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Open Crotch Cheeky Boyshorts
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Candy Cane Stockings
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Sequin And Fur Santa Hat
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Sexy Santa Costumes & Outfits

“Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me. Been an awful good girl. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight!”

You know every word to the song and you will usually be hearing it blasting on loop in every vehicle, in every mall, just absolutely everywhere! No doubt, Christmas cheer will be in high gear! Ingest the cool atmosphere, the warm ambiance, and the most colorful lights and indulge yourself with all things Christmas! One way to welcome the holidays with open arms is with some sexy Christmas outfits!

Whether you have an upscale dinner to attend, a wild you only plan to lounge around in the comfort of your own home, dressing up yourself in Christmas Outfits is one way to celebrate the season of giving!

Santa decides whether you are on the naughty or nice list. When it comes to your Christmas outfits, you get to call the shots! It does not really matter if you have been good or bad this year. Inasmuch as everyone wants to be on the ‘nice’ list, go ahead of the curve and wear Naughty Christmas Outfits this time around! Who doesn’t enjoy a naughty Santa outfit anyway? A well thought out sexy Santa outfit will make you wish it was Christmas all year round. You will appreciate it more when you find yourself with the apple of your eye under the mistletoe!

The holidays, whatever it is that come with it, get everyone’s creative juices flowing! All the more with a woman who is determined to pull off the outfit that will warm up the winter breeze.

Take advantage of the Christmas hoopla to cop a sexy Santa suit worthy of Santa's exclusive squad. Santa has always been the star of the show during the holidays, so taking inspiration from Saint Nicholas is a fantastic idea! Using Santa as your brainchild, however, is not a simple and easy feat. Santa Clause is a full-bodied, bearded man, which is not exactly the sexiest image. Not to fret because you have come to the right place to do your Christmas shopping, Julbie will make it easier for you to turn the tables and make the image of the jolly ‘Ol fellow sexy!

Looking for sexy Santa costumes for women is not an elusive feat. No doubt, shelves will be brimming with potential slutty Santa costumes that will heat up the winter wonderland. Picking the right one for you, however, is a whole other story. You simply do not decide on a sexy Santa costume based on one factor. There are other considerations you have to take into account in making your festive fashion pick.

Be Tinsel Town Ready from Top to Bottom

There are infinite ideas you can come up for your annual Christmas tradition of festive fashion. Here are some sexy Santa concepts that you can mull over before you settle with that Rudolf-print knitted sweater!

1. Red, Green & White – These colors are practically Christmas exclusive! When red and green are combined, you will certainly be omitting serious sexy Santa's helper vibes. A velvet romper with white fluffy trim is playful enough to get you ready to deliver those presents but also sultry enough to be the present yourself! Put red and white together and be sexy Mrs. Claus in a jiffy! All you need is a sensual scarlet robe or dress with white trimming, a Santa hat that even the North Pole will sizzle!

2. Stripes and Spirals – Be a sweet and sassy candy cane! Red and white stripes and spirals. A bikini with red and white details is a subtle way to incorporate festive with sexy.

3. Sparkle and Shine – All corners will be decked with rows and rows of Christmas lights but for a holiday enthusiast, it is sometimes still not enough! To make the holidays brighter, spread radiance everywhere you go with glittery and shimmery bodysuits and mini dresses! By all odds, not only will the shine come from your clothes but it will also spring from your sexy self!

Determine the level of your sexy-o-meter by choosing which type of outfit you want to settle upon. You can be sheer perfection with mesh robes that keep you covered from the cold (but not really!). Fur-clad outfits will add that much needed snow-inspired pizzazz that protects you from the cold, but also protects you from being un-cute, really! You can always cozy up with elegant Mrs. Claus gowns that are snug and sultry at the same time! You can also bare all by wrapping yourself with only satin ribbons to take you from ‘Silent Night’ to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ in the bedroom!

The most wonderful time of the year made more wonderful with sexy Christmas costumes and outfits. Halloween-ize the holiday celebrations by going as your favorite Christmas characters. Lest you need a last-minute outfit or even an off-the-cuff gift, Julbie has everything to complete your Christmas getup!