Sexy Lumberjack Halloween Costume

$13.95 $65.95


While wearing this sexy Lumberjack Costume, the other lumberjacks will be wanting to "jack" with you to see how big of a tree you can handle. You will surely deceive the machismo men surrounding you into thinking you can't handle the "long" haul. They will be surprised when you begin to tackle the wood, how determined, aggressive and enduring you are. You will be chopping down many a forest in this lumberjack costume after you prove yourself worthy and capable of conquering the hardest of hardwood.

*Sexy Female Lumberjack Costume for adult women features:
*Ruffle Trimmed Black Crop Top with Off the Shoulder Sleeves
*Red Plaid Shorts with Attaches Adjustable Suspenders
*Black Beanie Hat

*95% Polyester 5% Elastane
*Ax not included