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Clearance Dresses

Should I buy the dress? If you find yourself having an inner debate, remember this:

Life is short. Buy the dress. Life is a party. You need a dress!

All signs point to: yes to the dress! We absolutely adore a perfectly tailored dress on days which we are in the mood for a bit of fun and flirty femininity in our sartorial choices. A dress is one fashion item that every girl must have in her wardrobe. For some, one dress is simply not enough.

One can stock up on dresses and not regret it. They are not only very fashionable but styling them is also a piece of cake. Simply slip it on and look instantly sophisticated, chic, sexy, or whatever look you are going for. They are also one of the most versatile pieces a woman could own. A basic piece can take you from casual to evening in just a matter of a switch of accessories.

So if a window of opportunity opens to go shopping, a dress should be part of your list!


Budget Shopping 101

A common misconception is that style comes with a price. You do not have to have a million bucks to look like a million bucks. The key to knowing how to look like you own a bank without actually breaking the bank is to know how to look for discounted items. This is an old but gold trick of the trade that allows shopper within a tight budget to still cop some high-class items.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we love a good sale! It takes a keen eye and full alertness to spot large discounts. How do you land on a perfectly good deal? Here are some tips to get that dress of your dreams for a fraction of the price.

1. The internet is a haven of red tags – Online shops are the ideal source of clearance items. It is easier to shop in webpages as compared to scouring the racks. You never have to peep the tags hoping for a discount mark. It will most likely be highlighted and tagged when you scroll through pages.

2. Register to get discounts – No matter it is just 10 % off, a whopping 80% off or free shipping, it all makes a big difference in your total purchase. So if you are asked to sign up to get a percentage off your total, then, by all means, go for it! Signing up will also mean that you can get notifications so you can get first dibs on the newest deals as soon as it happens.

3. Surf the web for choices – A common mistake of shoppers on a budget is impulsively buying everything with a red tag. This is not the practice of a smart shopper. Learn to compare items before you proceed to check out. Two almost similar dresses might be on sale but might have different markdowns. Scrutinize their details before you make a decision.

4. Make sure you have accurate measurements – Even the biggest discounts will be considered expensive when you cannot really use it. Most dresses on clearance are on their last sizes. Do not take a chance on the last stock when it is far from your size. Prior to purchasing, measure your bust, arms, waist, hips and keep them within your reach when you go online shopping. Check your own measurements against the product’s size chart and settle on the dress when it hits every mark.

Looking For Dresses While on a Budget

Dresses are one of the more expensive items on the market as compared to separate tops and bottoms. However, when you know how to shop for discount dresses, they become the most practical items in your closet. Build your collection one dress at a time without making it redundant. Here are some dresses to look out for on Julbie’s Clearance Dresses category.

1. Black Dresses – A little black dress will take you to places. It is sophisticated and classy but you can still make it wildly sexy.

2. Party Dresses – Even if you do not have an upcoming event, a shining, shimmering dress will be perfect to have in reserve when you are suddenly invited after 5.

3. White Dresses – Just like an LBD, a white dress is a flexible addition to your closet. Whip it out for a day out in the sun with a pair of sandals or take it with your stilettos a black tie event. In more ways than one, it will always make you extremely chic!

4. Resort Dresses – Give your swimsuits some reinforcement and buy a resort dress that can serve as a cover-up but also as a lounge dress.

5. Casual Dresses – For days where you cannot be bothered with a mix and match session in your closet, a dress is completely effortless to pull off. Cotton, polyester or rayon dress will be one of the most used dresses because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The list can go on. When you are in front of an array of discount dresses, it is difficult to settle on just one! Grab hold of the sexiest, comfiest and most attractive dresses on clearance here in Julbie.com!


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