Top Drawer Brown Brocade & Faux Leather Steel Boned Under Bust Corset



Embrace your inner bombshell with this stunning faux leather corset. Our Faux Leather Steel Boned Under Bust Corset is an ultra-feminine, under-the-bust corset that makes your figure accentuate whatever you want it to. The fashionable steel-boned front with black and silver eyelets has a zipper closure under the bust making it easy to slip on and off. Each cluster of 4 steel bones makes your waist look smaller than it actually is.

The spiral double steel bones get their shape from hand stitching and each boned section is designed individually by adding twill fabric on both sides of each cluster of bones, which reinforces the whole piece due to the natural twist in fabric. Inside, we're adding premium cotton twill fabric to create a luxurious feeling inside this corset, while adding adjustable laces onto the back side of the lacing rings to ensure a proper fit for you.