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Shop for womens sexy 1920’s era Flapper costumes at Julbie’s costume shop for sexy Halloween costumes. An iconic dress from the Roaring 20’s, flappers challenged the conservative norms by wearing excessive makeup, treating sex as an enjoyment, and wearing short skirts. Flappers were women who flaunted their liberal sexual empowerment and proved that women can be and act just like men. Embrace the principles that Flappers paved the way towards female empowerment by dressing as a flapper for Halloween.

A popular flapper costume that receives five star reviews is the Elegant Sequin Flapper White costume that flaunts a short dress with silver sequins and fringe making for a fun and entertaining outfit. Sexy Halloween costumes would not be complete without a flapper costume that entertains a popular era in American history. Julbie features sexy costumes for women including sexy flapper costumes that have sequins and fringe detail that are iconic of the dress.

Dress up as the iconic character Daisy in The Great Gatsby who was famous for flaunting her flapper fashion. Find your The Great Gatsby costume at Julbie that features a variety of sexy flapper costumes that come in silver, pink, gold and more! Fall in love this Halloween with the daring looks of the 20’s featuring sexy Flapper costumes for women.

Shop for womens sexy costumes that feature sexy womens flapper costumes at Julbie.

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