1.They’re only for young women

Answer: Not true! In fact, young women tend to be more conservative during their youthful years due to a variety of factors such as: fear of being body shamed, caring for children, fear of judgement, etc. Not to say that all young women feel this way, the Millennial generation is certainly more tolerant and open-minded to expressing one’s individuality. A more racially and ethnically diverse generation than older adults, the makeup of this generation has embraced social media and the multiple modes of self-expression. However, we find that the 45-55-year-old demographic age-range is a large consumer of micro bikinis. Surprising? We think not. People in this age-range tend to be more comfortable with their bodies and have high self-esteem. According to psychologists, self-esteem is at its highest in a person’s life during their middle-aged years. It’s no wonder why micro bikinis are growing in popularity with this demographic!

2.They’re only for the 'size 2' female

Answer: No way! Curve models are trailblazers in changing this perception. Swimsuit model, Hunter McGrady, recently made news for being Sports Illustrated’s curviest swimsuit model yet. The fashion industry is changing their mindset as designers like Michael Kors are using curve models on the runway and catering to women of larger sizes. As you can see, society and the fashion industry is embracing a definition of beauty that doesn’t just apply to women under a size 10. Julbie.com believes that ALL women are beautiful and should wear what makes them feel sexy, regardless of size! Check out this great selection of Plus Size Swimwear at Julbie.com that features sexy thong, micro, and string bikini swimwear!

3. I have a big butt / small butt and it wouldn’t look good on me

Answer: Big booties are encouraged to wear micro bikinis! Many blogs and women’s magazines will tell you that the best bikini bottom for a big butt is a full coverage bikini bottom. Unless you like wearing diapers, this is terrible advice. Why assume that women with big butts want to cover them up? Women with big butts should be proud of what their mama gave them and show it off! Thanks to booty-licious stars like Kim Kardashian, wearing a thong bikini proves that big butts can and should wear them too. Recently spotted wearing a tiny thong bikini, she sets the trend when it comes to showing-off those flattering curves with sexy designs that accentuate her body. If you have a small butt or flat butt, it is recommended to go with less fabric, such as a scrunch butt or cheeky style bikini that curves up the buttocks creating lift and dimension. Try any of these cheeky hipster bottoms or heart-style thong bikinis that add just the right lift to any small booty. 

Micro Bikini Booty Tutorial Guide

4.They’re only acceptable to wear in the backyard

Answer: Some, but not all. Taking a piece from our earlier article “A Beginner’s Guide To Micro Bikinis”, not all micro bikinis should be shunned from public view. Thanks to globalization and the blending of cultures across the world, American culture has become increasingly more comfortable with less-and-less fabric. Thanks to styles making their way from Australia and Brazil that encourage micro bikini designs, the shock factor of seeing a thong bikini at a beach has greatly diminished. Does that mean you should wear a micro euro g-string bikini like the Black Peek a Boo Micro G String at a public beach? Probably not, this bikini barely meets the legal requirements on a public beach and should only be worn around the private comfort of your home or a party where it is acceptable. Otherwise, try this fan favorite bikini at Julbie.com that lists great reviews from our very own customers who vouch wearing this thong bikini in public!

5.You’ll look like a slut or a girl that’s “loose”

Answer: It’s the 21st Century, people who think this are the minority and behind the times. Thanks to social media and the internet, young adults have been programmed since birth to access the world’s information with just the click of a button. Such access to information has created an understanding and open-mindedness to other cultures, at the same time demanding change to society’s own culture. In fact, research comparing sexually open cultures to sexually repressive cultures is shocking when comparing variables such as sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy rates, and abortion rates. Countries such as Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Germany are considered some of the most sexually open-minded countries in the world due to their approach to sex education, liberal sex-related legislative policy, and public perception. As a result, these countries have vastly lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy rates, and abortions. The label of calling women a slut, whore, or “easy” for sexually expressing herself is a problem not only in the U.S but in many other countries who have sometimes worse repercussions for expressing a woman’s sexuality. In the U.S., it’s becoming more widely acceptable to dress freely, but there are still many stereotypes to overcome. Raupp Rios says it best in his study ‘Developing Sexual Rights: Challenges and Trends in Latin America’ where “…everyone has to connect initiatives, expertise and efforts in order to build a society in which non-discrimination and freedom of sexual expression are not only legal and political principles, but also concrete alternatives for all.” Exercise your sexual freedom by wearing what makes you feel sexy and confident, you’re part of a growing movement that is actively challenging these stereotypes.

Don’t let other people dictate what you should wear; it’s your basic human right and desire to express yourself.