Stockings are not only a tool for seduction but also about a celebration of womanhood.

Without a shadow of a doubt, stockings have been beautifully reinforcing women’s legs for as long we have had lingerie. Those thin and sheer fabric worn over the legs held up by elastics at the thigh or waist. These beauties are both practical and pretty. If we can pick a lingerie piece to keep for eternity, stockings is a definite frontrunner. Stockings are the indispensable items in your wardrobe. When you suddenly throw one out without a ready replacement, your closet will always feel incomplete.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn, stockings can serve you for all seasons. From providing warmth to raising your aesthetic appeal, a pair can serve a great deal. We can consider these as the glam version of socks. It gives you not only the protection but also the confidence you need to go and seize the day.

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Stockings may seem like a fairly simple trade. You pick one out from the store, slip it on and vamoose! You are all set to show off those legs. However, your hosiery is not one dimensional. There’s a whole world of hosiery that you might not have explored yet. Do you know your sheer and opaques by heart? Do you toss your pair at the first sight of  a run? Get to know more about the nitty gritty of our most-loved stocking with these fast facts:

Wear Your Stockings the Right Way

Due to their fragile nature, stockings are very prone to wear and tear. When you are in love with your stockings and you cannot stop wearing them out, you might be putting it on all wrong. You can ensure that your pair will not wreck after the first couple of uses. Keep your stockings steered clear from your long nails or any sharp objects like zippers and jewelry. Roll your stockings up to the toes and slip them on toe-first. Slowly but surely, gently roll up the rest of your stockings until you can secure the garter or elastic around your thighs. Stand up and smooth out any wrinkle. Go the extra mile to make sure that your stockings will always be in mint condition. Follow the effective pro tip which you can opt for is the nail polish hack. Apply clear nail polish to the seams of the toes and other areas which will be prone to runs and holes.

Garter Belts plus Stockings = One Sexy Combination!

Whether you are wearing them to allure a man or slipping it on simply to add that extra layer of sexiness to amplify your confidence, this ensemble is one to beat. All you need is a pair of stockings and garter.

After wearing your underwear (or not), you can slip on your garter belt. Hook, clasp or simply place them securely and comfortably around your waist. Your garters typically have 4 straps hanging loose. Some are adjustable and some might be elastic but all have ends which allow attachment to stockings. Adjust front and back straps by testing whether it will be comfortable while sitting and standing. Commonly, the back straps are longer than the front.

After that, you can go about the process of slipping on your stockings as mentioned above. Once both garments are on your body, you can now attach the metal clasp at the end of your garter straps to the top of your stocking. Keep an eye on your stockings and avoid it being too far from the garters as it may harshly tug on the delicate fabric.

Knee High vs Thigh High Stockings

There might not be a wide difference in between the two but people still get these two lengths interchanged. Knee-high stockings are stockings that reach below your knees. Knee highs have an elastic band so they stay up. Thigh high stockings fall mid-thigh or higher. Thigh highs are the type to be typically worn with garters and other lingerie pieces. The short stretch between these two creates a significant difference when worn.

Knee high stockings can be worn with trousers. It keeps the wearer warm without having to result to thick socks which can create an unnecessary bulk underneath tight pants. Knee highs will be convenient to slip on underneath full-length clothing. On the other hand, thigh high stockings can be worn under skirts, dresses, pants, and shorts, practically with anything! Because of its longer length, you can wear them for shorter clothing when you want to show off your legs without exposing them to the sun or the cold. If you are in a crossroads and do not know which to get, Julbie suggests you get both!

Give Your Stockings Some TLC

You’ve gone through all that trouble putting on your stockings gently and keeping a close eye on them for pesky runs and other potential threats to their pristine condition throughout the day, only to destroy them with your post-wearing routine.

After a day with your stockings, you might often neglect to handle them with utmost carefulness. Having complete disregard for your hosiery can wreak havoc to its beauty in just a snap. Delicate stockings are liable to having pulls, more so when you have worn them for a considerable amount of time.

You can make your stockings serve you longer with proper laundry and storage. Hand wash is highly-recommended to keep control of the quality of the fabric. Tossing them in the washer would deem rough for the lightweight leg accessory. If you must clean it with a washing machine, place it inside a mesh laundry bag so that it won’t get damaged while it is tossed and turned. Keep the setting on low or delicate. It is a no-no to ring w your stockings. Instead, give them a gentle squeeze.

Tumble drys are a disaster waiting to happen so lay your stockings flat to dry over a towel. This will preserve the shape and size of the stockings. Wait until they are dry before you store them neatly in your closet. Fold them accordingly and place them in a drawer next to each other.

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Bad day? Sexy Stockings will Make it a Whole Lot Better!

Stockings might be the most versatile piece of lingerie ever invented. It is worn casually and formally, for seduction or for self-love. It will always give out that burst of self-esteem knowing that you have a sexy piece of lingerie walking with you. Stockings will always feel like that subtle hug validating that you are indeed beautiful.

One thing is for sure, stockings will never go out of style. Patterned, fishnet, sheer, opaque, neon, black, and the whole nine yards! With the plethora of stocking styles and designs, there will always be a pair which will go with your outfits and personality. Make stockings a staple item in your OOTDs and reinvent how you flaunt your legs. 

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March 28, 2019 — Nicole