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2020 Halloween Costumes for Women: What's In?

Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning on what to wear for that party you plan on going to. Gone are the days when this occasion was only about ghosts and monsters. Now it’s also about women’s sexy Halloween costumes and 2019 brings with it some awesome selections!

Is it a Good Idea to Wear Women’s Sexy Halloween Costumes in 2020?


There are have been a lot of controversies lately on whether it is right for women to wear sexy Halloween costumes. Some argue that by doing so, women are allowing themselves to be objectified. Others say that it’s simply inappropriate. The question is, where is all this coming from? The truth is, it’s coming from people who wish that they could dress sexy too!

Thing is, for many women, Halloween is the one night they can let loose and let their inner vixen out without getting judged. After all, it’s not like you can wear a sexy school girl costume outside of the bedroom any other day of the year.

What people who are against this type of costume don’t understand is that women who wear sexy costumes aren’t really doing it so men can ogle at them. Ask any sexy black cat costume wearing woman you come across on Halloween night. I bet her answer’s going to be, “I chose this one because it makes me feel good!” Yep, it’s not about the boys!

So, is it a good idea for women to choose a sexy Halloween costume this year? Absolutely! If it makes you feel good and boosts your confidence, there’s no reason to not go for it!

Women's Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2020: The Choices


Finally made up your mind? Great! Now it’s time to know what your choices are and how to pick the right one for you!

The first thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a sexy costume is how comfortable are you with showing off your skin. You see, sensual doesn’t always mean you have to be almost naked. You can always go for a pantsuit type of sexy costume like a black cat, it’s skin-tight but your skin is still covered. You can also choose a sexy witch costume or a ringmaster costume.

If you have no problem with showing off your flawless body, we have good news! There are a TON of choices available for you! A peacock costume, for example, is a great choice if you want to pop at the party because it’s full of color and glitter. If you prefer some pastel colors, go as a sexy unicorn.

Next, is being unique a big deal for you? If so, then be ready to pull out your creative side! Keep in mind that you probably won’t be the only one who’s thinking of coming as a sexy race car driver or French maid. Don’t panic! What will make you truly stand out from the crowd is not what you’re wearing but the other details that went into your entire look. Hit Google and start searching for unique ideas for Halloween costumes that will go well with the theme you’re going with and DIY it!

The most important thing to looking phenomenal in your Halloween costume is confidence. Get into character the moment you put on your outfit and walk into that party with a devil-may-care attitude! We guarantee you’ll be turning heads!

The Best Place to Buy New Sexy Halloween Costumes

Despite the viral stories on the horrors of online shopping, the best place to buy a sexy Halloween costume is still online. The main reason is that most online stores get their stocks directly from the manufacturer and because of this, you get…

1.   Wider selections

This means you have access to every single costume their supplier comes out with. Yes, even those you’ll never find in brick and mortar stores!

2.   Items are always in stock

Online stores order stocks on a regular basis because they don’t keep a huge inventory. This means, customers almost never have to worry about items being out of stock. Of course, if you chose to go with an extremely popular theme, there’s a chance that it might be so be sure to order early!

3.   Unbeatable prices

This is probably the biggest benefit of shopping online. Since online stores procure their stocks directly and don’t have to worry about most of the expenses involved in keeping a physical store, they are able to keep their prices very affordable. The best part is, they usually offer additional discounts and vouchers so you can enjoy additional savings!

One thing to remember though is it is important to always make sure you are ordering from a reputable company. Do a bit of research on the website you are thinking of purchasing from before you start typing in your credit card number.

Halloween is over so what’s next for your sexy costume?

The good thing about sexy costumes is they’re not limited to Halloween! You can wear yours any time you and your partner are feeling a little frisky. It’s good to always have something fun hanging in the closet for some role-playing goodness.

Ready to make a purchase? Good! Have a look at our latest collection of 2019 sexy Halloween costumes for women and who knows? You might find something you like… and we’re not just talking about Halloween!