! Once you get the hang of walking in heels, you will notice that your hips sway a bit more and your bounce becomes more feminine and sultry. Your gait will entirely change as time passes by. Even when you wear other footwear, your stride will reflect a new level of confidence.

3. Enhances your posture – Along with a slimmer physique and added height, a pair of heels can help make your stance better. When you are a wee bit closer to the sky, you involuntarily curve your back a bit more. This exercises good posture and eventually benefits your bone health. Because you keep your back straight and upright every time you wear heels,

4. Complements your lingerie – High heels are the counterpart of lingerie when it comes to footwear. When you want to express your femininity in its highest form, combine both lingerie and sexy high heels! Complete the seductress look with a pair of stripper shoes. Some men even prefer leaving on your heels after your lingerie is completely stripped off.

5. Boosts your confidence – This type of footwear symbolizes power. With every step, a woman will feel her influence reverberate through the floor. The opposite sex is absolutely enamored by elongated legs and svelte physique which is emphasized by a fabulous pair of skyscraper shoes. A better posture comes with a better attitude to take advantage of this new-found confidence and strut everywhere in high heels!


How High? Thigh High!

The phenomena that come with iconic heels do not stop with your regular pumps, platforms, and stilettos. Don’t let sexiness stop at the ankles, take it all the way up to your thighs! When you want to accentuate your legs more, go for thigh-high numbers that take your look to whole new heights!

   • Lace up thigh high heels – A variant of your favorite heels, but with a twist! A twist around the thighs that is. Chic and definitely erotic, thigh high strappy heels will complement short, bare-leg ensembles and any type of lingerie. This type of shoe is a bold choice for those who want to take their heel game up a notch. The lace up around your legs is like a hug that keeps you steady from the length of your heels.

   • Thigh high boots – They say good boots take you to good places. You have to have a trusty pair available when the weather gets colder and legs need to be warmer. Black thigh high boots are a versatile piece that can transition you from Julia Robert’s “Pretty Woman” to 50 Shades Dominatrix! It keeps you covered up but still makes you look completely irresistible. Black leather thigh high boots are the uniform of a bold, strong and confident woman. Pair it with jeans, lingerie, dresses and whatever but still look sexy no matter what! That air of mystery between your skin and that erotic leather material will make anyone drool with desire and not to mention make you feel like you can conquer any room you step on!


Sexy, Strong, and Super!

No matter if you opt for boots, platforms, stilettos, high heels are always a good idea. Feel like 6’1” even if you are 5’1”. More than the height it adds to your figure, it is hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels! Good shoes speak louder than words and heels make an announcement! Shop for Sexy High Heels and Thigh High Boots and get the best deals. We have a specially curated collection of your cheap sexy heels that look as luxurious as your high-end ones! Do not miss out and cop your own pair and prepare to take your own #shoefie!