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Hosiery, Stockings, and Leg Wear

As the French says, “Des Jambes Sexy!”, or simply sexy legs, are what all women covet. Women have been conditioned to think that long, silky legs are sexy. Flocks of women invest in taking care of their precious gams. Getting it all smooth with waxing or shaving and getting it toned by doing daily exercise are part of an average female’s routine in preserving youthful and radiant legs. Celebrities even go to the length of insuring their limbs in case something happens! Some were born with naturally long legs, some were born with longer torsos. Either way, you can definitely make your legs work for you to your advantage so that wearing your booty shorts and mini skirts will make you feel much more comfortable.

As more or less a third of your body, the legs deserve to be clad with quality wear. Your legs are what takes you places day by day so they need extra attention. Especially when your best asset is your legs, you should exhaust all efforts in showing off those beauties! Women practically use all their elbow grease in coming up with the best ensembles inside and outside of the bedroom but little thought is usually put into leg wear. Thinking about leg wear while considering that it should mesh well to your outfit is not a simple stunt. Hosiery, believe it or not, can actually take an average outfit and turn it completely around into something extra.

If leg wear is not your cup of tea, and was not part of the list of your priorities, it is time to have a change of heart. It can make or break an outfit, it can help your performance in the bedroom, and not to mention it has very practical purposes in keeping your gorgeous gams warm and protected.


Here’s Why You Need a Leg Wear Wardrobe Upgrade:

Leg wear has always been regarded as an accessory. It has been viewed as an option which an outfit can do without. The power of good leg wear should not be underestimated. Women’s knee high socks is just one of all the essential pieces that can take you places, literally and metaphorically speaking.

If you are having second thoughts on leg wear, we’ve provided some reasons why different kinds of leg wear deserve a place in your closet.

1. It will keep you warm: No doubt, leg wear was invented for the primary purpose of warmth and protection. Most likely, the firsts designs were not the most “in vogue” and eye catching. The first time you heard of the pantyhose and tights might have been from your mother or grandmother coercing you to wear it with your dress as a child. You probably gained a love and hate relationship with leg wear in general. No matter how you think that putting on a pair is an unnecessary step, one thing immaculately remains true: leg wear keeps you warm and protected from the cold. It allows you to walk around in the cooler weather whether with skimpy bottoms or as an extra layer under your pants in the frigid climate.

2. It is sexy and stylish: Whatever your impression on these extra layer of clothing, it can still be very in trend. With the innovative designs in the fashion industry, you can now purchase a tights and other leg wear that are both stylish and functional. Eyebrows are raised when said that leg wear is actually sexy. There is no doubt that leg wear can be go from just sexy to erotic. It is not simply a practical accessory that can spruce up an outfit, but it can also be the highlight of the whole ensemble. Since most leg wear retain the form of your legs, making it seem as second skin, it accentuates your natural curves instead of hiding it. Fishnet tights are popular hosiery that are both fashionable and sexy. Since it centers the focus on the legs without covering it up completely, women use it to add pizzazz to a simple outfit. Wearing it with a little black dress will take it from simply formal to something fun and sexy.

3. It can be versatile: A good pair of leg wear can be worn for multiple purposes and different occasions. An example is a trusty pair of black leggings. If you do not have a pair that you worship, then you are missing out. Black leggings are such a timeless pair. You can wear them any time, any season of the year. It is chic when worn with an oversized sweater and boots during fall. It can be an additional layer underneath your pants during the winter. Some even use it as their pants with a regular shirt and tank tops with sandals during the summer! Wear it during a gym session or style it for brunch with your girlfriends. The uses for black leggings are endless. It is lightweight, but its opaqueness works as good as your favorite pair of jeans only more comfy. It is a very worthwhile pair that will be used and abused by any woman.

4. It can hide imperfections: Aside from being a protector from the cold, it will also protect you from any flaws you want to conceal. If your limbs are not in the best condition as of the moment, like scars, veins and unshaven hair, yet still want to use your itty bitty shorts or skirts. A sexy pantyhose or thigh high socks can be your best friend. A sheer pantyhose will let your skin shine brigther without hiding it completely. Women are encouraged to accept their flaws and imperfections but if a pair of striped tights will make you feel more confident and more chic at that, then Julbie Is here to give you a leg up!

5. It makes everything fit better: Perfect fitting leg wear can be a shape shifter. Aside from concealing imperfections, it also controls those unwanted bulges and smoothen out the shape of your legs more therefore not only making you look more put together, but also make you feel like you can conquer the world. There is power in proper fitting leg wear. Women’s black thigh high socks is a staple accessory that is both multifunctional and flattering whatever outfit you are in. Since the color black gives the illusion of slimmer gams, it will be advantageous for those who want the illusion of longer, slimmer legs. Julbie understands the female form and wants every woman to be confident with their body, in this case, your legs. Thigh high socks in plus size are also a good investment which you can use for casual and practical purposes and at the same time still look school girl chic!

Turn the Spotlight on Leg Wear

Leg wear warrants to be given as much attention as those other items in your wardrobe. If you need help in making the crucial choice of which leg wear to purchase, browse Julbie’s specially curated website put together and organized for your convenience. You will find all your leg wear needs here. From the simplest and the most basic white knee high socks for your everyday use to the most eccentric light up leg wraps for your rave needs, it is here! Self esteem is essential to your well being and as a big part of our body image, your legs deserve nothing but the best. Spoil your legs with any of the luxurious, kinky, sophisticated, erotic, fun or classy leg wear Julbie offers!