Skyline Face Mask

By Julbie

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Protect yo' sexy self with this Skyline Face Mask that features an ombre face mask for both men and women! These masks come in one size, but simply stretch the mask by pulling on the sides of the straps to elongate the stretch, and Voila! Now you have a mask that will keep you safe, and others around you.

  • One face mask included
  • 87% Polyester 13% Elastane
  • Hand wash cold. Masks are washable and reusable. We recommend washing before first use.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has recommended that all of us wear cloth face coverings to slow the virus’s spread (in addition to social d i s t a n c i n g). But to ensure enough crucial supplies for our heroic healthcare workers, the CDC does NOT want the rest of us using surgical masks or N-95 respirators.

Face Masks are non-returnable.
Per CDC guidance, Face Masks are NOT medical grade.
Face Masks are not a substitute for medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment, and in circumstances where medical-grade PPE is recommended, you should not rely on a Face Mask.
Please remember that using a Face Masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. Nor can a Face Mask prevent you from getting sick. Follow the latest advice from the CDC and your own healthcare professionals as to how best to stay safe.