Food Costumes

Shop a large selection of Women’s Food Costumes found at, the store that sells Sexy Halloween Costumes. Look absolutely tasty this Halloween when you dress as something that everyone loves, food! With a wide variety of food options to choose from, rest assured these Women’s Sexy Costumes include only the sweetest foods you can find.

Start by shopping in the check-out aisle where you can find delicious Yellow M&M Costumes and Green M&M Costumes. If the Yellow M&M is your favorite of all the colors, find your bright yellow M&M candy costume right here. However, go for the Green M&M to show how frisky and flirty you are. You’ll be sure to get a few signals back! Shop for a naughty Green M&M candy costume that includes a sexy one-piece mini dress that is stretchy and flexible for most women. This is the candy Costume Sexy Women love, showcasing America’s favorite candy, the M&M.

Go for a healthy snack when you shop for a Women’s Fruit Costume that includes any of these sexy fruit costumes such as the Juicy Watermelon, Sexy Sweet Strawberry, or Sexy Banana. Make sure to follow your mom’s advice and eat your fruits and veggies, she’ll be proud to see that you’re following her advice! These Sexy Food Costumes will be your next favorite Costume Sexy Halloween outfit.

The Gumball Hottie costume features a women’s gumball machine costume that is one of our favorite Sexy Food Costume ideas. Cute and rather ingenious, this Gumball Hottie Costume Sexy Halloween outfit is a sexy play on the popular gumball machine. Featuring a strapless mini dress and form-fitting dress, you will be the sweetest girl at the Halloween party!

Fulfill your sweet tooth with any of these Sexy Food Costumes at this store that sells Sexy Costumes for Women!

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