When you are planning a night of love, passion, and fantasy, you would want it to be unique and absolutely exciting! If you are looking for ideas to stir up your romance, we have some ideas that will surely be a hit! Let Julbie.com serve as your genie in a bottle and take these tips with you as you embark on this exotic journey. This blog is all about a special motif you should definitely try out for one of your planned date nights:

An Arabian Night

A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming.

One can vividly remember the magical feeling when you first watched Aladdin and Jasmine on a carpet serenade the big screen with their ballad. It was basically the foundation of every girl’s dream of having her wishes come true.

While any modern woman will no longer fantasize about having a romantic carpet ride, you can still plan something that can come just as close.

The Middle East has one of the most colorful and dynamic cultures and everyone desires to experience it first-hand. Though holding an Arabian-themed night can be just as good (and more attainable) as traveling at this side of the world.

Take this opportunity to see a ‘whole new world’ and plan a spectacular night to remember.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid... Costumes!

Probably the most important – and the most fun – part of a themed date is the dressing up part. No matter how decked out your place is, when you two do not look the part, it is definitely not going to be a convincing setup.

The first ordeal is to look for something authentic and inviting at the same time. A costume slash lingerie hybrid is the best option if you want the night to progress into something more than just chit chats.

It is one thing to look the part, but it is another thing to look absolutely sexy while playing the part! There are a lot of fairytale costumes to choose from in the market but it a must to pick the most relevant one to the occasion. Here are a couple of options which stay true to the theme but also keep you sexy as hell:

Option 1: Arabian Goddess – When you decided that you want to emulate pure royalty and sophistication, you will absolutely look absolutely regal in this 4 -piece Burgundy and Gold Arabian Nights Princess costume. It comes full-force with pants, bodice and jumpsuit. It comes with a headpiece, arm drapes and a veil as a distinctive touch.

Option 2: Fairytale Princess – Jasmine was, and will always be a symbol of Arabian Nights. Do not be intimidated by the seemingly cartoonish and childish character, Aladdin’s lady love can still look hot and sultry! Show off your curves in a vivid blue Jewel Princess Costume with a touch of pink or pay tribute to the princess herself in this Jasmine Inspired Costume Set

Option 3: Genie in A Bottle – While the Disney version isn’t exactly our inspiration, who could forget Christina Aguilera’s song? Follow the footsteps of the singer with a Light Blue Genie Costume. Get ready to belly dance your night away until both your wishes come true! *wink wink*

Make sure your man gets the memo so he can whip up his own costume version worthy of your world-class ensemble!

Set Up the Atmosphere: Venue, Music, Props and Food

Find a place which can be a cozy and chill lounge. It can be your bedroom, living room or a small rented events place if you want to go the extra mile. You can also hold it outdoors with a tent as with a desert motif.

A distinctive mark of the Arabian theme is its richness and vividness. It does not skimp on color, bold patterns, and rich fabric and textures. Go for jewel-toned colors. Keep it simple by choosing a three-toned color palette: burgundy, gold, and purple or pink, purple and blue or emerald, orange and violet. You can come up with your own combination.

Go for a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe by having everything held on the floor. If you plan to go barefoot, lay down soft and luxe fabric on the floor. To achieve this, you will need a whole lot of drapes and fabric in your chosen color palette. Go for luxurious fabrics worthy of an Arabian banquet. Satin, velvet, brocade, silk and the like. Instead of chairs, go for pillows with embroidery or sequins that will reflect perfectly against dim yellow lights. Drape extra fabric in windows or walls to create that exotic effect.

Decorations like candles, lamps, bejeweled tableware and other lavish accessories. You do not have to have an opulent table setting. You can also DIY with craft store materials like sequins, imitation gems and stick on diamonds which you can use in a multitude of ways.

Do not forget to play some music in the background! It will bring life and soul to your evening. While you can definitely have a bit of Disney in there, make sure to track some sensual belly dancing music or save this specially curated playlist.

The evening will not be complete with some munches. While your man might have some food preferences, it is still best to keep up with the theme. Flavorful with a whole lot of spices and herbs is the typical mark of Arabian food. You can visit your neighborhood Arab restaurant nearby or any middle eastern grill for take-out and rent a traditional Hookah-Shisha. If you have the extra time and want your own personal touch, prepare some simple Arabian finger food with easy-to-do recipes.

All these details, no matter how big or small, swill help set the mystical and romantic mood. Remember that it does not have to be perfect in every single aspect, it is the effort to create it is what truly matters. When all your efforts to make a night magical and memorable come together, you will definitely experience unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings in a whole new world with the one you desire.

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May 18, 2019 — Nicole